The 10 of Most Wanted Chinese Foods

China is located in Asian continent. China has the largest populations of the worldwide. China is also known for the wide variety of delicious foods. The characteristics of Chinese food can be recognized by its usage of vegetables and meat. Chinese foods are also enriched with various flavor from different usage of seasonings. The fame of Chinese foods can be equal with European foods. Some of the Chinese foods have been the superstars in every country, you probably ever eat one of those amazing taste of Chinese cuisines. So, my next question is, do you know what the other Chinese signature dish is? You don’t need to go there to find out the answer since I will provide you with the answer. And here they are, the most popular Chinese foods presented just for you.

1. Gong Bao Chicken


Not only delicious, these dish colors are visually appealing. Gong Bao Chicken is made from shredded chicken cooked with soy sauce and Chinese special sauce. Gong Bao Chicken is usually served with dried chili and nuts. Because of its deliciousness, Gong Bao Chicken is the most desired Chinese foods especially for the foreign tourists. Hmmm, do you want to taste it too?

2. Ma Po Tofu


Tofu is made from fermented soya beans. It’s a simple dish in every country that related to it. Tofu can be modified into various kinds of dishes. One of the tofu based foods is Ma Po Tofu. Ma Po Tofu is made from fried silk tofu along with grounded pepper and red chili. This spicy tofu is served with minced beef and onion. Ma Po Tofu is one of the most popular Chinese foods and it’s usually served with a bowl of rice.

3. Wonton


Wonton is a Chinese dumpling served in a bowl of soup. Wonton filling is usually made from fish or prawn meat and then covered into a tender dumpling skin. The taste of wonton’s soup is usually spicy. According to the history, wonton has been introduced since the Tang dynasty in the 7th century to celebrating the winter. Wonton is usually served as boiled dish, but sometimes wonton can be fried too. How about the taste? Of course, it’s absolutely delicious.

4. Chow Mein


Boiled noodles are the common form of Chinese foods. But, a fried noodle called Chow Mein has been the star of noodle innovation in China. Chow Mein has unique taste and flavor. You can get the crunchy sensation since the first bite of the noodle and the deliciousness of stir fried beef or chicken along with various vegetables. Chow Mein is also served inside a bowl of warm soup.

5. Lion Head’s Meatball

Our next culinary adventure in China is Lion Head’s Meatball. Wait, what? Lion head? Calm down everyone, it’s not a really using a lion head. Lion Head’s Meatball is originated from Haiyang province and it’s already making people curious from its name. It’s a bowl of huge meatball with the diameter about 7 to 10 centimeters. Due to its huge appearance, this dish is served as single dish (of course it is!). How about the taste itself? Well, it’s absolutely delicious! Lion Head’s Meatball is usually served with a bowl of vegetables soup. The ingredients of the vegetable soup is consists of bamboo shoots, tofu, and cabbages.

6. Ma Yi Shang Shu


Ma Yi Shang Shu means “ants climbing the tree”.  Ma Yi Shang Shu is already unique from the name itself. The next question in our mind is why this dish is given with unique names? The answer is, sticky minced meat in the pulled noodle resembling an ant climbing the tree. Ma Yi Shang Shu is originated from Sichuan. It’s made from minced beef stirred with various seasonings like pepper, chili and noodle. The taste of Ma Yi Shang Shu will burn your tongue with its spiciness.

7. Beggar Chicken



Does the dish belong to a beggar? Well, it’s nearly correct. According from its background story, there is a hungry beggar and he forced by his instinct to steal a wandering chicken nearby. In order to covering his stolen chicken, he cooked it inside lotus leaves and clay. The combination of lotus leaves and clay has producing unique taste as the result. The odor of clay is also strong in this dish. Beggar Chicken is suitable to eat along with a cup of Chinese tea.

8. Jiaozi


In the international culinary world, Jiaozi is known as dumplings. This savory Chinese food is similar with dumplings but the different ingredients from both of them can be recognized. Original dumplings are made from flour and maizena as the dumpling skin and fish as the filling. While the Jiaozi ingredients are consist of maizena and flour as the dumpling skin and the usage of prawn or chicken as the filling. Jiaozi is usually served as steamed dish but it can be served as fried Jiaozi.

9. Bintanghulu


Getting tired of savory dish? Alright, let’s give a moment for your tongue and imagination with the next popular Chinese foods. It’s a famous sweet candy called Bintanghulu. Bintanghulu is popular among the teenagers and kids in China. The shape of this sweet treat is similar with Turkish kebab or chicken satay. Bintanghulu is made from dried fruits like cherries or apple and it’s dipped inside caramelized sugar. The caramelized sugar will coat the dried fruits. The sweet taste of Bintanghulu can be chewed everytime you want it. To sweet to imagine right?

10. Peking Duck


Now we are already arrived at the throne of the most honorable and popular Chinese foods. The fame of this food is legendary since the ancient times. In the past, this food only served for the Chinese Emperor. Now, without further ado, please welcome the most delicious of Chinese foods, Peking Duck. I’m really sorry for the long post, I mean, I can’t bear to tell the majestic story of this delicious food. Peking Duck is a reddish brown roasted duck. This dish is usually served in a thin slices and it can be served with a bowl of rice and sweet red bean sauce. This dish must be tried otherwise, you’ll be missed the true heritage of Chinese cuisines.




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