13 Secret Facts Of Dolphin You Don’t Have To Know

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Who doesn’t know about this friendly sea creature? They are fast, elegant and also the smartest mammals in the world. They are always found swimming in a group and rarely seen to be swimming alone. Dolphins are popular to be the most creature with their intelligence, social and acrobatic ability. Although they are already known […]

9 World’s Weirdest Marriage Traditions Which You Didn’t Believe It’s Real


Marriage is a tradition which is owned by all countries in the world. Most of the marriage traditions are still logically acceptable and commonly acknowledged by the people. Preparing a marriage is something that needs to be well prepared to get an unforgettable moment especially for the couple. However, there are marriage traditions which are […]

13 Hidden Facts of Smile that You Need To Know

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Smile is one of our ways to expressing happiness and joy. Smiles can also removing the anxiety and hesitation. Smile can also relieving many kind of psychic pressure. Did you know that there are 12 of face muscles are moving when you smile? According from a research which is conducted by the Columbia University Medical […]