8 Unique Ideas Of Wedding Location Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

A marriage is a sacred moment where two persons are decided to live together in a sacred bound. The wedding location is commonly held on a church, beach, or it can also in outdoor. However, having a wedding party on those place are considered to be an ordinary location and some of the wedding couples are decided to find the alternative wedding location and sometimes, their choice is really extreme. Although the chosen wedding location is really dangerous and weird but it doesn’t make the couples are afraid. These locations are really weird and this is what they are looking for, a unique and memorable wedding party that will be remembered for the rest of their life. Alright, I will give you the list of unique wedding locations which can be used as your idea perhaps.

1. Bridge


The first unique idea of wedding location is a bridge. For some people, a bridge is pile of wood which is connecting one land to another land separated by the sea or lake. Marrying on a bridge is probably not the best option for your wedding party but a couple named Heidi Wasenberg and his lifetime partner has proved it wrong. They married on a wooden bridge in Newry, Maine that splitting the Sunday river. Heidi chooses this location because he was thrilled by the beautiful architecture and spectacular view on the top of the bridge. The river and green natural forest is also surrounding this bridge. The wedding party is privately held and they invite only 25 guests including their family and relatives.

2. Cave


A thrilling wedding experience can also be obtained inside a cave at Missouri. Stalactite and stalagmite inside the cave can be your exotic and beautiful wedding decoration. According from the native legend from United States of America, it says that this cave is already used as wedding party location since the old time. The first wedding party ever recorded is at the early 1800. After that time, over 2.500 couples are already married in here. This cave is also called as the “bridal cave”.

3. Glacier


A wedding party is usually covered in white especially for the bride. White is a color that representing a sacredness but have you ever imagine having a wedding party in all white atmospheres? Well, if it’s not imaginable, then the wedding party from Amy and Gregory Rhoden might be your inspiration to do the same thing as they do. Their wedding party might be the whitest and coolest ever held. They married on the Alaskan glacier! The wedding party is started by the arrival of the wedding couple by a yacht and continued by riding a helicopter until they come to the glacier. The funny fact from this wedding is, all of the guests including the wedding couple must wear an ice skate to protect them from the slippery ice.

4. Volcano


This idea might be crazy and truly out of the box. Going to the top of the mountain is not an easy job to do. But this fact doesn’t stop a couple to pledge their lifetime loyalty. They even do this on an active volcano in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. They can see the beautiful of Kilaluea caldera from the top of this mountain. This caldera is a part of the volcano peak which is storing amount of hot lava. So, how is it? Do you want to do the same thing?

5. Natural Preserve

natural preserve

Open environment, giant trees and the sound of tweeting birds are the things that you can find in the natural preserves. It must be weird but fun to have a wedding party and seeing by wild animals as your witnesses. If you are not afraid by the presence of wild animals at your wedding party, you can choose to hold it at the natural preserves and get ready to hear the roaring sound of the lion after you say “I do”.

6. Above The Sky

air balloon

Getting bored with the selection of wedding location on the land? Now, you can also try to have a wedding party above the sky! A happy couple from Mexico named Michael and Mackenzie Chaves decide to hold a unique wedding party and air balloon is the perfect location for their plan.  They married inside an air balloon with the capacity of 12 persons. One of the air balloons is filled with the wedding couple and the other air balloon is filled with the guests. The interesting fact is, their wedding party is held along with the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, so you can imagine that the sky is full of air balloon. A perfect day for to be remembered isn’t it?

7. Roller Coaster

roller coaster

The staffs of Cedar Point Theme Park in Ohio might be shocked when they receiving the offer as wedding party location. They were shocked because the wedding couple was asking for the party is held on a moving rollercoaster! For your information, the roller coaster on Cedar Point Theme Park is also considered as the highest roller coaster track in the world. Well, if you really want to test your adrenaline, you can also do the same thing as they are but this idea is not recommended for those who have a heart disorder.

8. Running Track

running track

The next weirdest idea of wedding party is the running track. This idea has been implemented by Mirgan Sjoren and Sergio Gonzales. They start to fall in love as both of them are accepted as the running scholarship awardees. They were firstly met on the running track at Cal State San Marcos and they start to date each other and become an inseparable couple since then. This couple was supporting each other and the result is, Sergio was being nominated as the Olympic athlete in 2012. The wedding party is started as the Morgan’s father walk together to the start line and the wedding ceremony is beginning in there. Their running trainer becomes the leader of ceremony while the guests are gathered on the side of the track. After the ceremony is over, the happy couple change their shoes into running shoes and they run to the finish line to celebrate their new life as a happy couple.

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