8 Astonishing Ancient Architechtures Around the World You Might Didn’t Know It Before

The ancient times are always fascinating me because during that time, the architectures and the buildings are already advanced. The remarkable heritages from the ancient times are also the precious treasure and it these sites can also become the attractive tourism objects from where it belongs. In this article, I will invite you to see the wonders of the ancient times. The reason is simple, so we can take a lesson from it. This article is meant to remind that we are not the most advanced life forms in the world. Alright, here are the lists of ancient wonders of the world.

1. Chand Baori

Chand Baori 1

Our first list of the ancient wonders is located in India named Chand Baori. Chand Baori is actually the name of an ancient well and it’s precisely located on a village near the Abhaneri Jaipur, Rajashtan, India. This temple was built on 9th century and it has 3.500 stairs with the depth almost 100 meters below the ground. Chand Baori is one of the examples of the greatest architecture in the past.

2. Ancient Persian Windmill System

Ancient Persian Windmill System

Our next wonderful ancient architecture is located in Iran. The ancient Persian Windmill System is one of the oldest windmills ever made by human being. These ancient windmills were made by the Persian civilizations around 3.000 years ago. This ancient windmill is used for grinding wheat and pumping water. The most amazing fact about this windmill is these structures are handmade. Although this windmill still using a simple mechanism, but at this windmill is quite famous at that time. These ancient windmills are the original modern windmills which are being used for generating electricity. The ancient Persians are also equipping their houses with air ventilation system. Their ventilation system is more complicated than your air conditioner at home. They have already developing ventilation system since 2.000 years ago and probably it can only be compared with our current modern technology. Having an air condition at your home is definitely useful but you were preceded by the Persians.

3. Advanced Solar Energy Utilization

Advanced Solar Energy Utilization

The ancient Greeks have invented an effective ways to utilizing the abundant energy from the sun. If we use the solar cells to generating electricity, the ancient Greeks have already used it as the heat source during the winter. The concept is simple, they built structures facing to the sun and all of the buildings are designed to saving the abundant sun light during the day because the sun light is lower than their rooftops. At night, they will add a glass to maximizing the absorption of sun light. Well, now you know that the ancient Greek is already a step ahead from us in making solar cells.

4. Cliff Palace

Cliff Palace

Okay, our next destination is located in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. This unique architecture was built by the ancient North American in the past. The amazing design of this structure is meant to protecting the population from the scorching sun. If we are looking at this Palace, it’s so incredible that they can plan, design and make it into reality as they are not equipped with advanced tools. The Cliff Palace is one of the examples of science achievement in the past.

5. Hypogeum Temple

Hypogeum Temple

Our next destination to find the wonderful ancient architectures has brought us to the Mediterranean Malta. There is an ancient temple named Hypogeum. This temple was built around 6.000 year. This temple is located in the south of Malta. The Temple of Hypogeum is one of the megalithic monuments in Malta and it was built by the experts before Stonehenge and the Pyramid of Egypt. The archeologists are considering the age of Hypogeum is approximately 3.600 B.C and it was used until 2.400 B.C and after that, this megalithic structure is suddenly abandoned. Inside this temple, there are different chambers and rooms here.

6. Petra


Our next wonderful architectures in the world are located in Jordania. The name of this architecture is Petra. Petra is a city and it was built on carved stone walls in Jordania. The word Petra is derived from Greek word which means “stone”. Petra is the symbol of protection and technique. This word is referring to the city architecture which is made from stones in Wadi Araba, a name of rocky valley in Jordania. The city of Petra was built by digging and carving 40 meters of tall stones. This city is the capital city of the Nabatean kingdom. The Nabatean kingdom was built in 9-40 A.D by King Aretas IV as an impenetrable city from various natural disasters such as sandstorms. The tribe of Nabatean was built this city along with a very complicated irrigation system. There are water tunnel and water chambers to distribute the water supply in entire of the city so this city is free from the risk of flood. The Nabateans are also having the hydraulic technology to lift up the water. There is also a grand theater which can accommodate 4.000 people. Nowadays, 42 meter of Hellenistis Tomb Palace is standing tall in here.

7. Hanging Garden of Babylonia

Hanging Garden of Babylonia

Our next astonishing ancient architecture is also listed as the 7 wonders from the ancient times. This amazing garden was built as the following order from the King Nebuchadnezzar II around 604-562 B.C. This garden was located around 50 kilometers in the south of Baghdad, Iraq. Babylon is the capital city of Babylonia, the ancient Emporium of Mesopotamia. According to the history the first dynasty from Babylon was built by Hammurabi in the Neo-Babylonian era after the fall of Assyrian Emporium. Babylon is one of the most important cities during the ancient Middle East when Hammurabi made this place as the capital city of Babylonian Kingdom.

8. Ancient Underground Sewers

Ancient Underground Sewers

Alright, our next journey to find the ancient architectures has brought us to Jerusalem. We can find the most advanced underground irrigation system in the there. Because Jerusalem is located on the highland and quite far from the water source, so this city supplying their water needs by making an underground irrigation system. The ancient people of Jerusalem have been developing an underground irrigation system and it can be used until today although it’s already aged for more than 10.000 years.



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