8 Mysterious Cases of The Weirdest Phenomenon In the World That You Got to Find Out

As we can see it together, science is one of the important aspects in our life. Science is also contributing for the development of our civilization. However, there are bizarre phenomenon which can’t be explained the reason with the current advanced technology. Now, we are seems to realize that our world is still keeping a lot of mysteries including the bizarre phenomenon which is really occurred in several countries. We shouldn’t be worried because everything that you read in this article about the most bizarre phenomenon in the current period is not the sign of doomsday just likes the prophecies which are related with the Mayan and Sumerian tribes. For your information, the bizarre phenomenon was already happened since in the past. Thanks to the miracle of recording technology, these weird phenomenons can be seen or read until today. So, without further ado, here are the lists of the most bizarre phenomenon in the world presented just for you.

1. Red Rain

red rain

Endless rain in a whole day could ruin your daily schedule of activities. Normally, endless rain can only happen for two hours. Getting through the rain will absolutely makes you wet. But what if your cloth is suddenly turned in a bloody red during the rain? Wait, what kind of rain is this? Rain of ketchup? Well, it’s not real ketchup but this one is definitely not the kind of usual rain. The red rain is really happen in 23rd July until 23rd September 2001 in Kerala, India. There are many kind of explanations for this strange phenomenon start from the scientific and metaphysic. The craziest explanation related with this phenomenon is, this rain is coming from the blood of extra terrestrial being. However, the most logical explanation about the Red Rain is caused by some kind of red colored algae which are abundant in Kerala.

2. Great Balls of Fire

giant thunder

The Great Balls of Fire is technically called as a giant thunder ball. Along the history, there are many records about fireball in the past. This fire ball is also known as plasma vortex. In 1977, a coastguard was seeing a greenish yellow fireball with the size like a bus floating down the hill in the Wales coast. The appearance of this lightning ball is very rare and it’s unpredictable. The scientists are trying to understanding this bizarre phenomenon until today. Well, I hope that they could find the answer for this phenomenon.

3. Sweet Rain


The next weirdest phenomenon is probably not so shocking and causing a panic attack. However, the cause of this kind of rain is still a mystery. In 1857, there was a rain consisting of sweets and candies in the sky of Lake County, California. This weird rain is pouring the area for two days. The sweet crystals are pouring down from the sky and no one is able to explain this phenomenon. However, the local people in this area took this strange advantage by using these sweet crystals as their syrup ingredient. Maybe they want to keep the sugar stock for a period of time.

4. Fire Tornadoes

fire tornado


The next case of weirdest phenomenon in the world is the fire tornadoes. This dangerous tornado is also known as the Devil Tornado. The appearance of this tornado is always reported to be occurred in Brazil until the United States of America.  Just like the common tornado, this whirlwind is rapidly flowing and usually they are appearing in the continuous dry season. The entire body of this tornado is completely covered in fire. Therefore, this tornado is more dangerous because it can make a fire easily. The historical record about the fire tornado was recorded in 1923. The giant earthquake in Kanto, Japan was triggering the fire tornado and taking the life of around 38.000 casualties in just 15 minutes. The biggest fire tornado ever happened is recorded with the diameter of 10 feet and 200 feet along with the average speed around 100 miles per hour.

5. Fish Rain


The next bizarre phenomenon in the world is fish rain. This is probably the most bizarre case in the world. The fish rain phenomenon was being recorded for more than a century. Fish rain is a weird condition where many kind of fishes are dropped from the sky. The scientists are arguing that the fishes are carried away along with the tornado in the coastal area. Although it’s weird, the people of Honduras are celebrating this event once a year. They call this event as the “Miracle of Father Subirana”

6. Megacryometeor


Some of us might be afraid with this material from space but have you ever heard the clattering sound at your roof? Or is your car alarm suddenly turned on when it was hit by small pieces from the sky? The unknown material is megacryometeor. The scientists are still doing their best to solve the mystery of megacryometeor’s existence. In 2004, a 800 pound megacryometeor was fall and nearly hit a girl. The good news is, the girl was survived although she was suffering frostbite from that accident. The most mysterious thing is, these tiny icebergs were falling in a cloudy weather and it’s occurred in the second week of summer.

7. Flying Frog


The next weirdest case is the flying frog. This first bizarre rain was occurred in England hundred years ago. The latest evidence of flying frog was reported in 1981 on the south part of Greece. The Greeks were shocked when they roof were filled with frogs. The weirdest thing is, the frog is not the endemic species from Greece but they are coming from the North Africa. How do they get there?

8. Sun Dog

Sun Dog


Sun Dog is the next case of bizarre phenomenon in the world. Sun Dog is a phenomenon when we saw three suns during the sunset. This weird phenomenon was being reported throughout the world. The event of Sun Dog doesn’t mean that there are three suns but this is happen as the result of the sun’s shadow itself. The hexagonal ice crystal disk was exposed by the sun and then we could see the next two suns behind it. Well, that’s a relieving information isn’t it?


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