9 Turkish Cuisines You Need to Try

Every time we go to the foreign countries, we will definitely see many kind of beautiful buildings and unique cultures. But we can’t forget the other aspect of tourisms which is also popular. That is culinary aspect. In this chance I will discuss a country located in the border of Asia and Europe continents. What is the name of the country? Yes, your answer is correct, It’s Turkey. Although there are more countries out there offering their signature dish, but let’s take a look at this country first as I will discuss the other signature dish from various countries. As for today, I will invite you to taste the Turkish cuisines. Who doesn’t know about the legendary Turkish delight? You will absolutely feel the different taste of this sweet snack in the original country. Are you ready to tasted them all? Here we go!

1. Kebab

Turkish Kebab

Kebab is our first list of Turkish signature cuisines. Kebab is a thin sliced meat from a spinning roaster and served on rolled pita bread or burger along with various vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, lettuce, onion chili, sauce and mayonnaise. The meat of kebab is usually consisting of mutton, beef or chicken. There are also varieties of kebab as it originated from the Middle East. One of the examples is grilled kebab. This variety of kebab is called shish kebab.

2. Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight

Lokum or Turkish Delight is our next destination of culinary adventure in Turkey. This one you better not missed it. Turkish Delight is a signature sweet treat from Turkey. Lokum or Turkish Delight is made from sugar and flour gel. Turkish Delight is usually served in a cubes pieces or rounds. Your eyes will also visually entertained with the colorful Turkish delight. This sweet treat usually sprinkled with powder sugar so it will not be sticky. Turkish Delight can also be added with the other ingredients such as sliced dates, nuts selection such as hazelnut, pistachio, walnut. Turkish delight is also can be added with lemon, cinnamons, mint, rosewater, or Bergamot orange to add more flavours. This sweet treat is not only famous in Turkey but also in the other countries such as Greece, North America, Romania, Brazil and England and its commonwealth countries. Turkish Delight is so popular in the novel of C.S Lewis and its film entitled with” The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe”. So, do you want some Turkish Delight?

3. Dondurma


Dondurma is a signature dish from Turkey. Dondurma has sticky and loamy textures like a bubble gum. Dondurma is basically a sticky ice cream made from sugar, milk, salep and mastic. I believe that most of us are wondering what is salep is mastic. Salep is chewing ingredients made from purple orchid roots while mastic is also chewing ingredients made from sap. You can find Dondurma in every shops or street hawkers. The Dondurma merchant usually wearing a cloth like Alladin and they stir the chunky ice cream continuously using a long stick to keep the ice cream elasticity. So, do you want to try this sticky ice cream from Turkey?

4. Baklava


Alright, I think it’s enough with Dondurma. Let’s go to another taste from Turkey. We are already arrived to our next destination. Baklava is signature bread from Turkey. Baklava is made by stacking the thin pastry dough in a big bowl layer by layer. Each of the layers is spread with butter and minced peanut. Before Baklava is baked, the dough of baklava is cutted first. After baklava is perfectly baked, baklava is added with syrup or honey and it will be leaved until baklava absorbed all of the syrup and honey. Baklava is the most popular bread in Turkey. Baklava is available in almost bakery shops in Turkey. There are varieties of Baklava taste, there is original and chocolate Baklava. Can you imagine the ultra sweet taste of this bread?

5. Borek


Done with Baklava, now we better go to our next destination of culinary adventure in Turkey. Let’s us taste the delicious Borek. What is Borek? Borek is delicious bread from Turkey. Borek is a stuffed layer pastry. If Baklava has sweet in taste, than Borek is the Savory version of Baklava. Borek can be filled with cheese, minced meat or Borek can also be filled with various vegetables like spinach and potatoes. The making process of Borek is also different. Borek can be steamed or grilled. If you want a savory treat in Turkey, Borek is your perfect answer for your question.

6. Kunefe


Kunefe is originated from the former Ottoman Empire countries and Turkey is one of them. Kunefe is made from pastry dough which is stacked and filled with cheese or peanut and the poured with honey or syrup and minced pistachio is being added as the final touch. Kunefe is cooked using a small plate from copper and usually Kunefe is served hot with honey and minced pistachio.

7. Kokorec


Kokorec is our next destination of culinary adventure in Turkey. Kokorec is made from lamb intestine covering lamb inner organs. Kokorec is grilled dish. To make this dish, all of the inner organs are cutted first and seasoned with olive oil, oregano, salt, pepper and lime juice. After all of the ingredients are well seasoned, put it into lamb intestine and pinned with a long skewer. And then Kokorec is grilled and here they are, a delicious treat from Turkey named Kokorec is ready to served.

8. Dolma


Alright, I believe that most of you are wondering, is there a vegetarian or at least Turkish foods without using meat as the ingredients? Well, Dolma is your answer. Dolma is a stuffed vegetable from Turkey. Bell pepper, tomato, eggplant, grape leaves and cabbage are the vegetables used for this dish. There are two kinds of Dolma. Dolma with meat filling and the other is filled with vegetable.

9. Simit


Our last Turkish foods are Simit. Simit is cylinder bread like a ring or bracelet. The crust of Simit is covered with sesame seeds. Simit is a little bit similar with donuts. Simit can be found on the street in Turkey. Simit has a crunchy and dry in textures. Turkish usually eat this bread along with a cup of tea.

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