9 World’s Tallest Statues You Need To See By Yourself

What if I asked you to mention the highest statues in the world? I believe that Liberty Statues is the most mentioned answer. Well, the answer is not wrong. But let me tell you this, there are highest statues in the world beside of the Liberty Statues. There are a lot of iconic statues in the world. Related to the previous statement, big statues are also amazing. These big statues are the iconic symbol from their origin country. Just imagine your height must be multiplied for many times until you can compare with these grand statues.  So, do you think that statues have limitation? I’m sorry that your argument is invalid. Throughout this article, you will about to see the highest statues in the world. I will guide you to look at them one by one. Please, have a good seat and happy reading.

1. Lakyun Setkyar

Lakyun Setkyar

Latkyun Setkyar is the first highest statues in the world. Latkyun Setkyar was built above the hill of Po Kaung near the Khatakan Taung village, Monwa, Myanmar. This grand statue has been measured for 116 meters. If this statue is combined with the thrones, the height of this statue is 129 meter. This statue needs 11 years to build. Lakyun Setkyar statue is contained with 31 floors illustrating the 31 cycles of life. Lakyun Sekyar is known as the famous Buddha statue and you can also see the other iconic statues in here named Leaning Buddha. These grand statues are the most iconic symbol in Myanmar and this is the most visited place by the domestic and foreign tourists.

2. Guan Yu of Yuncheng

Guan Yu Statue

Have you ever heard the name of General Guan Yu? The readers of the most popular classic novel entitled with “Romance of the Three Kingdom” must be familiar with Him. General Guan Yu was born in Yuncheng. General Guan Yu is also the foster-brother of the Emperor Liu Bei from the Kingdom of Shu. General Guan Yu is the related symbol of morale, loyalty and justification. Beside of the story itself, you must be know the reason why this grand statue is really iconic for it’s original country, China. The statue of General Guan Yu was built in 2010. The height of this statue is measured in 61 meters in height. The height of this statue is symbolize the age of General Guan Yu when he passed away and the podium where He stands about 19 meter is symbolize the age of General Guan Yu when he left Yuncheng.

3. Spring Temple Buddha

Spring Temple Buddha

Spring Temple Buddha

The next highest statue is Spring Temple Buddha. This statue has measured for 128 meter in height. The statue of Spring Temple Buddha is one of the most iconic symbols of China and it’s become the landmark from this country. The statue of Spring Temple Buddha is officially stated as the highest statue in the world.

4. The Motherland Calls

The Motherland Calls

Our next destination to find the highest statues in the world has brought us to Russia. The Motherland Calls is a giant statue in Russia which is build to honoring the Battle of Stalingrad (now it’s Volgograd). Volgograd itself is a center of industrial and administrative town in Russia. If we are looking at the physical appearance of this statue, the statue of Motherland Calls can be considered as the most inspiring statue until today. With the measured height of 87 meter, The Motherland Calls is the highest statues until 1967.

5. Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha

After seeing The Motherland Calls, let’s go back to China to see the great statue of Leshan Giant Buddha. Leshan Great Buddha was built in the 8th century. The most amazing fact about this grand statue is. The Leshan Great Buddha was carved on a huge cliff by a monk with the help of the other artists at the time. According to the historical literature, there are wooden structures coated in gold until the 13th floor. Unfortunately this wooden structure has been raided by the Mongolian armies in the 8th century. This statue is so enormous and you can build a basketball field on the shoulder of this grand statue. Another amazing fact about this statue is the well systematic irrigation on this statue so the rainfall will not destroyed this magnificent statue.

6. Mount Rushmore Monument

Mount Rushmore Monument

After seeing the grand statue in China, let’s heading to the United States of America. Our destination is located at the South Dakota. With the height of 18, 3 meter, this is a huge sculpture of the four former United States of America presidents named George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. This sculpture is carved on a mountain and it needs about 14 years to finish the sculpture. This sculpture was being carved by 400 workers and the result is the most American sculpture ever.

7. Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer

Our next highest statue is Christ the Redeemer. This statue is also called Christo Redentor. This holy statue is located on the top of Mount Corovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The height of this statue is measured in 30 meter, if it’s combined with the place where He stand, this holy statue becomes 39,6 meter. This holy statue is very popular as the iconic place of Brazil.

8. Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman Swami

Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman Swami

I believe that most of you haven’t heard about our next giant statue. Our journey continues to India where you can see the grand statue of Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman Swami. This huge statue is located in Paritala, it’s about 240 km from Hyderabad, the province of Pradesh, India. With the height of 41 meter or 135 feet made the Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman Swami is the highest statue in India.

9. Lord Murugan Statue

Lord Murugan


Our next destination to find the highest statue in the world is located in Malaysia. Lord Murugan Statue is precisely located in the north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This statue is measured at 42,7 meter or 140 feet. This tall statue need 1550 cubic of concrete and 250 tons of steels as the supported structure and finished with 300 liters of paint in gold. This statue is open for public in 2006. The Lord Murugan Statue is one of the most iconic symbol of Malaysia.




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