8 Mysterious Ancient Sites that Science Can’t Explain

We live in the earth that we believe we are the most superior species of every creature and life forms. Although humans are developing a modern marvel of technology, still the ancient technologies are the fascinating. Some of places are keeping the weirdest monuments. Some of them are buried underground while the other monuments are lying on the seabed. Most of these monuments are remains mystery especially in what kind of reason why these monuments are existed. The scientists are doing their best effort to solve the mysteries behind these monuments. I will guide you to look at those mysterious monuments in the world. Are you ready to solve the mystery?

1. Georgia Guidestones

Georgia Guidestones

On a desolate hill in the northeast of Georgia, lie the weirdest and probably the strangest monument in the world. If we are looked at the monument’s architecture, the George Guidestone wasn’t made from the ancient period. As the previous statement, this name of this structure is Georgia Guidestones. This ancient and mysterious structure is consisting of five stone structures with the height around 16 feet and the weight of each stones is 20 tons. On the granite stones, there are mysterious writings and this writing was written in 8 languages such as Egyptian Hieroglyph, Hindi, Arabic and Swahili. The content of the writings is giving an instruction for the survivors from human kind to rebuild the new era on earth. No one knows what the meaning behind this ancient writing is. Is there any relation with the doomsday prophecy? What is the reason this Georgia Guidestones was build? The reasons of this ancient structure are still mysterious as same as the mysterious architect of this Georgia Guidestones.

2. Stonehenge


Our next destination of mysterious monuments is located in Michigan Lake. This mysterious structure was accidentally found underwater when a group of scientists are using sonar to find the remains of sunken ship in Michigan Lake. They were shocked when they found a strange structure of Stonehenge. This ancient structure was estimated built around 10.000 years ago. The scientist argues that this strange structure is used as the worship stone for the ancient tribes just like the other previous sites such as Petro glyph.

3. Japanese Underwater Ruins

Japanese Underwater Ruins

On the south part of Yonaguni beach, Japan, there was an underwater ruin. This underwater ruin was estimated for 8.000 years. Most of the people are believed that this underwater ruin was the natural creation. But, as the time flows and according to the scientist result, this underwater ruin is believed as the human creation. It shows from the complicated arrangement of stairs and the carving itself are believed as man-made. This site was accidentally found in 1995 by a scuba diver. The scuba diver capture the precious moment by his underwater camera and then the photograph was shared on the internet and this site was famous since then.

4. The Ruins of Alexandria

The Ruins of Alexandria


We are still in the underwater journey looking for the next mysterious sites. Our next mysterious site is located on the seabed of Egypt. The name of this ruin is believed as The Ruins of Alexandria. This ruin is believed as the remains of the city of The Alexander the Great where the palace of Cleopatra is located. This majestic city was sinking due to tremendous earthquake which occurred in 1.500 years ago. The precious artifacts inside the palace are also sinking under the sea along with the whole Cleopatra’s Palace. The ruin of the city is not taken on the surfaces as the Egyptian government wants to make this ancient site as the most amazing underwater tourism object.

5. Stones Baalbek

Baalbek Stone

Alright, now we need to go back on the land, but our journey to find the next mysterious sites is far from over. Our next mysterious site is located in Lebanon. This is the biggest Roman temple at that time but unfortunately this grand building was destroyed by the Byzantium Emperor, Theodosius. Although the remains of this majestic temple is still visible, but this temple was abandoned during a war. The foreign and domestic tourists are reluctant going to this beautiful site for several decades. Luckily, not all of this building was destroyed. As we can see it together, it still has 6 from about 54 columns which are still standing tall until today. The remaining 6 columns are the silent witness and they left mysterious traces until today waiting for the perfect time to be revealed.

6. Easter Island

Easter Island

Alright, let’s go to the other journey to find the next mysterious site. Our next destination is on Easter Island. The Easter Island is the name of an island in Polynesia. Easter Island is also known as Rapa Nui or Isla de Pascua. The Easter Island is located in the southeast part of the Pacific Ocean. You can see the giants statues of Moai. These giant statues were the part of the ancestors present from this island. These statues were estimated to be made around 1250-1500 A.D. The heaviest Moai can weigh around 86 tons. The massive weight from the statue is a prove of achievement for those who built and move Rapa Nui.

7. Machu Picchu

Macchu Picchu

Our next mysterious sites have brought us to the sky as the location of this place was on the highest mountain. Our next destination is Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is located in the mountain of Andes. This ancient city is hidden and isolated for centuries from the outside world until an archeologist named Hiram Bingham was found this amazing hidden city in 1911. According from the scientific result, Machu Picchu was built on 1450 A.D as the hiding place for the Incha Pachacuti leaders. This place was also believed as the place for the Inca tribes to avoid themselves from the raid of Spanish Armies.

8. Three Circles of Megalithic Stones

Gopekli Tepe

In the southern part of Turkey, there lies an ancient structure which is believed as the oldest structure than Stonehenge. Our next mysterious site is Three Circles of Megalithic Stones. This ancient structure is believed was built by the ancient hunters at that time. This ancient site was found in a buried condition. The Three Circles of Megalithic Stones is believed as the early stage of human history which the Garden of Eden as it’s mentioned on the Bible.



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