7 World’s Amazing Ruins You Need To Explore Them Now

The ruins of the ancient building are considered as spooky or frightening places. Some said that it was occupied by ghosts and unholy spirits wandering around the places. Most of the ancient ruins are leaved as it should be to preserve the original beauty and these ruins become beautiful places to visit. The ruins of the ancient building are also proving of history from the greatness period of native tribes or civilizations. From these ancient ruins, we can locate them, study them and find the history facts from the various ancient remains in here. On this chance, I will take you to a journey to find the most beautiful ancient ruins in the world? Are you ready to be an explorer today?

1. Machu Picchu

Macchu Picchu 1

Alright, our first entry on the list is Machu Picchu. This remarkable ancient ruins was built around 15th century. The ruin of Machu Picchu is looks like an invisible town because it was located between two mountains and covered with thick fog. Although the current examination hasn’t made it to reveal the true usage of this beautiful ruins but the scientists are believed that Machu Picchu was built by Inca tribes as their shelter from the Spanish Conquistador. This ruin has been acknowledged by UNESCO as the World Heritages Sites since 1983. The archeologist experts are still looking for the answer of what is the purpose of Machu Picchu was built since the Inca tribes didn’t leave a single record related with these ruins. There are a lot of signs indicating that Machu Picchu was being used as the center of worship ceremony. This amazing ruin is also got an attention since it was damaged from the high number of foreign and domestic tourists. In 2003, the numbers of tourists in here are counted for 400.000 of people. Machu Picchu is considered as the greatest building of Inca tribes. Due to it’s uniqueness, Machu Picchu is considered as the new wonders of the world.

2. Babylon


Our next amazing ruin is located in Baghdad precisely located around 90 km from the city of Baghdad. This city is known as “Bab-ili” in the past, this word means “The Gate of Gods”. The city of Babylon is widely recognized in the classic era as a beautiful city with their “Hanging Garden” which is included as the ancient wonders of the world. The city of Babylon was built as the center of government and cultures. The glory periods of Babylon were last for about 15th centuries since the arrival of the Amor tribes in 1850 B.C and Alexander the Great in 322 B.C. The most well known leader of Babylon is Hammurabi. He leads the city from 1892-1750 B.C and he also makes a famous law system called The Law of Hammurabi.

3. Palenque


Alright, our next destination to find the famous ancient ruins has brought us to Mexico. The ruin of Palenque is one of the most important archeological sites of Mayan Tribes in Mexico and Central America. This city was built above the ravine facing to the Gulf of Mexico. The ancient ruins of Palenque are hidden inside tropical jungles in the foot of Tumbala Mountain, Chiapas, Mexico. Although the analysis result of ceramics in here proved that this area was populated since 100 B.C but most of the remaining structures were built around 6th-10th century. The most popular leader of this ancient city is Pacal, he ruled this city in 603 B.C he also make many advanced structures which are survived more than his reigning period. One of the most remarkable buildings is the Palace. The wall and ceilings of this building were decorated with beautiful carvings illustrating the ceremony, many kinds of daily activities and also their Gods. There are 34 buildings in 500 possibilities which are successfully excavated from the ground. Do you want to help the excavation process and find the other miraculous buildings under the ground?

4. Tikal


Tikal is our next famous ancient ruins. Tikal is located in the archeological sites of Peten Basin, North Guatemala. This site is a part of Tikal National Park. Tikal is considered as the biggest archeological sites in the world and this ancient city is the center of urban civilization of Pre-Colombian Mayan tribes. Tikal is one of the population and cultural center of Mayan tribes. There are many monumental structures in here and most of them were built in the 4th century. The glory period of Tikal is around 200-900 century. Tikal is dominating the Mayan cultures, politic, economy and military aspects during this period. They are also interacting with the other tribes such as Teohuatican in Mexico. After the raid of Teohuatican tribe in the 4th century, Tikal is being abandoned by their own people in 10th century.

5. Persepolis


Persepolis is the name of our next amazing ruins in the world. Persepolis is the capital city of Persian Kingdom during the dynasty of Aechemenid around 4th-5th B.C. The archeologist prove has shown that the early remains of Persepolis around 515 B.C. A French archeologists named Andre Godard who is involved during the excavation process of Persepolis believed that Cyrus the Great was the person who choose the location of Persepolis but the person who built the biggest palace and terraces in Persepolis is Darius I. Nowadays, the ruins of Persepolis can be seen with their stone pillars and the palace structures from marble stones which are carved with beautiful carving.

6. Palmyra


Who thought that there are beautiful ruins of the ancient kingdom in the middle of Syrian Desert? Our next destination to find the beautiful ancient ruins is located in Syria. The name of this stunning ruin is Palmyra. Palmyra means “Palm City”. This ancient city is found their glory period in the first century because it was located in the Silk Road. Palmyrans is originally comes from Aram language but it’s shifted into Greeks language since this city was invaded by the Roman Empire.

7. Tlemcen


Our last destination is in Algeria. You can find the amazing ruins of Tlemcen in there. Tlemcen is the only ancient ruins from Muslim caliphate on the list. Tlemcen National Park is preserving the ruins of ancient city named Mansoura. The mist iconic ruin in here is a minaret of Sidi Boumediene mosque.

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