20 of Weirdest Plants in the World

We’ve always been told to never ever judge a book by its cover. Or to always remember that appearances are deceptive. While it may not hold true in many cases, we plead to vary when it concerns some offbeat participants of the plant globe. There are some really weird looking and also eccentric plants all over the globe which most of us didn’t even learn about.

These plants vary from high trees to mushrooms to tiny fungis (yes, we are consisting of various types of fungis in this article as well as actually leave you questioning just exactly what worldwide Nature was up to when she determined to make them the means she did. At the exact same time, there are some plants with lovely lookouts, however are extremely unsafe to pets and also people.

Some of these plants could be bizarre-looking however are actually appealing otherwise. And also once more, some are truly as weird as they look. Some may look spectacular however may be truly dangerous. We’ll let you decide for yourself. Without additional trouble, we present to you some weird plants in the world

1. Chinese Fleeceflower

Chinese Fleeceflower

This plant entirely wins the crown for the weirdest plant! It is allegedly extremely beneficial in conventional Chinese medications, but it has origins that resemble a little man. Yes, that’s right. We do not know just what to claim to that, Mommy Nature. You’ve absolutely surprised us, for life.

2. Livingrocks


Wait, isn’t this supposed to be regarding plants and also not stones? However obviously, Living Stones are a genus of plants, and also a pretty amazing one, at that. Like the mimosa shuts its leaves to stay clear of being eaten, these have the look of rocks.

3. Bleeding Tooth Fungus

Bleeding Tooth Fungus

We simply can not complete this list without mentioning the Bleeding Tooth Fungi! Though it is perceived to resemble a blood loss tooth, we believe it looks even more like an inflamed marshmallow with red jam oozing out. Ugh, we’re kidding! But appears like Nature was not.

4. Angel Trumpet

Angel Trumpet

Unlike its good name, the Angel Trumpet is far from rapturous in its nature, though it looks stunning and is a popular garden plant. Nevertheless, consumption of any kind of component of this plant is understood to cause illusions and also amnesia, to name a few impacts. Burglars have been understood to utilize this plant in their activities. Angel trumpet? It fits the Devil better.

5. Death Camas

Death Camas

A cousin of the safe Camas that dots the countryside, the Fatality Camas looks a little various, and is exceptionally risky to humans and animals both. Though it creates light bulbs that are almost identical to onions, consumption of anything belonging to the plant verifies fatal.

6. Buttercup


Though this beautiful flowering plant looks very innocent as well as charming, the fact is that it is really harmful, as well as might cause intense illness or maybe death in people and pets after intake. In a not-so-severe scenario, it causes rashes on the skin. Yes, this is bizarre as a result of its killer looks.

7. Titan Hogweed

Titan Hogweed

Touch this plant if you really want painful bumps on your skin, and practically guaranteed blindness after touching your eyes afterwards. Yes, this truly is a terrible plant that is understood to create problem through simple skin call alone. The worst part is, it increases easily, almost anywhere.

8. Skunk Cabbage

Skunk Cabbage

Other than the horrible scent that accompanies this plant, it is also very dangerous to pets as well as humans if taken in. Though it looks very, it is known to induce intense burning of the mouth as well as throat, difficulty in swallowing, as well as death, if incorrectly eaten.

9. Monkey Cup/Nepenthes


Yes, the monkey mug has been observed to work as a consuming mug for monkeys. Nonetheless, other than being a drinking pal to our ape pals, it is a meat-eating plant that could even consume rats, as likewise reptiles, worms, and other tiny animals. Since is something we didn’t know!

10. Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap


Perhaps, most of us have at least read about the venus flytrap, and also exactly how it is a meat-eating plant. It’s one of the quickest and also smartest carnivorous plants since it traps insects within 20 seconds in its jaw-like catch, that additionally protects against the pest from running away once it’s apprehended.

11. Strangler Fig

Strangler Fig

Strangler figs are not any one certain type of tree, but are many different participants coming from the Ficus category. Real to its name, a strangler fig covers itself about one more tree as it grows, ultimately killing it by suffocating or asphyxiating. In this manner, it comfortably avoids the defend light bulb and nutrients.

12. Cape Sundew

Cape Sundew

This is among the a lot more smart carnivorous plants, in a manner of speaking, as well as a popular yard plant. It has pretty-looking arms that produce a material that traps bugs. When the target is trapped, the plant rather covers its leaves around the insect and eliminates it, within a duration of Thirty Minutes.

13. Pom Pom Mushroom

Pom Pom Mushroom

If you have actually seen exactly what supporters use, you understand just what pom-poms are. This mushroom looks extremely remarkable, as well as could grow branches too. Also called Lion’s Hair and a host of other comical names, it is really rather edible as well as popular for fighting some bodily issues.

14. Witches Butter

Witches Butter

This might seem scary in a charming way, but it looks far from anything from another location adorable. Additionally called Golden Jelly or Yellow Mind fungi, this jelly like compound is located on dead branches. Although the name is credited to witches, this fungi is taken into consideration nutritious.

15. Silver Lantern Cactus

Silver Lantern Cactus

This is an entirely unusual type of cactus, very different from what we’re used to seeing. It resembles woollen and also generates red blossoms which bloom flat. It is partial towards incredibly cold conditions and could withstand temperatures up to -10 levels Celsius.

16. Welwitschia Mirabilis

Welwitschia Mirabilis

Also referred to as Tree Tumbo, this is among the strangest-looking plants in the world and is primarily found in the deserts of Namibia. Not only is it strange-looking, yet it also weirdly has only two fallen leaves and a very short trunk.

17. Corpse Lily

corpse lily

With an unfavorable good name such as this, there’s very little chance of the plant being really fortunate itself. It produces a putrid smell like that of decaying flesh, therefore appropriately making its title.

 18. Octopus Stinkhorn

Octopus Stinkhorn

No, we aren’t making the good name up! Octopus Stinkhorn is a sort of fungi, with a putrid scent and a nasty taste. It is mainly found in Australia.

19. Black Bat Flower

Black Bat Flower

We’ve heard of Batman and also the Batmobile, yet here cometh the bat flower. This flowering plant creates black-colored blossoms that look like a bat. On it, are these whiskers-like points too, which provide it a creepier look.

20. Cedar-Apple Rust Fungi

Cedar-Apple Rust Fungi

Really did not we mention we’re including fungi in this articletoo? This is in fact a fungus infection having an effect on cedar and apple trees, making them make yucky-looking balls.

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