9 Hottest Places on Earth that You Should Stay at Home

Earth, is the only place in this planet which is suitable for living. Earth is gifted with many kind of supporting nutrient for the entire microorganism which inhabits this place. This planet is also having various kinds of weathers and climates such as hot and cold. The South and North Pole are known to be the coldest place on earth. However, there are also places in this world which have insane hot temperature. The places with extreme heat condition are located on arid parts of the world such as desert or the other hot places. As we all know together, a desert is considered as the hottest place in the world. According from the expert, surviving on an extreme heat is harder than surviving on a cold place. Our body will absorb more calories on a cold place. When on an extreme temperature of heat, our body will work harder to substitute the loss of fluid. Dehydration and stroke will occur if someone is losing the amount of fluid inside their body. However, there are more places on earth which are gifted with an extreme heat condition. These places were so hot that you might reconsider to stay for an hour here. So can you handle the hotness of these places on the list? Here they are.

1. The Desert of Lut

desert of lut

The first hottest place on earth is the Desert of Lut. This place is also called as the Desert of Emptiness. This place is also known as the biggest desert of salt located in south east of Kerman, Iran. The Desert of Lut is also categorized as the 25 biggest deserts in the world. The heat of this place is measured at 70,7 Celsius degree or 159 Fahrenheit. This desert is also considered as the driest place in the world. According from the attached device on NASA’s satellite named MODIS (Moderate Imaging Spectroradiometer) during 2003-2005 shows that the hottest land surface on earth is located in the Desert of Lut. Although the air temperature above this desert is colder but still, this desert is the hottest place on the world.

2. Death Valley

Death Valley

The second hottest place on Earth is the Death Valley. Located in California Unites States of America, this place is also known as the driest, lowest and of course the hottest place in the world. The hottest temperature in Death Valley is measured around 56,7 Celsius degree or 134,06 Fahrenheit. Although the Death Valley is extremely hot in the afternoon, this temperature will drastically changes into the lowest temperature. The Death Valley is also known as the place of rare natural phenomenon which is the moving rocks.

3. Al Aziziyah

Al Aziziyah

The next hottest place in the world is Al Aziziyah. Al Aziziyah is located in Libya. The heat burning sand wave called Ghibli. This burning sand wave usually comes without warnings and they can raise the temperature until 20 Celsius degree in just few hours. Al Aziziyah is located in the northwest part of Libya. Although this place is considered in the world, but this place is inhabited with people.

4. Kebili


The fourth hottest place is located in Africa precisely in Tunisia. Kebili is also known as one of the hottest place on Earth. The hottest temperature ever recorded in this place is 55 Celsius degree. Although Kebili is widely known to be the hottest place on earth but this place is gifted with the wonderful landscape. Kebili is used as the location of Star Wars movie settings.

5. Ahvaz


You had enough with the heat? Well I’m sorry to saying you that our journey isn’t over yet. The next hottest place on earth is located in Iran, precisely in Ahvaz. Although the city of Ahvaz was built in the edge of Karun River but this place is still considered as the hottest place on earth especially during the summer. Ahvaz has extremely hot desert climate and shorter period of winter. The average temperature in this city is 45 Celsius degree but it can goes until 53 Celsius degree followed with sand storm and dust. Therefore, the city of Ahvaz is called as a city with the most polluted climate caused by the sand and dust.

6. Tirat Zvi

Tirat Zvi

The next hottest place on the list is Tirat Zvi. Although it’s located near the Jordan River but this place is always called as one of the hottest place on earth. Tirat Zvi must face the extreme climate of heat especially during the summer for 53 Celsius degree. Those highest temperature ever recorded is in 1942 and it was stated as the highest temperature ever measured in Asia. The local people in this city must soaked their body on the springs and they equipped their house with canopy to protect themselves from the extreme heat condition.

7. Timbuktu


Our next hottest place on earth is located in Mali, precisely at Timbuktu. Timbuktu is also located in the center of trade line in the Sahara desert. This city was the center of the education system and the spread of Islam in Africa. Nodaway, Timbuktu is known as one of the places with the most wonderful ancient manuscript in the world. Unfortunately, this city is continued to face the threat of desertification. Desertification is a degradation process and the result will make this city is drier and drier. The good news is, although Timbuktu is really hot but the people of this city can still enjoy the water source since there are Niger River which is located nearby the city.

8. Ghadames


The next hottest place on earth is still located in Libya. Welcome to the Ghadames, a city of wall located in the southwest of Libya. The highest temperature in this city can go up to 55 Celsius degree. In order to survive from the extreme heat condition, the people of Ghadames must build their home with the natural materials such as palm trees and mud. The city of Ghadames is also categorized as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

9. Flaming Mountain

Flaming Mountain

The last hottest place on earth is the Flaming Mountain located in the Tian Shab, Xinjian, China. This place is really suitable with the name itself. The temperature of Flaming Mountain can go up to 80 Celsius degree. With this extreme temperature, the Flaming Mountain is deserved to be called as the hottest place on earth.

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