13 Secret Facts Of Dolphin You Don’t Have To Know

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Who doesn’t know about this friendly sea creature? They are fast, elegant and also the smartest mammals in the world. They are always found swimming in a group and rarely seen to be swimming alone. Dolphins are popular to be the most creature with their intelligence, social and acrobatic ability. Although they are already known […]

11 Insane Facts About Ants You Need to Know

Zombie Ants

Have you ever felt so disturbed by the presence from this animal? These tiny insects are ants. Ants are one of the most amazing animals in the world. These tiny insects are belongs to the family of Formicidae. There are more than 12.000 species of ants which are spread throughout the world. As we already […]

10 Most Collectible Fishes For Home Aquarium

Banggai Cardinalfish

The ocean is the best place for every kind of sea creatures. No more argument about that. The ocean is also the place of numerous numbers of beautiful fishes and the other life forms. We can go deeper under the sea to see the amazing collections of sea creatures such as fishes and reefs. So […]

12 Animals With The Strangest Habit Of Sleeping


Sleep, is an activity needed to recharge our energy. Human need around 8 hours to fully recovered from fatigue. Lack of sleep can bring you in an uncomfortable situation such as easy to tired, hard to concentrate, and many more. Lack of sleep can also bring you serious sleeping disorder like insomnia. Bad quality of […]

10 Amazing Hybrid Animals You Didn’t Know It’s Really Existed In This World

blood parrot

Ligers, tigons, and grolar bears, oh my! Take a look at some of these otherworldly hybrid animals and you’ll realize the possibilities are endless. Though they rarely occur in nature, individuals from different but closely related species do occasionally mate, and the result is a biological hybrid — an offspring that shares traits from both […]

10 World’s Most Consumed Animals You Have to Know


Food has been the most important daily needs for humans being in order to survive. Food are contains with various kind beneficial nutrients to support our live. There carbohydrate, fiber, vitamin and protein to keep our body to stay healthy and active. Talking about protein, this nutrient is also one of the fundamental essences to […]

16 Secret Facts About Owl That You Wish To Know

Stunning Hearing Sense

Most of the Harry Potter fans are recognized this bird as the symbol of wisdom and intelligence. Owl is one of the most fearsome and efficient predator birds in the world. They are known as nocturnal creatures and their voice can be heard behind the dense forest. Some of the people are thought that this […]