9 World’s Weirdest Marriage Traditions Which You Didn’t Believe It’s Real


Marriage is a tradition which is owned by all countries in the world. Most of the marriage traditions are still logically acceptable and commonly acknowledged by the people. Preparing a marriage is something that needs to be well prepared to get an unforgettable moment especially for the couple. However, there are marriage traditions which are […]

10 Countries With The World’s Best Public Transportation That Make You Want To Move Here

New York

Developed countries are closed with many kinds of problems and the most visible problem is the traffic jam. In my opinion, traffic jam is a multi dimension issue which needs time and the right strategy to solve the problem. Traffic jam is caused by vehicles flow disorder, the traffic light isn’t working properly, traffic accident […]

10 Useful Tips For Affordable Travelling In Europe That You Can Try

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Europe continent is the most popular destination for tourism. There are so many beautiful countries which are offering their signature tourism places and iconic structures. With their abundant selection of amazing places, who doesn’t want to go there? However, going abroad for spending your vacation especially in this continent is not so easy. The main […]

10 Affordable Countries Which Are Suitable For Your Backpacker Plan


Travelling to other countries is absolutely a memorable experience. You can see a lot of natural wonders, hospitality and also unique traditions in every destination that you visited. However, not all the destinations are offering affordable price. You need to prepare your personal expenses and travelling fund which are already saved a long day before. […]