8 Beautiful Places that You Must Not Visited

Have you ever feel amazed when you visit a beautiful building? There are so many astonishing buildings and places in the world. Many of them are always visited by foreign and domestic tourists. Yes it is true that there are so many wonderful places to visit out there but wait, I’m not going to discuss about which one is the most beautiful but I will provide you with the lists of places that nearly impossible to be visited. Most of these places are extremely prohibited to be visited by human beings. So, are you ready to go there? Well, let’s start our journey shall we?

1. Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Alright, our first entry of the list is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This place is also described as the Pacific Can of Garbage. This place is located in the center of North Pacific Ocean. This place is considered as bigger than the land of the United States of America. This place is not visible because it’s consist tiny pieces and almost invisible. The most part of it were hanged under the sea. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is definitely an impossible place to be visited by human being unless you are willingly to explore this place by yourself.

2. The Island of Izu

The Island of Izu

Our next destination is located in the Izu Honshu Peninsula, Japan. The Island of Izu is the expanded volcanic islands. The Island of Izu is forming the two cities and six villages. All of them are still the part of Tokyo. The biggest part of this island is Izu Oshima and usually it’s called Oshima. These islands are always filled with sulfur due to its active volcanic properties. The citizens of this island were evacuated in 1953 and the next evacuation is conducted in 20 due to the risk of active volcanic and dangerous gas of sulfur. The people of this island were returned in 2005, along with gas masks as the preparation of rising gases of sulfur. As we can see that this place is beautiful but do you dare to live in here?

3. Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate

On a drilling operation in Derweze in Turkmenistan in 1971, the geologist experts are accidentally found an underground cave full with natural gases. The land under the drilling site is collapsed and leaving a huge hole with the diameter around 50-100 meter. The scientists decide to burn down the hole to dispose the hazardous gases. But, this good deed is turned into a catastrophe when the fire is kept on blazing until today. The local people named this place as the Hell’s Gate. As you can see on the picture, this place is definitely not a perfect place to your barbeque party.

4. Alnwick Poison Gardens

Alnwick Poison Gardens

Who doesn’t like a garden full with beautiful flowers? I believe that most of you want to go there. But what if you are offered a free trip into a garden full of deadly plants in England? Are you willing to go there at your own risk? If the answer is yes, so I will give you the full explanation about this place. Welcome to the Alnwick Poisons Garden. This Garden is inspired by the Great Garden in Padua, Italy. The Great Garden in Padua is the first garden of useful herbs and poisonous plants in the year of 1500. In contrary of The Great Garden in Italy, The Alnwick Poisons Garden is full with killer plants. These deadly features of these plants were grown on the backyard of this garden. Alnwick Poisonus Garden has the Home Office License for special plants such as marijuana and coca. Both of these plants are placed inside a cage for specific reason.

5. Asbestos Mine

Asbestos Mine

Asbestos is a valuable chain of six natural silicates of mineral and that is the positive side of this mineral. The negative side from asbestos is, if our body is exposed with this mineral for a long time, it will carries various dangerous diseases such as cancer. Due to the dangerous matter, The European Union has banned every kind of asbestos mining and the usage of it. This huge hole of asbestos mine as seen on the picture is located in Canada. If you really want to go there, you need a personal doctor to go along with you.

6. Ramree Island

Ramree Island

Ramree Island is our next place that you must forget to visit. Ramree Island is located in Myanmar and this island is a big swamp and it’s the home of 1000 species of the deadly saltwater crocodiles. You had enough with crocodiles? Wait a minute, because there are more of the deadly species in here such as Anopheles mosquitoes, the carrier of Malaria and the venomous scorpions. During the World War II, the Japanese Armies are invading this island and the battle between the Japanese and Myanmar is occurred in here. From 1000 of Japanese soldiers, there are only 20 of them are still survived. They were killed by the force of nature in here. So, which one you choose? Dying to survive from the fierce animals in here or seeing the ghosts of Japanese armies in here?

7. Yungas Road

Yungas Road

Our next destination is located in Bolivia. Yungas Road is a 38 miles of road heading to La Paz from Coroico. The Yungas Road is one of the routes that connecting the rainforest of Amazon in North Bolivia to the capital city of the province. This dangerous road was built by the Paraguayan prisoners in the 1930. The Yungas Road is located near a steep ravine. The thick fogs in this road make it invisible to see anything in front of us. So, do you want to feel the adrenaline rush in your blood in here? Go ahead.

8. The Zone of Alienation

The Zone of Alienation

Our next destination is located in North Europe specifically in Ukraine. This place is an abandoned city due to radioactive leakage of Chernobyl. This area is surely not recommended to be visited. The Government of Ukraine is recommending the citizens of Ukraine to repopulate this city but it was rejected. This place is like a dead city with almost zero population. So, if you trying to find a perfect place for testing your courage, the Zone of Alienation is your perfect place.


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