The 13 Healthy Foods for Weight Losing Program

Diet can be considered as one of the ways to lose our weight. Diet has been recommended by the nutritionist and health experts as the solution for fighting obesity and losing our body weight. Losing body weight is important for getting an ideal body. A healthy foods selection can also help you to lose your weight.  The selection of food used for diet needs to be high in calories so it can be burned when doing exercise or fitness. Doing a balance diet pattern on your daily routine will effectively help you to reduce the amount of fat in your thigh, bellies, arms and calves. If you really want to know what kind of the suitable foods for your diets, stay on this page because I’m going to shared the lists of foods for your healthy diet.

1. Tomato


There is a huge amount of lycopen inside a tomato and it can prevent every kind of harmful bacteria caused from free radical and health problems. Tomatoes can help you to maintain the ideal body weight because it has less calories and providing you a lot of fibers. So, you can give more space for tomatoes inside your fridge from now on.

2. Orange


Orange has been noted as the source of vitamin C which is very useful to make our skin is healthy from the inside. This fruit can also be your solution to lose weight because they can burn the amount of fat inside your body. You can eat this fruit as the dessert after lunch or breakfast. Or if you don’t want to eat this fruit as your dessert, a glass of orange juice can be your alternative. Oranges are also contains amount of sugar which is dangerous for our body and it will sound the alarm of diabetes. But, you don’t have to worry, oranges are low in calories and fibers. So, it’s still safe to consume as long as it handled properly.

3. Oatmeal


Oatmeal is suitable choice as your healthy breakfast. Oatmeal is also easy to make. The high amount of fibers inside oatmeal can help your diet program with their ability of fat absorption. The consumption of oatmeal can also filled your stomach for a longer period of time. So, it will reduce your desire to eat more and more. If you are bored with the original taste of oatmeal, you can add it with fruits selections to give more flavors.

4. Spices



Spices are already known as the world class food seasonings. For your information, spices are not only about food seasonings, several spices can be added into your diet menu. The examples of suitable spices for your diet program are mustard seed, ginger, pepper, and turmeric. Mustard seed can help to smothering your body metabolism while ginger smothering the digestion system. Pepper or turmeric has the same roles, to burn the calories and fat inside your body.

5. Potato


Potato will give you the amount of carbohydrate needed for your body. Fried potato can absorbed the oil which is very potential becomes fat inside your body. Any kinds of fried foods will also damaging your nasal respiratory so fried foods must be avoided. Baked or grilled potato is the solution of this problem. Those variations are low in calories but it’s high in fibers, calium, vitamin C and B6 so it’s safe to be consumed for your diet program.

6. Apple

Apple - High Fiber Food

Apple is a fruit with low in calories, fat, sodium and abundantly in fibers. Although it has sweet in taste, don’t worry, the natural sugar content inside an apple will not harm you.  Apple is definitely suitable for your diet. You can eat this fruit after breakfast, lunch or dinner. Apple can be the best dessert selection.

7. Beans

Beans - High Fiber Food

Beans are also categorized as grains but it’s classified into vegetables. Beans are abundant in fibers known for its ability to smothering your digestion system. Beans are also controlling your glucose rate. You can make it as delicious soups or tasty stir fried dish. And there you are, a delicious dish with the whole benefits of beans is ready to support your diet program.

8. Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast

The title might be confusing, why chicken breast? Alright, this is the answer. For your information, grilled or boiled chicken breast is the secret recipe of weight losing food ingredient. It’s already consumed and proved by sport athletes and body builders. Chicken breasts are the abundant source of protein and low in fat. Chicken breast is already known for it’s healthy potential especially in United State of America. You can do the same thing but you need to remove the skin because it’s the source of fat.

9. Low in fat-Meat


Low in fat-meat can be your alternative if you are bored with chicken breast. You can grill low in fat beef and spread it with spicy barbeque sauce. But remember, you need to control the consumption otherwise it will ruined your diet program and I’m sure you don’t want this to be happen, right?

10. Broccoli


This kind of vegetable has been known and added in healthy diet menu for a long time. With a proper cooking, broccoli can release the saturated fat.

11. Asparagus


This vegetable has many benefits for our body. Asparagus can detoxify the amount of toxin inside your body. Asparagus can keep the amount of good intestine bacteria. This vegetable are also have the important role to control your body weight. So, asparagus is suitable for supporting your diet program.

12. Spinach


Spinach is also can be added for your diet program. There are many healthy benefits of it and spinach can give you sufficient amount of your daily nutrition. One of the benefits by eating spinach is it can be your smaller belly supporter. You can make a tasty spinach soup combined with carrot.

13. Green Tea

Green Tea

This variation of tea is popular as its ability to lower down the amount of fat with the help of the same antioxidant inside melon. The amount of antioxidant inside a cup of green tea can help you to burn the fat and more calories.

All of these foods are selected and you can use it as an alternative to get a better result. Never give up because everything needs process. See you in another chance and stay healthy everyone.



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