The 20 Healthy Benefits of Spinach


Spinach or Amaranthus spp is a plant that usually cultivated or consumed from their leaves. According to the history, spinach is originated from tropic American continent but nowadays, it’s already introduced and cultivated around the world. Spinach is already known as the source of iron. As one of the healthy vegetables, spinach contains many nutritional contents which are needed by our body. Spinach is the source of mangan, magnesium, folat, protein, fiber, calcium and vitamin A. Spinach is also low in calory. That is why, Spinach is the most complete nutritious vegetables and here are the miraculous benefits of spinach.

1. Good for Diet

Good for Diet

Spinach is the suitable vegetables for your diet program. Spinach contains 20% of fiber which is good to help your digestion system, prevent constipation and keeping your blood sugar steady. So, adding spinach in your diet menu is recommended.

2. Anti Cancer

Anti Cancer

Spinach is contained with flavonoid, a phytonutrition which have an anti cancer properties. A recent study shows that flavonoid can prevent the intestine cancer cell formation, prostate cancer, and skin cancer. The amount of flavonoid inside spinach is also proved to reduce the risk of cancer up to 34% especially for womb and breast cancer.

3. Healthy Eye

Healthy Eye

Consuming spinach can keep your eye from the risk of getting cataract and macula degeneration. The high amounts of carotenoid, the best antioxidant for maintain the healthy eye is the reason why spinach is your best eye problem solution.

4. Healthy Bones

Healthy Bones

As I already mentioned before, spinach is good for keeping the healthiness of our eye. But, spinach can do more than that. This vegetable can also keep your bones to be healthy. Spinach contains a daily vitamin K needed for your body. This vitamin has the vital role to prevent osteoporosis. The other important minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphor can also helps you to strengthen your bones.

5. Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin

The amount of vitamin A inside spinach can helps you to maintain the skin epidermis moisture and healthiness.  A healthy skin will keep you up from the risk of acnes, wrinkles and prosiasis.

6. Improve Your Immune System

Improve Your Immune System

The nutrition inside a cup of spinach is more than enough to fulfilling your daily needs of vitamin A. A sufficient amount of vitamin A will strengthening the entry point inside a human body, such as mucosa membrane, nasal respiratory, urinoir and also your digestion system. The healthy component from spinach is also the key or limphosite/ white blood cell to prevent you to getting the infection from various viruses.

7. Anti-Inflammation


Spinach has high amount of alkali property. This vegetable is the perfect choice for those who have inflammation problem like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Consuming spinach on your daily basis will surely prevent you from those problems.

8. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

This vegetable is also the source of good folat acid. Spinach is also contained with inositol and choline. Folat acid is used to reduce homosistein, an amino acid which can be found inside our blood. Homosistein is the reason why we can get a heart attack. Choline and inositol are responsible for helps us to prevent the blockage of our blood vessels.

9. Lower Hypertension

Lower Hypertension

Spinach is the high source of calium but the amount of sodium inside spinach is low. The balance between of both minerals is really helps the hypertension patients to lowering down their blood pressure. The amount of folat acid inside a spinach have the role in our blood vessels elasticity in order to get a smoother blood circulation.

10. Lower the risk of Diabetes

Lower the risk of Diabetes

Consuming spinach for your daily routine is good especially if you are diabetic patient. Spinach will help you to stabilize the glucose level inside your blood. The magnesium compound is very needed for diabetic patients to prevent the dangerous complication.

11. Prevent Anemia

Prevent Anemia

Spinach is enriched with high amount of iron, so it’s suitable for those who have anemia. Iron will help you with the red blood cell formation which carried the oxygen needed in entire of your body.

12. Healing Bleeding Gums

Healing Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is caused by the lack of vitamin C and over absorption of glucose inside our body. Spinach can be your solution to prevent bleeding gums. The instruction is very easy, you just need to mix carrots and spinach inside a blender and there you go, a healthy beverage of spinach and carrot for your bleeding gums solution.

13. Antioxidant Source

Antioxidant Source

Spinach contains of vitamin C, E, mangan, beta carotene, zinc and selenium which are useful as the strongest antioxidant. These antioxidants are also preventing the osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure. So, consuming or adding spinach in your daily basis will helps you to fight this harmful health problem.

14. Prevent Calcification

Prevent Calcification

The amount of vitamin K inside spinach has the important role in a process called carboxilation. This is a process of calcium prevention to calcify inside our bones. Consuming a cup of spinach in your daily routine will help you to avoid the risk of atherosclerosis, stroke and also heart attack.

15. Nerve and Brain

Nerve and Brain

The amount of vitamin K inside spinach is also has the important role to maintain the healthiness of our brain and nerve system. This vitamin is helping the formation process of synthetic sphingolipids, a myelin that covered in our nerve area.

16. Healthy Digestive System

Healthy Digestive System

The healthiness of our digestion system can be obtained by consuming spinach in our daily routine. Spinach are contained with vitamin A and C which can protect our digestion system from free radical that dangerous to us. The folat acid inside spinach can prevent the damage of our DNA and cell mutation inside our intestine.

17. Helps the Body Development Process

Helps the Body Development Process

Iron is one of the most important mineral especially for our kids and teenagers development process. Spinach are also important for pregnant woman which is vulnerable for getting anemia. Spinach contains higher amount of calories but still, it’s low in fat and cholesterol.

18. Prevent Fatigue

Prevent Fatigue

Spinach can improve our immune system, no doubt about it, but that’s not all. Spinach can also prevent the fatigue from over working or after a period of sickness. The iron that contained inside spinach is the reason why it can prevent our body from fatigue.

19. Increase the Brain Memory

Increase the Brain Memory

The human ability to memorize will slowly reduce along with their age. The amount of nutrition inside spinach can help you to increase the memorize ability inside your brain.

20. Solution for Kidney Disease

Solution for Kidney Disease

Spinach can also be your solution to have a healthy kidney because spinach has the useful substances to prevent the growth of cancer, anemia and also kidney failure.





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