9 Famous Superheroes Without Super Abilities That You Might Didn’t Recognize Them

Superhero, this word is firstly introduced in America since this country is the birthplace of comics about superhero. We are already known from the name itself that these people have gifted with incredible power to help the other and fighting the evil. Most of the superheroes have the ability to fly, smashing the wall in one punch, laser eyes or resistant to any kind of bullet. However, in the world of superheroes along with their super abilities, there are also superheroes without a superpower. They are also a human but their driven by their various backgrounds to fight the evil opponents. Now, I will present to you with the list of superheroes without super abilities. So, buckle up to fight the evil opponents beside them!

1. Batman


The first superhero without super ability is Batman. Batman is the incarnation of Bruce Wayne, a multi millionaire man who had to lose his parents on a tragic robbery. This is why he committed to fear his enemies and fighting the crimes since then. Bruce Wayne is travelling the world to find the true meaning of life while he learns any kind of disciplines and martial arts. While he is on a journey to find his true purpose, he met with a man named Ras Al Ghul which is later become his martial arts mentor. Unfortunately, Bruce must split up the path with his mentor because their principle is different. To take his role as a superhero, Bruce is choosing to hide his identity by wearing a bat mask, an animal that he feared the most as a child. And then, the caped crusader called Batman was born. Batman uses his martial arts ability, advanced battle vehicle and modern warfare to fight the crimes. Batman is also known as a master of battle plan and a genius person.

2. Iron Man

Iron Man

The second superhero on the list is Iron Man. Tony Stark is a genius multimillionaire but unfortunately he is a little bit arrogant. Somehow everything is change when he was kidnapping by a group of rebellious force in the Middle East. This group blames Tony Stark for what he has done by supplying the arsenal for the American government which is used to destroy their homeland. Tony was being kidnapped and forced to make and advanced weaponry so the rebellious group can avenge the attack. During the making of weapon, Tony got an idea to escape by making a super costume with the bullet resistant, equipped with heavy armory and able to fly. With his armor suit, Tony managed to escape and after he got back to his country, he develops the armor suit and used it to fight the enemies. And after that, he becomes the Iron Man.

3. V


The next superhero without a super ability is V. V was born during the dictator era. At that time, the reigning ruler is trying to implementing fascist doctrine to the people. Every kind of religions is forbidden except the one who have already approved by the country. This bad condition is applied in all aspect including the work of arts when the people are only allowed to do anything that has been ordered by the ruler.  V is one of the victims from the government’s experiment in the past. To do his action, V is spreading the propaganda to fight the government and he also recruiting several people so when he died, his idea of revolution is still exist. V uses a Guy Fawkes mask and black suit to hide his true identity.

4. Zorro


The next superhero is Zorro. When the states of America have not being united like today, the coup actions are still happened especially in the area near Mexico which is the colonial area of Spain. The Spanish aristocrats are still trying to be the absolute rulers in California. During this time, the Dons or the landlords are often to torturing and practicing slavery. Getting tired of this condition, a Don named De La Vega trying to help the people by hiding his identity with a black suit and hat named Zorro. Zorro is hero with an excellence skill of acrobat and he also sword master. He also likes to mark his enemy or area with “Z”. On his action, he is accompanied by a black horse named Tornado.

5. Green Arrow

Green Arrow

Green Arrow is the next superhero without super power. Green Arrow is adaptation character from Robin Hood. His real name is Oliver Jonas Queen. Green Arrow has tremendous skill of archery and also martial arts to cast of the evil opponents.

6. Punisher


Punisher is the next superhero on the list. His real name is Frank Castle. He is a former FBI agent who really disappointed with the bureau after his family was brutally killed. Franks is also officially stated as deceased victim. To avenge his family, he turns up to be a Punisher, a man with an excellence shooting skill and martial arts. On the movie or comic, Punisher uses a lot of weapon and he would kill any kind of bad guy without remorse.

7. The Nite Owl II

The Nite Owl II

The Nite Owl II is gifted with the knowledge and experience in technology. The Nite Owl II OR Daniel Dreiberg appearance is looks like Batman but he wore a golden brownie costume along with veil and mask. The signature characteristic from this superhero is his head is shaped like an owl.

8. The Phantom

The Phantom

Phantom is the all time superhero. He could be anywhere he wants such as the age of pirate until the millennium era. Is he immortal? Well, the answer is no. The Phantom is actually taken by many people. That means, the job of being phantom is an inherited. The Phantom always use a purple and black costume to hide his true identity

9. Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes

The fans of G.I JOE must be familiar with this man. Snake Eyes is a silent ninja but he is excellence in sword art and mastering the Wushu. Snake Eye joining the G.I JOE to fight the threat of their worst enemy, Cobra. Well, good luck on your mission Snake Eyes!


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