7 Mysterious Islands That You Shouldn’t Be Visited Ever

Travelling is one of the activities which can make us relaxed for a while. Traveling or visiting a beautiful island is an activity which has been the most popular activity for the people throughout the world. You can enjoy the smell of sandy beach or seeing the sunset. Visiting the new island which are never been visited before is definitely fun and challenging. You can travel along with your relatives and friends. But, the most important thing is, you have to make sure whether the island is safe or not. There are many islands in this world which are considered as the most mysterious islands ever. The following islands are mostly abandoned, some of the island population believed that the island is haunted while some of them are afraid for the risk of natural disaster. Well, are you ready to visit those places through this article? Read this at your own risk everyone.

1. La isla de la munecas

Doll Island

Alright, our first island is La isla de la munecas. This island is located in Mexico. You can found many kinds of dolls in here. Isn’t it cute? Well if you are Chucky, then you must be feeling at home. You will see many kinds of abandoned dolls and they are hanging on the trees. Most of these dolls are also not in a complete body. This creepy doll island is start when Don Julian Santana is coming to this island. Don Julian Santana built this island by hanging creepy dolls. The reason why Don Juan Santana hanging these dolls is to calming the spirit of a mysterious children who drowned and haunting Don Julian Santana. Don Julian Santana is also drowned in the same place where the children are also drowned. There is no electricity in this island, the signal of cell phone is also unavailable in this island. I believe that you will throw your dolls after visiting this island.

2. Gunkajima


Gunkajima is an island in Japan with crowded population in the past. The reason why this island is being populated because there are a coal mine in here. The people of Gunkajima are leaving the island because the stocks of coal in here are depleted. The people of Gunkajima are leaving without anything left in this island. The facilities in Gunkajima island is abandoned and that is why this island is frightening.

3. Llha de queimada

Llha de queimada

Llha de queimada is a tropical island which is located in Brazil. The scenery of this island is surely stunning from a far. But if you visit this island, you got to be extremely careful because this island is populated with golden lance head viper snakes. These snakes are known as the venomous snakes in the world. This island is overpopulated with these snakes. Therefore, this island is also known as the Snake Island. Well, if you want to visit this island, at least you need a full body armor made from solid steel to prevent the dangerous snake bites.

4. Tiburon


Our next mysterious island is the biggest island in Mexico. The name of this island is Tiburon. This island is the home of many kinds of venomous animals. No, not yet, haven’t I tell you that this island is populated with a group of people which are believed as cannibals? There are cannibals named Seri which are believed as cannibals. The Tiburon Island is also believed to have valuable minerals. In 1903, an Arizona prospector, Tom Grindell is doing his first journey to the Tiburon Island. At his first journey, he only visits the outer part of this island. Tom Grindell is going back to Arizona. In 1905, Tom Grindell, along with three crew are exploring the island. He goes to Tiburon Island on June, 10th 1905 and they planned to go back in Arizona in the end of July. Unfortunately, these groups of explorer are never going back since the first day they explore this island.

5. Sokotra Island


Our next destination is located in Indian Ocean, 380 kilometer in the southern part of Arab. The Sokotra Archipelago is very isolated and most of the plants in here can’t be found anywhere. The climate in this island is hot and dry but Sokotra Island also has beautiful beach and limestone hill. The Sokotra Island is also filled with the strangest plants in the world. Therefore, Sokotra Island is also known as the Alien Island. Although this island is filled with the strangest plant and extremely hot, but still, this island is populated with 40.000 people. The Sokotra Island is listed as The World Heritages Sites by UNESCO.

6. Poveglia Island

Poveglia Island

Our next mysterious island is Poveglia Island. Poveglia is a small island located in the Laguna Venetians, North Italy. A canal has divided the two islands. Although, this island is small but it has a frightening history. According to a legend, the Poveglia Island is being used to isolating thousands of patients with contagious diseases during the period of Roman Empire. The history recorded that the number of casualties in here are about 160.000 people. In 1922, an asylum was built in here where the patients are tortured to death. This asylum is closed since 1968 and this island is forbidden to be visited by the civilians. This island is also reported to be haunted by many unholy spirits which are passed away since hundred years ago.

7. Bermuda Island


Our next destination is located in the northwest of Atlantic Ocean. The name of this mysterious Island is Bermuda Island. There are 7 big islands and 150 smaller islands which actually cluster of reefs. Bermuda Island is the location of the most mysterious place on earth called Bermuda Triangle. This triangle is also known as the Devil Triangle. The magnetic field in this area is very strong which can make all of the navigation tools aren’t working properly. There are a lot of reports saying that many kinds of airplanes and ships were vanished in this triangle. This strange phenomenon is very hard to explain and these questions are left unanswered until today. Well, if you can solve the mystery of Bermuda Triangle, you will absolutely become the first person ever who made an amazing effort to solve the mystery. Of course, if you can’t made it to escaped from the Bermuda Triangle alive.


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