7 World’s Smallest Countries You Might Didn’t Know

Some said that big is beautiful, size does matter and bigger is better. This phrase is being used in any kind of aspects in life such as bigger salary, bigger assets and bigger nation or country. Related for which one is the biggest country, for your information, Russia has been stated as the biggest country in the world. Now we already know which one is the biggest country in the world right? And now, the next question is, is there any smallest countries in the world? If they are existed, where are they located? What does it looks like? Most of us will mention Vatican City as the smallest country in the world, but are there any other countries that might be smaller than Vatican City? Most of us are given a little about the information of it. And now, I will provide you with the information about the smallest country in the world. I hope that it will fulfill your curiosity. Check this one out!

1. Vatican City

Vatican City

Alright, our first country is Vatican. This country is protecting the St.Peter Basilica which is the center of religious activities especially for the Roman Catholic in the world. The position of Vatican City is under the zone of Rome, Italy. Vatican City is considered as the smallest countries in the world with only 0,44 km per square in width with their population for just 800 people. However, most of them are not the native resident of Vatican.

2. Monaco


After we done visiting Vatican City, let’s go to another small country. Our next destination is Monaco. Monaco is located near to Nice, France. This monarch country has been existed since the 13th century. This country has only one municipal. Although there is no difference between the country and the state of Monaco from the geographical aspect, but the government policy of the country of Monaco is different with the municipal policy of the state of Monaco. The wide area of Monaco is measured only 1,95 km per square and this country has been populated with 32.000 people. According to the constitution result in 1911, the Kingdom of Monaco has been divided into three states. The first state is Monaco, where the Royal Palace is located in the Rock of Monaco. The second state is Monte Carlo. This second state is the center of luxurious resorts and residences. You can also see the Monte Carlo Casino in here located on the east and northeast. The next state is La Condamine, located in the northwest including the harbor named Port Nikolas Flores. The main income of this country is from their tourism. A famous race track is also located in here, I mean who doesn’t know the circuit of Monte Carlo?

3. Nauru

Nauru Island

Our next smallest country is Nauru. Nauru is located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean precisely under the equator line. Nauru can also be located in the southern part of Marshall Island. Nauru is formerly known as Pleasant Island. This small country is the part of colony under the reign of Germany Empires since the early 19th century. After the World War I, Nauru is taken under the United Nation. Nauru is administratively managed by three countries and they are Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. This small island was invaded by the Japanese army during the World War II. After the World War II was ended, this island is return under the United Nation. In 1968, Nauru declared their independence as a Republic country. Based on the census conducted by the government in 2009, the citizens of Nauru are counted for 14.014 people. Nauru doesn’t have an official capital city but Yaren is considered as the capital city of Nauru. Most of the government buildings are located in here. Yaren has been categorized by the United Nation as the “main district”. The famous commodity from this country is phosphate. This mineral has been mined for the past 90 years by the foreign companies.

4. Tuvalu


Our next small country is Tuvalu. Tuvalu is previously known as Ellice Island. Tuvalu is an archipelago country which is located between Hawaii and Australia in the Pacific Ocean. Tuvalu is consisting of 114 islands which formed this country. This country is only 5 meters above the sea level. Tuvalu area is measured in just 26 km per square in width. According from the result of the government census in 2006, the citizen of Tuvalu is counted for 11.500 people.

5. San Marino

San Marino

Our next smallest country has brought us to San Marino. This country is surrounded by Italy. San Marino is located in the north and it’s directly adjoining with the province of Rimini and the province of Pesaro and Urbino, Italy in the south. The citizens of San Marino are counted for 29.251 people.

6. Liechtenstein


Welcome to the city Liechtenstein. This is our next smallest country on the list. This country is located between Switzerland and Austria. Liechtenstein is one of the two countries after Uzbekistan which is surrounded by lands of another country. Although this country is small, but Liechtenstein are the richest and the most prosperous country in the world. The main income of this country is from their tourism sector. The citizens of this city are counted for 35.000 people. The wide area of Liechtenstein is measured in just 160 km per square.

7. Maldives


Our next smallest country is Maldives. They get their independence from the United Kingdom in 1965. Maldives is a small country located in the Indian Ocean consisting of 26 atoll measured for 90 km per square. The capital city of Maldives is Male. According from the result of census conducted by the government in 2006, the citizen of Maldives is counted for 103.693 people. Maldives is the tenth smallest country in the world but in the Southeast Asian countries, Maldives is the first smallest country. Maldives is also the lowest country under the sea surfaces. Maldives is located only 1,5 meters above the sea level. This country is unique from their amazing sight of natural sceneries and gorgeous beaches.

So, that is the list of smallest countries in the world, I hope your curiousity is fulfilled. Thank you for reading this article.

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