7 Dissapearing Human Basic Abilities Caused By the Advanced Technology

Nowadays, the development of technology is more advanced than the previous year. There are a lot of innovation and invention which are purposed to help us. The advanced technology is meant to help every kind of our daily activities to be easier and more efficient. Having a high-tech gadget is surely fun, we can make our life is easier. We can keep our contact with our family by using our smart phone. However, as the advanced technology goes on, our basic abilities are slowly disappeared. This is ironic because our basic abilities are slowly replaced by the technology. Here is the list of our abilities that slowly disappeared because of the advanced technology.

1. Making Fire

make a fire

The first basic ability which is slowly disappeared because of the advanced technology is the ability to make fire. Making fire is actually simple only if we have matches and something to burn. Simple isn’t it? However, this basic ability is not so easy for some people. This is proved as many people are trying so hard to make a fire using matches. So, what if we don’t have matches and something to burn around us? There are many ways to make a fire by using steel, fire stone, wood and bamboo. However, one of the very basic ability of human being is slowly disappearing for a long time. However, you can still survive as long as you can make a fire with matches.

2. Writing Skill


Writing mails and notes for someone for correspondence. A writing skill is definitely required especially in the past. We can still looked at the most amazing calligraphy around the world which is really astonishing. Beside a writing skill which is required for correspondence, organizing the sentences in our writings is also important. This skill is required so the reader could understand our writings. Handwritings are rarely seen in our current society, especially if our job is related with computer. Nowadays, writing a legal document with our hands seems to be very hard to do. This hand writing ability is also disappeared as the advanced technology goes on. However, you can get this ability again by writing a mail or an article. You must be amazed in how your hands are easily tired because of you haven’t write anything for a long time. You must be remembered that in your college time, writing a long note will not make you tired so easily.

3. Checking the Facts


Have you ever felt that you can get many kind of useful information and references inside the dictionaries and literature books? These published books are already reviewed by the experts and the facts validity inside the books is already proved. However, the current facts around us are no longer valid since the internet era. Most of the people are quickly to believe anything that they read and saw on the internet. As we know it together, there are a lot of story, news and videos which are the truth is still questionable. News like the appearance of UFO, ghost and the other hoax stories are published everyday on the internet. So, please be wise and smart netizen before you decide to judge anything you saw on the internet.

4. Walk


Unable to walk in here is doesn’t mean that we can’t walk at all. As we can see that nowadays, people are no longer just walking around to go somewhere. We always saw them walk with their gadgets like smart phones, mp3 players, gaming gadgets and many more. For your information, playing with our gadgets while walking on the street is increasing the risk of accident. Playing the gadgets while we are walking is also dangerous like make a phone call while driving. Related with this habit, there is a phenomenon called “distracted walking”. Distracted walking is a current phenomenon which is occurred since the appearance of advanced technology. There is a study related with this habit. The result is showing that 1.500 of pedestrians are hospitalized because they got accident because of playing gadgets while they are walking. Listen to our favorite songs while walking or driving is definitely fun. However, there are many reports saying that the numbers of road accidents are increased due to this habit.

5. Spelling


Have you ever playing scrabble with your friends or relatives? This spelling games is not only fun but also it can improve our language vocabularies. However, the existence of cell phone autocorrect and the other word spelling software are slowly removing our spelling ability. These technologies are providing words spelling features and sentences. But, we shouldn’t depend too much with the software. We will have a strange feeling when we are start to write without the help of spell checker or auto correct software. Sometimes, we will feel weird at the first time and questioning our own writing whether is it already grammatically correct or not or is it already spelled as it used to be.

6. Navigation Skill


In the past, navigation skill is a vital ability for the travelers. Navigation skill in here are involving the ability to read a map, memorizing places, and knowing the directions. Well, I believe that most of you have already a specific technology to help you out. Yes, it’s a GPS or Global Positioning System. For some of us, reading the information in GPS is easy, we just need to follow the directions provided from this application. GPS can be accessed in any kind of your devices. However, what if your devices are not working properly or suddenly turn off? You will completely lost in some places that you never know it before. The other cases related with this navigation ability is, you will experiencing hard times to explain your destination when you asking the direction from someone that you met on the road.

7. Communicating with Each Other


Speaking and communicating with each other is a common thing before the introduction of advanced technology of communication like smart phone. However, as we can see in the most places, we are seems to be busy using our gadgets or smart phone. This advanced technology seems to build an “invisible wall” that blocking us to communicate with each other. This is one of the basic ability which is slowly disappeared as the advanced technology goes on.

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