List of Fruits with High Concentration of Vitamin C

Mention the names of fruit with high concentration of vitamin C, what could be the best answer? Most of us will answer orange as the source of vitamin C. Well, the answer is correct but, do you know that there are more fruits with high concentration of vitamin C? In this article, you will find out that there are more fruits with high concentration of vitamin C instead of orange. The list is already set for the lowest until the highest amount of vitamin C in milligrams.

Banana (9,3 mg)


Do you like to eat banana? Most of people underestimate this fruit because it’s light and less favorite. Banana can be found mostly in Indonesia and they have many varieties of banana. Banana can be processed into certain food according to the kinds of banana, but you can directly eat the banana. This fruit taste is sweet and has soft texture. You can get about 4,1 gram of fiber, 100 calorie and 1, 45 mg of protein in a single banana.

Pear (9,4 mg)

Pear - High Fiber Food

Pear is one of the signature fruit from China, and it’s imported to the manyplaces around the world. This fruit is cruchy and sweet. Pears have a lot of water content so it’s the best fruit to eat in a scorching hot temperature. There are various kinds of pear that we can find. But they shared the same benefits. A single pear contain 1,4 gram  of protein and 112 calorie. Pear can be eaten anytime and this fresh fruit can prevent the impact of free radicals which is hazardous.  Pear can maintain the level of our cholesterol also.

Tomato (14,5 mg)

Tomatoes - Rich Fiber Food

Tomato can directly eat or it can be a fresh juice. Tomatoes are also being used as seasonings and sauce, especially for Italian cuisines. The texture of tomatoes is soft and watery in inside. A single tomato contained 2 gram of fiber, 21 mg of calorie and 1,02 of protein. Tomatoes are also provided the source of nutrition including mineral and other important compounds. The fibers inside tomatoes can help your digestive system, prevent stomachache and detoxify your body.

Green Grape

Green Grape

Green grape looks so appealing and fresh. This grape has a sour and crunchy taste. Although green grape is not so popular compared with the red grape, but the benefit of this fruit cannot be denied. In 100 gram of this fruit, contained 2,1 gram of fibers, 100 gram of calories and 1,02 of protein. Green grape are also contained resveratarol and it’s very useful to reducing the body fat in faster period of time.

Lime (18,7 mg)


These kinds of oranges are usually used for seasoning or strengthen the food flavor. This small orange has strong acid and unique citrus flavor. You can found 2 gram of fiber, 17 gram of calorie and 0,3 gram of protein inside this fruit.  This fruit is very useful for our health. It can cure skin disease and the flavonoid component is good for curing gastric wound and prevents the infection inside our body.

Avocado (21 mg)



Most of us didn’t realize that avocado is the fruit with high concentration of vitamin C. Avocado’s flesh is tender and it has soft taste. Avocado usually made for juice with ice and chocolate milk. Inside an avocado lies about 14 gram of fiber, 300 gram of calorie and 4 gram of protein.

Melon (26,3 mg)

Honeydew Melon

Image :

This fresh fruit is definitely my favorite fruit. Melon has tender flesh, soft and it’s very sweet. Melon is also high in water.  Melon is also contained a high amount of vitamin A. In a single slice of melon, you can get 0,7 gram of fiber, 0,1 gram of protein and 25 gram of calorie. Melon is the best supporter for your diet program. Melons are also rich in kalium for prevent the heart and stroke attack.

Lemon (45 mg)


Lemon is categorized as orange class. This oval fruit is usually big and bright in color. Lemon is very famous as additional seasoning or fresh drink. Inside a mid-sized melon, you can get 2,5 gram of fiber, 25 gram of calorie and 0,1 gram of protein. Lemon is useful for dealing with digestive problem and prevents constipation.

Starfruit (46 mg)


With their five sides of stars, this unique fruit is also the source of vitamin C. Starfruit taste is sweet, sour and fresh.  And it has the high amount of water. You can get 4 gram of fiber, 2,1 gram of protein, and 40 gram of calorie. You can eat this fruit or you can make it into fresh juice.

Mango (58,2 mg)


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Mango, no doubt, this is the most popular fruit especially in tropical area. Mango usually harvested in dry season. Although it has different varieties but they shared the same benefits. In 100 mg of mango, you can get 3 gram of fiber, 140 gram of calorie and 1,2 gram of protein.

Breadfruit (62 mg)


Breadfruit has a large and round appearance. You can steam and fry this fruit. It has sweet taste and it can make you full from its high amount of carbohydrates, so this fruit can be a good replacement for rice. Inside a breadfruit, you can find 10 gram of fiber, 200 of calorie and 2,25 of protein.

Passionfruit (72 mg)

This unique fruit can have a lot of fruits in a single plant. It’s easy to grow and it doesn’t need a difficult treatment. In 100 gram of passionfruit, you can get 24 gram of fibers, 200 of calorie, and 5,2 gram of protein.  Passionfruit is good for maintaining the healthy skin and prevent lungs cancer.

Pineapple (77 mg)



Pineapple has sweet and sour taste and fragrant flavor. Pineapple can grow very fast, so we can found it almost entire of season. Pineapple has lot of nutritional benefits such as kalium, betacaroten,and bromelain which can prevent skin bruishes. In 100 gram of pineapple, you can get 3 gram of fiber, 80 gram of calorie, and 0,7 of protein.

Guava (378 mg)

Guava - High Fiber Food

Well, I think most of us thought that orange is the last fruit with high concentration of vitamin C. Well, unfortunately, the answer is incorrect. Guava is fruit with the highest source of vitamin C. Inside 100 gram of guava, you can get 9 gram of fiber, 4,1 gram of protein, and 100 gram of calorie.

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