8 World’s Oldest Cities You Got To Find Out

City with a millennium history will offer you more than just beautiful architecture and unique artifacts. The oldest city in the world also shows the signs of a great civilization on their previous era. The oldest city in the world also shows the development of human being. These cities are filled with amazing myth and legend so it attracts the foreign and domestic tourists to visit those countries. Below is the list of the oldest cities in the world. These cities are populated in a long period of time until today. Although there are different argument in determining which one is the oldest from all of these cities related from the historical literatures but still some of the cities such as Byblos, Aleppo, Damascus and Jericho are pretty famous as the oldest city in the world. Well, I believe that you will felt like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft after reading this article. I hope you enjoy it everyone.

1. Jericho


Our first destination is in a country named Palestine. According from the archeologists, they found many kinds of ancient settlements in Jericho. This city is relatively small and it’s located near the Jordan River and Jericho is the home for about 20.000 people .The result of archeological excavation has prove that this small city has been populated since 11.000 years ago and the first settlement are consisting of 20 settlements. Jericho is mentioned in the Holy Book of Hebrew as the City of Palm Trees. This city is located in the center of Palestine which is very strategic for trading route. The natural beauties and abundant natural resources is one of the reasons why this city is invaded since the ancient times.

2. Byblos


Byblos is one of the beautiful tourism objects in the world. Byblos is named by the Greeks. The Greeks are the main importer of papyrus of Byblos. This city has many kind of ancient civilizations. As seen on the picture, this is one of the oldest city in Byblos named Phoenicia. This city has been populated for 5.000 years although the first signs of settlements might be older than the previous period. Byblos will offer you with their ancient temples, fortress, remains of the city and splendid scenery facing the Mediterranean Ocean. Byblos has becomes a modern city with their crowded roads but you can see the ancient glory from this city. I think Byblos is definitely needs to be visited.

3. Aleppo


Our next destination to find the oldest city in the world has brought us to Aleppo. The city of Aleppo is located in Syria. This city was populated since 8.000 years ago. The recent archeological excavation has been proved that this city was already populated since 13.000 years ago. This city is pretty crowded in Syria. Aleppo was built as Halab around 4.300 years B.C. This city was under the reign of Hittite until the 800 B.C. This city is formerly controlled by Assyria, Persia and Greece. And after that, it was invaded by the Roman, Byzantium, Arab, Mongol and Ottoman. The city of Aleppo is the biggest city in Syria and it’s populated with 2 million people. Aleppo has a strategic location since it’s located in the center of Silk Road which is connecting Asian and Mediterranean continents. Since the city of Aleppo is ruled by so many countries, this city has many kinds of architecture style as the blending result from the previous invader nations.

4. Damascus


Our next destination is still located in Syria. This city is the capital city of Syria named Damascus. Damascus is the biggest city in Syria with the population is more than 4,5 million of people. According from the history, this city was already populated since8.000-10.000 years B.C. This city is acknowledged as the oldest city in the world. Since it was located between the Asian and African continents, Damascus is a strategic city for trading route since the first time this city was built.

5. Athens


Our next destination to find the oldest cities in the world is located in Greece. This city is believed as the born of Western civilization. Our next city is named Athens. Athens is the capital city of Greece populated with 3 million of people. The city of Athens is approximately populated more than 7.000 years ago. The design of this city is marked by Ottoman, Byzantium and Roman civilization. Athens is also believed as the birth place of remarkable classic artists, writers, and philosophers. Nowadays, the city of Athens becomes a cosmopolitan, culture, education, industrial and also the center of politic of Greece. The center of historical city of Athens is consisting of the tall city of Acropolis with the ancient remains of Parthenon.

6. Shush


Alright, after we already watching the ancient civilization in Athens, let’s move yo our next destination to find the oldest city in the world. Our next destination is located in Iran named the city of Shush. According from the result of archeological excavation, the city of Shush was being populated since the 5.000 B.C. The city of Shush is an ancient city from Elamite, Persia and the Kingdom of Parthia Iran. The city of Shush is a big city during the ancient period and the middle age. Since it was turned into a modern city, the city of Shush is populated with 65.000 people.

7. Al Fayyum


Our next destination is located in Egypt. The city of Faiyum or also known as Al Fayyum is the name of city located in Central Egypt. Faiyum is located about 100 kilometers in the southwest of Cairo precisely at the Faiyum Oasis. This is the capital city of Modern Al Fayyum. This city is the part of the ancient site of Crocodilopolis or Arsinoe. Faiyum was built around 4.000 B.C. Al Fayyum is the oldest city in Egypt and also one of the oldest city in Africa.

8. Xi’an


This city is one of the most important cities in China. The city of Xi’an is one of the Most Four Majestic Capital Cities in China. The city of Xi’an is visited by many foreign and domestic tourists around the world. You see many kinds of ancient relics and important cultural site. If you ever go to China, this city of Xi’an is definitely got to be visited.



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