9 Natural Home Remedies for Cough

Cough is not categorized as a diseases but it’s our body immune system response to excreting the smoke, dust, food and other unrecognized content. Unrecognized contents can be from our daily foods or natural sector like smoke and dust. Cough can be divided into two severe cough (usually it will be cured for three weeks) or chronic cough (usually it will happen for consecutive 3 months). So what is the best medicine to cure coughing? Well, there are two methods that you can try, first is using the medicines or drugs available for cough reliever while the second method is using the natural remedies.. This article is not means that the medicines or drug is bad, but the following ingredients can be your first aid before taking the medicines. Here are the lists of natural remedies for cough reliever.

1. Almond

AlmondFor your information, almond can cure your cough. The instruction is very easy. You need to prepare 8 pieces of almond and you can soak it inside a bowl of water for 12 hours. Next, you need to mash the soaked almond with a teaspoon of butter until become paste. You can consume it for three or four times a day. Repeat this method until your cough is gone.

2. Grape

GrapeGrape can also cure your cough. The expectorant property inside this fruit will excrete the phlegm inside your nasal respiratory. If you have no time eat this fruit, you can drink it as a healthy juice. The amount of beta carotene inside carrots will be converted into vitamin A which can increase your vision ability, protecting your skin from the sunlight, and various skin problems. Carrot is also curing your cough and here is the instruction. Prepare 4 pieces of carrots and blend it. Add a couple of honey to add sweet flavor on it. Drink this carrot juice three or four times until your cough is gone.

3. Lime and Soy Sauce

Soy SauceThis one is already acknowledged as the cough reliever since the ancient times and it’s still used by the contemporary society. Is it true that many people said that they are healed in a rapid time only consuming the combination of lime and soy sauces. Curious? Here are the instructions. First, you need to prepare a bottle soy sauce, spoon and lime. Squeeze the lime into the spoon, add a little bit soy sauce and mix it up. Next, drink it for two or three times a day until your cough is relieved.

4. Honey

HoneyWhy honey is always suggested on the previous cough relieve recipes? That is because honey is clinically proved can cure your cough and itchy throat. You can drink it directly or adding it into your lemon tea.

5. Mint Tea

Mint TeaMint leaves can be your solution for cough reliever, nasal infection and bronchitis. This leaves is the base ingredient for making it as tea to reduce the inflammation and relaxed the ilea and trachea muscles. If you have this plant at your home, you can try to make it by yourself and here is the instruction. Pick several mint leaves and boiled it with hot water for 10 minutes and filter the water. Add a couple of honey to give more flavor and benefit. You can drink this mint tea on your daily routine until your cough is gone.

6. Black pepper and Honey

Honey and blackpepperAnother honey based ingredient for your cough reliever. But this time, with one of the spices that usually never used for relieving the cough. Therefore, I believe that you are already know it, it’s black pepper. Black pepper can stimulate the phlegm circulation which can cure your cough. The instruction is easy, take a grounded black pepper and you can add it with 2 tablespoon of honey into a glass of boiled water. Cover it for 10 minutes and you can drink it after that.

7. Lemon

LemonLemon is different with lime, both of them have the same benefit for cough reliever. Here is the instruction. First, you need to prepare a lemon and sliced it into two parts. Pour salt and pepper on each part of lemon. The last thing to do, you can sip it slowly. If you don’t like the previous method, you can change it by making a warm lime juice. To add more flavor, you can use honey because the sugar usage is not recommended.

8. Ginger

GingerGinger can warm your body. You can directly taste the benefits of ginger when you consumed it in a liquid form like ginger tea, ginger milk or warm ginger. The substances inside a ginger can soothe your throat. A medical practitioner use this spice to relieve the fever symptoms and influenza by using the antihistamine and decongestant properties inside it. You need to prepare 12 slices of ginger in a pan with approximately 3 glass of water for quarter of an hour. Add squeezed lemon and a spoon of honey. The combination of ginger, honey and lemon is not only delicious but also relieve your cough.

9. Chicken Soup

Chicken SoupImagined that you eat a bowl of warm chicken soup on a rainy day, pretty delicious isn’t it? Chicken soup can be your delicious solution to relieve your cough. The steam of the chicken soup can relieve cough with influenza. You can inhale the steam of the chicken soup. Although it’s not clinically proved but still, the steam of chicken soup can soothe your nasal respiratory and you can get various kinds of healthy benefits from the chicken soup ingredients.

Although coughing is regarded as our body response in order to excreting the harmful material from our nasal respiratory, but still, coughing is the symptom of various kinds of diseases. Some of them are deadly like Tuberculosis. Therefore, the previous recipes can give you the solution in how to relieve the cough with the selections of natural remedies. I hope that this article will help you to get the alternative solution from the nature. If the result is below your expectation, keep continue the method and keep in faith that you will be healed. See you on the other chance and stay healthy everyone!


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