18 Strangest Foods from Around the World

Exactly what do deep-fried brains, puffin hearts, and inebriated shrimp have in common? They are all thought about delicacies somewhere in the world. While many people probably do rule out the materials of their cookbooks to be too unusual, to an immigrant your lunch could be the matching of a headache. So, just before we study our culinary excursion of the strangest meals from worldwide you ought to ask on your own how much you actually wish to know concerning the eating routines of your other human beings.

1. Puffin Heart (Iceland)

Puffin Hearts


The puffin is a species of Auk that populates the north hemisphere and its heart is considered a special in Iceland. We exempted you the image yet next time you view a cute little puffin on the side of the road simply try to imagine yourself breaking its neck and ripping out its innards. Ruthless.

2. Balut (Phillipine)



Absolutely nothing more than a fertilized duck embryo, it is boiled alive and also viola … the remainder depends on you. Eaten in South East Asia, the filipino word balut suggests “covered”.

3. Yak Penis (China)

Yak Penis


An individual was once priced quote as stating “The Chinese eat anything with four legs, except tables. And also everything that flies, except aircrafts”. Obviously so. Likewise known as “Dragon in the Fire of Wish” this dish is notoriously offered in the Guolizhuang Dining establishment of Beijing. Although it could seem strange to Western minds, numerous Chinese think that it benefits your wellness, sort of like spinach.

4. Ikizikuri (Japan)



As for cruelty is worried, this dish is difficult to beat. Having been outlawed in several nations consisting of Australia and also Germany it contains the client picking out the pet they would like to eat from a container. The chef will then fillet it just before their eyes … without killing it. It is then served on a plate with its chopped flesh on top for decoration and its heart still defeating. Conversely, you can have the currently filleted fish returned to the aquarium where it will certainly swim around up until you are ready for seconds.

5. Yin Yang Fish (China)

Ying Yang Yu Fish


Also known as “dead and also active” fish it came from Taiwan where it is now unlawful to ready. It has actually lately ended up being preferred in China after chefs identified how you can keep the fish alive as it is deep fried. Why would certainly anyone do this? Allegedly to confirm how fresh the fish is.

6. Fugu Fish (Japan)

Fugu Fish

Fugu is Japanese for “pufferfish” and in instance you didn’t recognize, yes, they are dangerous. Japanese regulation purely controls their preparation in dining establishments and also just very trained chefs are allowed to handle them. They are so dangerous in fact that domestic preparation has been known to induce unintentional death.

7. Haggish (Scotland)


To make this Scottish dish all you require is a lamb. First, obtain the heart, liver, and lungs. Then boil them in the stomach for about three hrs. Remember the salt.

8. A-Ping – Fried Spider (Cambodia)

A Ping


Are you one of the person who suffered with the arachnophobia? If your answer is yes, you are not recommended to go to Cambodia. The strangest delicacy is located in Cambodia. A-Ping is a fried spider seasoned with garlic and salt. A-Ping can be located in the Cambodian traditional market.

9. Nakji (Korea)


Quite like sannakji, this moment the octopus is eaten whole. Like several of the other meals on this list though, it doesn’t come without its dangers. The suckers on the octopus are understood to stay with the tongue and also mouth providing a strangling hazard. There are many deaths reported yearly consequently.

10. Dried Lizard (China)

Dried Lizard

In some Asian societies these are utilized for soup and also occasionally they are instilled with liquor to draw out medicinal homes. The procedure, nonetheless, apparently takes years.

11. Tuna Eyeball (Japan)

Tuna Eyeball


Relatively inexpensive, these can be located in a lot of Japanese supermarket for about 1 USD. It tastes something like squid and need to be steamed prior to consumption. Again, remember to season.

12. Mopane (Africa)

Mopane Worms


Normally located on Mopane trees (for this reason the good name), this caterpillar is an essential source of protein for millions of folks in Africa. Normally they are dried as well as eaten as a crispy treat.

13. Cazu marsu (Italy)

Casu Marzu Cheese

Involving us from Sardinia, this recipe is best called a lamb milk cheese consisting of live insect larvae. The scariest component? Although the larvae are simply about 8mm long they could release themselves as much as 15cm when disturbed.

14. Lutefisk (Scandinavia)


Typically consumed in Scandinavia this special is made from aged stockfish and lye. Yes, lye. The destructive alkaline material also called caustic soda is utilized to saturate the fish for many days. After being removed from the lye the fish is so destructive that it requires nearly a week long bath of chilly water just to end up being nutritious once more.

15. Rocky Mountain Oyster  (North America)Rocky Mountain Oysters

While them might be from the rough mountains, they are definitely not oysters. They are actually bull-calf testicles– peeled, squashed, and deep fried.

16. Surstromming (Sweden)


A northern swedish recipe that consists of fermented baltic herring, it is normally sold in canisters like the one over. While they are being delivered the cans in some cases protrude due to the continuous fermentation. Recently, a research study in Japan found that surstromming launches the most putrid odor of any food on the planet. Somehow it makes good sense that it’s normally consumed outdoors.

17. Drunken Shrimp (China)

Drunken Shrimpe Eaten Alive


A preferred meal partly of china where the shrimp are eaten alive however stunned in a solid alcohol prior to usage. This dish is likewise preferred in parts of the United States however it includes an intermediary action referred to as “cooking”.

18. Hakarl (Iceland)

Hakarl Iceland Bizzare Cuisine


Commonly consumed in Iceland, they state that this fermented savouring shark is an acquired preference. We believe the buzz considering that Chef Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Stations explained it as “the single worst, most horrible and horrible tasting point” he had actually ever before eaten.

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