The 20 Best Foods for Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is a health condition problem caused by the increased glucose from several carbohydrates consumption. The amount of our daily carbohydrates contains glucose that released inside our blood. When the glucose rate is increased, our body will release the insulin which will turn glucose into energy source. If this happen for a long period of time, the patients will suffer this disease. Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. Diabetes Mellitus is a genetic disease, but according to our current era, unhealthy lifestyle, over working and over stress can make someone is vulnerable for this disease. A balance diet is needed to be done to minimize the risk of getting Diabetes Mellitus. For those who unfortunately are already getting this disease, I hope that this article can give you the information that you need related to in how we can control our glucose rate. And here they are.

1. Spinach


In 1945, the first invention of Lutein was being founded in Harvard University. Lutein is used for eyes macula medication. The diabetic patients have bigger risk of getting blind. Recent discoveries have been proved that spinach is high in Lutein. So, daily consumption of spinach can help you out to normalize the glucose rate inside your body.

2. Olive Oil

Olive Oil

The amount of unsaturated fat inside olive oil is useful for reducing the “lipoprotein” LDL (Low Density Lippoprotein) inside your body. Lippoprotein is non beneficial fat and it will lead to obesity. Replace your oil with olive oil for a better result of dishes. Olive oil will make your dish healthier and better taste also.

3. Acai Berry

Acai Berry

The antioxidant substances inside blueberry or berries are good for your body. The darker color, the more antioxidant contains inside it. Acai berry is one of the best berries to consume by the diabetic patients. The amount of omega 3 and 6 inside it can help you to repair the cell damages caused by diabetes.

4. Garlic


Cholesterol can trigger diabetes mellitus also and garlic is the solution for reducing the amount of cholesterol inside our body. The amount of protein vitamin A and B1 inside garlic can help the diabetic patients to stabilize the glucose rate inside our blood. You can get 60% amount of water and 122 calories inside 100 gram of garlic. The alicin substances inside garlic can also being used for reduce the diabetic symptoms.

5. Yoghurt


Yoghurt can significantly reduce the risk of getting diabetes. The Harvard University epidemiologist and nutritionist expert, Dr. Frank Hu said that consuming yoghurt can reduce the risk of getting diabetes for 18%. He suggested that a balance diet consist of healthy foods are required to avoid the risk of diabetes. Foods for diabetic person must be consist of low carbohydrates and artificial sweetener, yoghurt can be added into your diet menu.

6. Oatmeal


Although both of oatmeal and rice producing the same carbohydrate, the amount of glucose inside an oatmeal is different with rice. According to the ADA (American Diabetic Association), sugarless oatmeal has the highest fibers so it will not increasing the glucose rapidly. Oatmeal works best to controlling glucose inside our body.

7. Red Rice

Red Rice

This kind of rice has been known and used for diabetic patients. Red rice will reduce the amount of glucose better than white rice. Red rice is also enriched with fibers. The comparation of fiber between red and white rice is 8:1. And this is the reason why we are easily felt sleepy when we eat white rice. You will not get an over filled stomach and you will also didn’t get sleepy if you eat red rice.

8. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is enriched with flavanoid which can increase the insulin sensitivity and resistance. This substance can also improve the glucose process inside our blood and reducing the desire to eat more. But, for your information, not all of chocolates can gives you the same benefits. According to the experiment result from University of Copenhagen in 2008 shows that consuming dark chocolate will reduce the desire to eat sweet, greasy and salt foods compared with person who eat milk chocolate. The amount of flavonoid inside a bar of milk chocolate is lower than dark chocolate but milk chocolate’s amount of sugar and fat is higher. So, dark chocolate is safer to eat than milk chocolate especially for diabetic patients.

9. Broccoli


A health journal published by Warwick University entitled with”Diabetes” reported that broccoli contain sulforaphane substances which can repair and protect the blood vessels from the cardiovascular damages caused by diabetes. This useful substances can also triggering the anti inflammation process, controlling glucose and increase the natural detoxification inside your body. Sulforaphane can increase the enzyme production which controlling the dangerous chemical substances lead to cancer. Broccoli also contains chromium which can increase the insulin sensitivity inside your body.

10. Fish


Fish can also put inside your diabetic menu. Fish is not only about rich amount of protein but also enriched with omega 3 which can help you to remove the inflammation. According to the result of many researches, persons with the highest rate of omega 3 have the lowest risk of inflammation. The worst stage of inflammation can worsen the diabetes and obesity problem.

11. Cannellini Nut

Cannellini Nut

Almost of nuts varieties has low glicemist index and enriched with fiber and protein which is useful especially for diabetic person. Cannellini nut has the lowest glicemist among of the variation of nuts. On a conducted research with 121 diabetic type 2 patients from University of Toronto in 2012 are consuming whole grains and cannellini every day. And the result is, the amount of average glucose of them is reduced twice rather the patients who consumed the whole grains.

12. Walnut


Another variety of nuts has been added to the list. Walnut contains unsaturated fat named alpha-linolenic which is useful to reduce the inflammation. The amount of fiber, L-arginin, omega 3, vitamin E and phytochemical substances can be found inside walnut can give you the various health benefits such as antioxidants, anti cancer, anti viral, and anti cholesterol substances. The numerous benefits can prevent the chronic developments of dangerous diseases like heart attack and diabetes.

13. Yam


Yam can speed up the glucose process inside your body. Yam also contain with antosianin. Antosianin is useful for anti inflammation, anti viral and anti microbe. Yam is also abundant in vitamin A and fiber. Yam is the best substitute for potato as their low glucose index.

14. Quinoa


In the past, this is the main food for the Inca tribes. The taste of quinoa is similar with wheat. Unlike wheat, the amount of protein inside quinoa is more complete. You can get 14 gram of protein including nine essential amino acid in a half cup of quinoa.

15. Cinnamon


According to the health journal entitled with “Diabetes Care” stated that the patient with diabetes type II who consuming a gram of cinnamon on their daily basis can reduce their glucose rate for 30% rather than those who doesn’t eat cinnamon.

16. Collard Green

Collard Green

This vegetable is the abundant source of vitamin C. This vitamin can help you to reduce the amount of cortisol and prevent you to get inflammation. Collard Greens is also the source of micronutrient called alfa-lipoic (ALA) which can help you to relieve the stress.

17. Turmeric


Turmeric is already used to support the healthy condition for the Indian people for five thousand years ago. Turmeric is used to prevent the rise of glucose after consuming rice or bread.

18. Tomato


A recent medical report from Australia stated that drinking tomato juice every day can reduce the risk of blood coagulant which is always occurred to the diabetic patient. The blood coagulant can lead to serious complications such as heart attack, stroke, and the other life threatening diseases.

19. Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon

This fruit is already famous in the Asia for their bitter taste. Bitter melon is already used as food addition and herbal medicines in the Asian culture. Consuming this fruit is also helps you to reduce the glucose rate. You should cook bitter melon first to reduce their bitterness level.

20. Chili


A published experiment result inside Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that adding chili in your daily basis will help you to reduce the glucose rate. Chili is also containing with antioxidant, insulin, vitamin C and carotenoid which can help you to increase the regulation of insulin.

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