7 Popular Street Foods Countries that You Need To Try


If you visited into a country, what would you be your first destination? Is it beaches? Is it historical landmarks? Or is it their traditional cultures? You can capture all of them inside your pocket camera or your smart phone. But what if you are hungry after spending the day for travelling? If you are blessed with abundant fortune, there must be a lot of fancy restaurants available for you, but what about if you are insufficient in funds? Don’t worry because there are also a lot of street foods available for your solution. Although it’s located on the street, but they are also delicious as well. The various street foods are available in many kinds of form, taste and ingredients but still, it’s affordable for you to get. I believe that your travelling will not be perfect if you are haven’t taste this street foods. Here is the selection of the countries with their signatures street foods presented just for you. Happy reading.



If you are one of the people who want to see a beautiful panorama and nature lovers, you might want to visit this country, Vietnam. The capital city of Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City and it’s becomes a famous tourist destination since the first time it was change its name from Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City. You can indulge yourself in the traditional market if Ho Chi Minh City, visiting the Palace, seeing the beautiful ornament of Pagoda made from precious stone called giok. And after that you can indulge your tongue by many kinds of Vietnamese street foods in there. The Vietnamese signature street foods is Banh Mi. Banh Mi is made from buns, mayonnaise, sliced cucumber, jalapeno, pickled carrots and meatballs. The Vietnamese usually consumed Banh Mi in the morning as their breakfast but it has different ingredients than the original ones. Banh Mi for breakfast is filled with eggs, and chopped scallions poured with soy sweet sauce.

2. Philippine


Philippine can be your affordable tourism destination country. This country will provide you with abundant entertainment and tours with the affordable tickets also. If you are looking for the street foods, you need to go to the capital city of Phillipine, Manila. The most popular street foods from here is a duck egg. Well it’s not an ordinary egg actually but it’s a duck embryo. The duck embryo will be boiled or steamed and directly consumed from the shells. Although it’s sound gross and unappetizing but Balut is very popular among the Filipino. If Balut is failed to invite your appetite, you can also try another street foods such as Tsitsaron, Taho and kwek-kwek.

3. Turkey


Istanbul is the of the capital city in Turkey. If you ever go to this country, spend your time in here and you will see the crowded city of Istanbul. As the heart of economy, Istanbul is also the center of cultural heritages and history of Turkey. Istanbul is also the biggest city in the world. Alright, let’s head to their signature street foods. The most popular street food in Turkey is Kebab. Kebab is derived from Arabic words which mean fried meat although in the reality meat used for Kebab is grilled or roasted. Kebab meat is usually made from beef or mutton. Fish and chicken can also be used for this Kebab. Lahmacun and Sokak simit are the other signature dish from Turkey.

4. America


The United States of America is an iconic country of its innovations and creations in culinary world. The characteristic of American foods is Western just like fast food which is using bread dough as the base ingredient. If the previous countries serving their signature street foods on the road in shops or carts, well you can also find them in The United States of America. Nowadays, most of the American signature street foods can be found in various food trucks. Apparently, these food trucks has been the most wanted things in the United States of America. What is the reason behind the fame of these food trucks? The reason is food truck is suitable for the American urban societies. The foods are easy to find and they are also rich in varieties of forms and tastes. The most consumable street foods in America are Hot dog and Hamburger.

5. Malaysia


Malaysia is located in the South East Asian continent. The most popular part of Malaysia is Penang. If you ever happen to go to Malaysia, you can taste the original flavor of Malaysian street foods in Penang. The majority of races in Malaysia are consisting of Malay, Chinese and Indian has made Penang one of the multicultural street foods center. Your appetite will be indulged with the various kinds of street foods in here. You can try Penang assam Laksa, Wonton mee, Hokkien mee, Indian Rojak and Nasi Kandar here, in Penang.

6. China


China is already recognized from their Great Wall of China. But China is not only about a Great Wall, China is also well known for its signature street foods. One of the most popular signature street foods from China is Dim Sum. Xiaolongbao is the kind of Dim Sum that you need to try before you die. Xiaolongbao is not an ordinary Dim Sum. Xiaolongbao is a kind of Dim Sum served with a bowl of soup. The filling of Xiaolongbao is usually consists of minced beef and shrimp. If you want to find the exotic street foods, you need to try fried insects and scorpions in here.

7. South Korea

South Korea

K-Wave is originated from this country. This make South Korea as the most wanted tourism destinations. The most signature street foods from this country are Kimchi. Kimchi is actually a side dish in every Korean food. You can easily found it in every Korean restaurant. If you want to challenge your tongue, you can try Sannakji. Sannakji is a Korean dish made from living octopus and you better chew it right because the tentacles can be stuck in your throat and you don’t want this happen on you doesn’t it? If you are afraid eating Sannakji, you can try another foods such as Tteokbokki, Sundae, Odeng, and Gimbap.



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