Ways to Prevent Senile Dementia Naturally

Always Go for Exercise

The decreasing ability to properly judge a certain situation and recall information is often referred to Senile Dementia. As we get older and weaken, our brains are slowly getting aged too. Mostly associated with seniors, dementia becomes something that is nearly inevitable to be objected to them. As some dementia cases are irreversible to be […]

The Top 7 Venomous Snakes in The World

Indian Cobra

When we talk about snakes, you might think about poison instead of venom. However, there is a main difference between poison and venom. We will get the danger of venom when it is injected to our body. Meanwhile, a poison can danger us even by touching it or maybe by eating it. Most snakes in […]

7 Huge Rodents That Will Amaze You


There are a lot of rodents in the whole world. Some of them have huge sizes, and the others look strange for us. However, it is fun to talk about them and to feel amazed with those God’s creations. Let’s check these 7 great rodents with their mega size (in rodent’s standard): 1. Capybara Capybara […]