9 Scary Freshwater Monsters

Most of us are aware that the ocean is a vast environment full of dangerous creatures that ready to consumed anything that moves. We must take a full precaution before we decide to go deeper into the ocean. But we are not talking about the ocean creatures in this article but we are going to discuss many kind of freshwater monsters. They could be huge, large, big, small and tiny. And yes, they are close to your neighborhood so prepare yourself for every possibilites.

1. Candiru



This parasitical fish is belongs to Trichomycteridae. They hunt for other bigger fish’s gills. What is the reason why I put this tiny fish on the first place of the list ? It was because this fish is so tiny that they can swim through your urethra. Although it’s only a few candiru attack’s on human has been reported but there is no way to cast out the fish from their body victim’s except amputation, pretty frightening isn’t it? In order to avoid this tiny fish attack, you shouldn’t go into amazon river on blank purpose. If you need to go into the depth of amazon river, make sure that you use a tight pants before you go.

2. Vampire Fish

Vampire Fish

The local citizen called this fish Paraya. It has creepy long fangs like a vampire that we always watch and imagine on tv. Their fangs can expand up to 6 inches in length. Another frightening fish like piranha is their favorite meal. They can be discovered along the river of Orinoco and Amazon river. The local citizen usually consumed this fish and sold them at the market in a daily basis.

3. Titan Freshwater Stingray

Giant Freshwater Stingray


Hold on your breath, this is not a fake photo. Giant Freshwater Stingray is truly exist on the river. It’s conquering the streams of northern Australia and Southeast Asia. Their body measures are 5 metres in length and weighing at 600 kilograms. As we can see at the picture above, they are brown in color, a perfect camouflage on the riverbed. Their favorite diets consist of crabs and river shells. Their main weapon located on its tail. It has a venomous material that could kill you on a single stab. However, they are calm animal in nature and rarely attack on us.

4. Anaconda


Here we are, looking at the most popular celebrity on animal kingdom. Yes, it’s anaconda everyone, the most powerful and the biggest constrictor snake around the world. This nonvenomous snake is hunt for small mammal, birds, fish, reptiles and capybaras is their favorite meal. They have a slow digestion system which mean they need several times to eat again after their first prey. Probably it takes months depending in how much their preys are.

5. Diving Bell Spider

Diving Bell Spider

This spider is the only species that lurk uder the water. The diving bell spider or Argyroneta aquatica can hold their breath using a self made air bubble with helps from their abdomen and legs. The males spiders are bigger in size rather than the females. This spider hutn for small fish, tadpole and other small river creatures.They use a painful bite that paralyzing their victim and then the spider dragged them into their air bubble and consumed there.

6. Gigantic Catfish

Gigantic Catfish

Huffington Post

This majestic fish can weighed at 300 kg, that is the biggest catfish ever recorded by human at the time. The reason why they can maximizing their growth is because they are natural scavenger. They are not hesitated to eat anything that moves on the river, left over even they are also cannibal. Giant catfish becomes a serious threat to other river habitant because of their scavenger nature. However, they are also struggled from deforestation and commercial fishing involving themselves as the highest catch for the fishermen.

7. Mata Mata

Mata Mata


Mata mata or Chelus fimbriatus is an Amazon river inhabitant. They are likely to hunt small fishes and other small creature. They can grow up to 15 kg. Due to their sensitive nature for water quality, this turtle are now listed as critically endangered from severe water population caused by humans.

8. Snakehead

Snakehead Fish


These feared fish were the menace of the Maryland river because of their invasive nature. This invasion were so viral through the river and caused a media frenzy. The biologists warned that this invasive fish could conquering North American river and destroying the ecological balance. They can reach in a metre. Their feed on small frogs, invertebrataes and smaller fish, they are also didn’t hesitated to consumed anything that moves. They also can adapt in a mud and the government make a snake fishing competition to depopulate this fish.

9. Electric Eel

Electric Eel



The electric eel have unique intern organs which aid them to produce 500 electrical power beneath their body. Luckily they only use this amount of electricity when they are threatened. They used their electric energy to hunt their prey that consist of fish and small invertebrataes.

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