The 12 Healthy Foods for Weight Gaining Program

While everyone is busy to reducing their weight, sometimes the underweight person usually off from the spotlight. In my opinion, weight gaining program has the same purpose like weight losing program. Weight gaining program is also challenging task especially for underweight person. There are reasons why someone wants to gain their weight. Usually they want to get an ideal body, boosting their confidence, increase the muscles and also for health. Therefore, the underweight persons are looking for the right methods to gain their weight. It’s true that soft drink and junk food can gain your weight but in unhealthy ways especially in a long period of time. The best method to gaining your weight is consuming healthy and natural foods and concerning the supply of calories inside our body. Here are the best foods to gain your weight presented just for you.

1. Red MeatMeat (2)

Red meat contains a lot of iron and protein. If you want to gain your weight you need high supply of fat on each slices of meat. The benefits of red meat products can be found in sausages, ribs, tenderloin, sirloin, and steak. If you want to gain your weight, you need a steady consumption of red meat as it high in cholesterol that suitable for your daily needs.

2. Milk

Milk 2

For those who are usually and always drinking low fat milk, now you need to change it with pure milk. Pure milk is high in content of nutrition and vitamins such as vitamin A and D. So, a daily consumption of milk is required to gaining your weight. You can combine it with various ways such as add it in your cereal, oatmeal or you can just drink it. And if you are coffee lovers, you can pour it as your creamer. It’s easy to do right?

3. Peanut Jam

Peanut Butter

Peanut Jam is packed with fat and protein so it’s suitable for those wants to gaining their weight. One tablespoon of peanut jam contains 100 gram of calories and 4 gram of protein. Peanut jam is also high in folat, vitamin E, B3 and magnesium. However, you need to be selective when choosing the peanut jam, pick the pure and the healthy ones without high sugar content. A sliced of bread with peanut jam and a glass of milk is the real deal of weight gaining breakfast.

4. Tropical Fruits


Try to mention the name of tropical fruits and the answer will be mango, banana, pineapple and papaya. There are more of tropical fruits examples which have the natural sugar content. Add more fruits in your daily diet. You don’t need to be worried since it will not make you fatter than ever and it will give you the extra energy for your daily activities.

5. Avocado


This green skinned fruit is the best fruit to supplying the fat into your body. Avocado contains high calories, potassium, folat, and vitamin A and B. You can eat this amazing fruit as your salad combo or you can drink it as a healthy juice.

6. Wheat Bread

Wheat Bread and Pasta

Daily consumption of bread is a good start for your weight gaining program. Consuming white bread is okay but wheat bread is the best. Wheat bread is healthier than white bread from its nutrition content. Wheat bread contains fibers and several minerals which are unavailable inside white bread. You will get more energy and healthy digestion system if you eat this wheat bread. A sliced of wheat bread combined with peanut jam and banana is perfect match with a glass of milk for your super weight gaining breakfast.

7. Butter


There is nothing to be compared from the deliciousness of butter especially for foods. Butter will add more calories and more delicious as well. Butter contains high unsaturated fat so you can add butter in every time you need it. For example, you can add it as your sliced bread topping or you can also add butter to replace oil of your sunny side egg.

8. Nuts and Grains

Nuts and Grain

Nuts are the best snacks to gaining your weight. Nuts are enriched with the beneficial nutrition and fat. There are lots of nuts selections such as ground nut, mung beans, peas and the very best among of them is almond.

9. Cheese


Cheese has been the most favorite product of processed milk. Cheese can be added in every kind of your dish. Cheese contains all of the milk’s nutrition. So, you can add this into your sandwich or you can add it in your breakfast. Cheese is high in protein and it can also directly eat as one of the healthy snacks.

10. Potatoes


Carbohydrates must be avoided if you want to lose your weight. But, a steady supply of carbohydrate is a must for those who wants to gain their weight. Adding nutritious carbohydrate will helps you to achieve your goal. Potato is the perfect choice because it’s high in protein, fibers and abundant in vitamin C. The best way to get the whole benefits from potato is to eat it as a whole. Peeled potato will reduce the nutrition content for half. Therefore, the best way to eat potato is to clean it first and you can boil it. And there you are, a whole boiled potato along with the benefits is ready to be served.

11. Olive Oil

O;ive Oil

Olive oil is used for many kinds of dishes. This oil will producing special flavor and adding the foods to become tastier. Olive oil is also healthy, so you don’t need to worry. Add olive oil in every kind of your dishes to help you.

12. Granola


Granola is a mixed nuts, dried fruits, oats and honey. Granola used to eat for breakfast. It can be eaten as cereal along with milk or yoghurt. Granola is high in calories, sugar and vegetable fat which are healthy to gaining your weight.

Doing body exercise is also can help you to increase your body metabolism. Increased body metabolism means increased appetite as well. Taking fitness program or weight lifting can also help to build your muscles and giving the space for protein to fill up your body. Now, that is the healthy choices of foods to eat for gaining your weight. I hope that it will help you to achieve your goal. Stay healthy everyone.

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