30 Benefits of Banana for Health


Banana is a kind of tropical fruit. Banana can easily found especially in Indonesia. This fruit have unique flavor and odor. Banana is popular for dessert and it can also directly to eat, of course you need to peel it first. Consuming banana on daily basis will bring you a lot of benefit. In this article, you will find out the benefits of banana that you might didn’t know before.

1. Rich in Vitamin and Fiber

Rich in Vitamin and Fiber

Do you know that carbohydrate inside banana is two times higher and five times higher than an apple? Not only that, banana are also rich in potassium. Therefore, banana is good to consume.

2. Boosting Your Mood

Boosting Your Mood

Banana also can help you to elevate and stabilize your mood and keep it positive for a whole day.

3. Your Energy source

Your Energy source

Carbohydrate beneath banana can be your energy source. Eat banana twice a day to increase your body immune system and boosting up your energy for doing daily activities.

4. Optimizing the oxygen transfer to your brain

Optimizing the oxygen transfer to your brain

Banana is rich in potassium, it’s clinically proved to transferring oxygen to your brain and it can also prevent high blood pressure and stroke.

5. Smoothing your Body Metabolism

Smoothing your Body Metabolism

For those who have constipation problem, banana can be your good news. Eat this fruit as your medical treatment. Banana can help you to smoothing your metabolism and remove your constipation problem.

6. Increasing your Body Immune System

Increasing your Body Immune System

Banana has vitamin A, C and B6 to increase your body immune system against infection. Eat this fruit to get a fresh and healthy body.

7. Prevent Heart Attack

Prevent Heart Attack

Flavonoid and vitamin C which is contained in banana can prevent heart disease. This antioxidant can prevent the fat to oxydize which can lead to heart attack. Banana is also contained kalium which is the best tonic for your heart. The pectin fiber is also involved for reducing your cholesterol level.

8. Overcoming High Blood Pressure

Overcoming High Blood Pressure

Kalium inside banana can help you to maintain the liquid and electrolyte balance so your blood pressure will keep stabilized. The fibers inside banana can binding the fat and prevent the formation of plaque leading your blood pressure to increase.

9. Your Diet Friend

Your Diet Friend

Do you feel that your body is overweight? Well, if yes, banana is your good news. The complex carbohydrate inside banana will not increase the glucose drastically; banana is also low in fat, so it’s safe to eat for weight losing participant.

10. Good for Pregnancy

Good for Pregnancy

Banana contains high amount of folic acid so it’s good for the fetus development and new cells formation. A ripe banana contain about 85-100 of calories. Banana can maintain the glucose level and it can reduce the morning sick. So, pregnant women are recommended to eat banana on their daily basis.

11. Overcoming Anemia

Overcoming Anemias

Banana contains iron which can stabilize the amount of red blood cell. So, if you have anemia problem, eat this fruit twice a day and you should be fine doing your daily activities.

12. Make your Bones Healthy

Make your Bones Healthy

Consuming banana on a daily basis can help to make your bones healthy. Thanks to manganese that contained inside banana.

13. Removing Acnes

Removing Acnes

Having problem with acnes? If yes, this banana can be your solution. Crush a ripe banana and spread it on your skin. Leave it a couple of minutes and clean it up using water. Repeat it for few days until your acnes are gone and your skin is smooth.

14. Smoothing Your Skin

Smoothing Your Skin

For those who have a rash and dry skin, banana can also be your solution. It’s the same instruction as previous post, but this time put a spoon of honey. Use it as a face mask. Do it on a daily basis and your face skin will be smoother than before.

15. Reducing the Swollen Body

Reducing the Swollen Body

Banana can also be your solution to reducing swollen and protecting the risk of diabetes type II. Strengthen your body nerve system and boost the white blood cell production. The reason why banana can do this was because the high amount of vitamin B6.

16. Curing Bruises and Skin Irritation

Curing Bruises and Skin Irritation

The experts are agreed that banana’s skin contain natural antioxidant and mineral which can help the skin regeneration and curing bruises and outer skin irritation.

17. Curing Psoriasis

Curing Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease mark with silver colored skin along with itchy feeling. If you scratch it, you will get bloody spot and it’s painful. Rub the banana’s skin to the wounded area and feel the magic.

18. Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer

With the high amount of Kalium and Phosphor, banana’s skin can be useful for organic fertilizer especially for your plants collection.

19. Curing Mosquitoes bite

Curing Mosquitoes bite

If your skin feel irritate because of mosquitoes bite, you can use banana skin and rub it on your skin and the banana skin can reduce the swollen area.

20. New Cells Formation

New Cells Formation

Banana contains pyridoxine, an important component to form an regenerate new cells inside your body. A single banana provides about 35% of pyridoxine.

21. Easy to Digest

Easy to Digest

Bananas are very easy to digest. Bananas are the best fruit to eat when you feel sick or when you have a digestion problem. This fruit is the perfect source of nutrition without making your digestion system working hard. Crushed banana always been used for the first dense food for babies.

22. Brighten Your Teeth

Brighten Your Teeth

If you feel disappointed with your current tooth paste, now you can use peeled banana skin to brighten your teeth. The instruction is very easy, rub the peeled banana skin in entire of your teeth and do it for everyday at least for 2 weeks. And the result is, you will get a white tooth which is ready to enchanting everyone who sees your smile.

23. Maintaining Your Elastic Skin

Maintaining Your Elastic Skin

Another benefit of banana skin is, to maintain your elastic skin. Rub a peeled banana skin on your face before going to sleep and let it until the next morning. Wash it with warm water.

24. Curing the Period Pain

Curing the Period Pain

This one is special for woman, period pain is definitely a problem for woman. Eat this fruit to ease the pain of your period.

25. Ulcer Disease Solution

Ulcer Disease Solution

Banana can be your solution when you get ulcer disease. Bananas are contain with the amount of acid prevention substance inside your body so it can relieve your pain caused by the ulcer disease.

26. Curing Burn wound

Curing Burn wound

Banana also used for curing your burned skin. Take a banana leave and burn it into ashes. Put these ashes with coconut oil. Rub it into your wounded skin.

27. Curing Constipation

Curing Constipation

Banana can be the natural medication for constipation. Eating banana at your daily basis will prevent you from the risk of getting constipation.

28. Smoothing Your Bloodstream

Smoothing Your Bloodstream

Banana contain kalium and potassium which really help you to support the blood circulation inside your body. Theamount of kalium inside banana also supporting the blood pressure.

29. Balancing the Body fluid

Balancing the Body fluid

Our body needs a balance amount of fluid to supporting the whole vital organ. Therefore, the amount of kalium inside banana is very important to balancing your body fluid.

30. Lose your Weight

Lose your Weight

This fruit is the solution for those who have over weight problem. Consuming banana in your daily basis will help you to lose your weight because of the amount of calorie inside banana is relatively small.

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