Halloween Costume for Family

For some people in this world, Halloween is a great day to be celebrated with great fanfare. Although this Halloween culture is not so much embraced in our country, but seeing this Halloween celebration is quite fun.

Almost all families will buy pumpkin to prepare Halloween. Other preparations are decorating the house and buy or make Halloween costumes. For most people, attending lavish parties with Halloween costume themed is a must. But Halloween seems more interesting when it is celebrated with the family. Many children are dressed up with funny or scary Halloween costumes. Some children’s costumes mostly princesses, Tinker Bell, Little Red Riding Hood, Thor, Iron Man, and others.

To celebrate Halloween, you definitely need Halloween costume ideas. Costumes that’s suitable to celebrate Halloween is synonymous with sentient beings spooky, and these costumes must be made as creative as possible. Halloween costumes don’t have to be complicated and cumbersome, a simple one can do too. These following costume are some ideas that can be used as references:

1.      Mummy


www.venomstreet.com – Photo via www.kidshalloweencostumes4u.com

This is one of the most famous costumes that you can try. The easiest way to make it is using a white linen cloth, then tied it with tape like a mummy. The best thing about this mummy costume is you never know who’s inside it.

2.      Angel of Darkness

Angel of Darkness

Angel of Darkness – Photo via www.ebay.com

This is the best and the most famous Halloween costume, but it takes ornate makeup to support your appearance, so it’s not only the costumes, but the overall performance should also be considered.

3.      Vampire


Vampire – Photo via www.tophdgallery.com

This blood-sucking vampire creature has sharp canine teeth. Today, many children love to dress up like a vampire in “Twilight” movie.

4.      Werewolf


Werewolf – Photo via www.freepresshouston.com

Halloween party is also synonymous with this werewolf. You can rent a werewolf costume or try to be more creative with makeup. Werewolf costume idea can also be seen in the movie “Twilight,” from the character of Jacob.

5.      Witch


Witch – Photo via findema.com

Witch costume for Halloween party is always great. Be a witch is one of the famous ideas and you can also get the equipment easily. Simply by using a witch hat, broom, robes, and wands. And voila, you’ll turn into a witch.

6.      Spooky Doll

Spooky Doll

Spooky Doll – www.halloweencostumes.com

Children can also dress up as spooky dolls, like Chucky or Annabelle. This doll figures will look very scary, not only for children but also for adults.

7.      Zombies


Zombies – Photo via www.costummer.com

Dressed up as a zombie with makeup blood on the face and scatter hair will make you look like a zombie. Using dirty and ragged clothes and then shuffling, you will then look like a real zombie.

8.      The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow – Photo via www.halloweencostumes.com

Scarecrow is a frightening figure for some people and even become one of the villains in the Batman movie. Using a scarecrow costume will require more effort. But that’s where the challenge is, isn’t it?

9.      Monsters and Serial Killers

Monsters and serial killers

Monsters and serial killers – Photo via www.adultcostumes.com

To celebrate Halloween, you can also wear a costume like Frankenstein or Freddy Krueger. When you walk with this costume, you will become a terror to the people in the city.

Various creepy costumes are not the only option to be wore at Halloween party. You and your family can also use the superhero costumes. You, your spouse, and children will be a superhero family. For example, you can wear a Batman costume, your wife wears Cat Woman costume, your daughter wears Batgirl costume, and your son can use Robin costume.

In addition to the ideas above, you can also make cool Halloween costume ideas your own. For example, you can sew your own design Halloween costume. Use your imagination to create a cool Halloween costume. Don’t forget to combine it with great makeup. You can apply makeup resembles a skull. Or you can make the costume as if there’s an axe stuck on your head. For a family costume, you can make the same design costumes for mother, father, and the children. Sounds interesting, isn’t it, if you all use ghost hunter costumes? In Halloween celebration, there will be many ghosts wander around, so you and your family can surprise them with the ghost repellent spray. LOL.

If you don’t have time to design or sew your own costume, you can pay a professional tailor. You can order the costume design and you can look for the materials and make the costume according to your request. This way, you can save time and the result will be fit to your family’s body size. And don’t forget to decorate the house according to your family Halloween theme costume. Create a supportive atmosphere. If you act as a witch, don’t forget to decorate your home with cobwebs, pot herbs, animal experiments, furnace, and others.

The nice and cool ideas of Halloween costumes will give a lasting impression for your family. Halloween celebration will always be waited, because of its cheerfulness and tense.

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