The 15 Healthy Benefits of Pineapple



According to the history, pineapple is originated from Brazil. Pineapple is a fruit with high content of water. The tastes of this fruit are fresh and delicious. It has a special combination flavor of sweet and sour. Pineapple can be easily discovered in markets and they are available throughout the years. Pineapple must be peeled first before you eat it. There are also various kinds of processed pineapple such as pineapple juice, chips and so on. Pineapple is the best of fruits choice especially for those who live in tropic area. Pineapple is also blessed with various kind of healthy nutrition for us. Some of them are already know, but the other healthy benefit of pineapple is still unknown. I will provide you with the lists of healthy benefits from pineapple that you might didn’t know before.

1. Smoothing Your Digestion System

Smoothing Your Digestion System

Pineapples are rich in natural fibers and it’s very good to help us to smoothing our digestion system. A smoother digestion system can avoid us from the danger of diarrhea and constipation. The amount of vitamin C and protease enzyme can help us to digesting protein inside our body.

2. Curing Fever and Influenza

Curing Fever and Influenza

The high amount of vitamin C inside of a pineapple is suitable for curing fever and influenza. Pineapple can help you to soothing your sore throat and removing the harmful bacteria which can lead to influenza and fever. So, if you have fever or influenza, consuming a sliced pineapple is the best solution instead taking a medicine.

3. Healthy Teeth

Healthy Teeth

Who doesn’t want a beautiful smile with a line of white and healthy teeth? A regular treatment consisting of daily tooth brushing and reducing to eat sweets is a must. But if you can’t stand to eat sweets for a single day, pineapple is your solution. The high amount of vitamin C inside a pineapple can avoid you from plaque formation inside your teeth and gum. Of course with a regular tooth brushing, you can get the best result from consuming pineapple.

4. Curing Skin Inflammation

Curing Skin Inflammation

Pineapple can cure your skin problem like flaking or scaling skin. The method is easy; you just need a shredded pineapple and rub it in the flaking skin area. The best way to rub the shredded pineapple is at night and you can wash the pineapple remains in the morning with a clean water.

5. Smoothing Your Skin

Smoothing Your Skin

Like the healthy benefits of pineapple that I already mentioned before, the high amount of vitamin C inside a pineapple can also peeling your residual skin which can make your skin is smoother than before with their high amount of water inside it.

6. Stomach Flatulence Solution

Stomach Flatulence Solution

Stomach flatulence is caused by overproduced gas inside our digestion system. A pineapple can cure and relieving your stomach flatulence by drinking a glass of pineapple juice before you eats. Pretty easy and also delicious right?

7. Uric Acid Solution

Uric Acid Solution

To cure uric acid, the experts and scientists are recommending us to consuming fruits with bromelain and calium enzymes. The diuretic contains of both enzymes can solve the uric acid problem. Do not consume ripe pineapple since it will raise the uric acid level. A half ripe pineapple is suggested.

8. Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

The cystine content inside a pineapple can help to fertilize and slowing down the age process of your hair. Cystine can also help you in the making process of hair and skin. So, consuming a pineapple can be your solution to get a strong and healthy hair.

9. Soothing your Throat

Soothing your Throat

There are various ways to soothing your sore throat start from soothing candies, warm water and so on, if you are already tried but your sore throat won’t come out, what if you try another way? The high amount of vitamin C inside a pineapple is very good to soothing and relieving your sore throat. Try to eat a pineapple to relieving your sore throat or if you feel bored with a sliced pineapple, you can make it as a healthy juice.

10. Boosting Your Immune System

Boosting Your Immune System

Pineapple are also contain with amino acid which can help you to boost your immune system. Amino acid is already known as the effective way to cure your body fatigue and so on, consuming a pineapple on daily basis everyday will help you to be more active and healthier. A  healthy body and strong immune system means we are avoided from the risk of dangerous diseases.

11. Lowering Your Blood Pressure

Lowering Your Blood Pressure

Pineapple is rich with in calium and it’s really effective for those who have a high blood pressure. The amount of fibers inside a pineapple can prevent the fat absorption inside your digestion system. Pineapple is very suitable to be consumed everyday to reducing the high blood pressure.

12. Diet Solution

Diet Solution

Tired of your long diet program? If yes, pineapple can be your solution. This fruit is very suitable to be added inside your diet menu. The proteiolitic enzyme inside a pineapple is able to absorb the fat inside your digestion system so it can be throwing up along with the feces. The high amount of vitamin C from this fruit is also can help you to burn up the fat inside your body so it will not be sedimented.

13. Anti Dandruff

Anti Dandruff

Tired of your dandruff? This fruit also can be your hair treatment solution. It can help you to removing your dandruff in your hair surface. The instruction is very simple, you can add a combination of lime and pineapple juice and you can rub it in your hair. You can do this regularly until your dandruff is gone.

14. Improves Sperm Quality


For those who had a fertilization problem especially males, this fruit can be the solution that you can try. Pineapple can help you to improving your sperm quality. A daily basis of pineapple consumption is recommended to solve your problem.

15. Prevent the Eyesight Problem

Prevent the Eyesight Problem

Macula’s degeneration is a condition where the adults are slowly losing their eyesight ability. Macula’s degeneration is indicated with hard to read and recognizing objects. The beta carotene substance inside a carrot can also be found inside a pineapple. So, consuming a pineapple can be your alternative if you don’t like to eat carrots as it has the same health benefits.


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