10 Best and Worst Diet for your Daily Diseases

There is an old saying that said you are what you eat, when you eat healthy food, then absolutely you are healthy, but when you are eating carelessly and seldom to doing sport activity then you will get sick, it is like a double edged sword, we want to get healthy but at the same time we want to eat delicious too, busy life styles are also the factors that lead to obesity. The number of adult obesity rate is doubled from 1980, obesity lead to 30 serious diseases, and it become a major issue. The scientists and doctors are looking for the best solution to fight obesity by now. Beside of obesity, viruses and symptoms are developing too; the number of new viruses and symptoms rises each year, people shocked with SARS (Severe cute Respiratory System) in 2002. It was happen in Tiongkok and spreading rapidly throughout the world killing almost 775 people. And then avian influenza (H5N1) followed with swine influenza (H1N1). We do not want this happen to our family and us isn’t it? It better to avoid of sickness rather than to find the right cure. The cure can come in many ways, such as a healthy life styles, healthy drink and food. The lists below will gave you informations for your problem in how to recognize the sickness and what are the best and bad foods to handle it, check this out:

1. Diarrhea


Where were you when diarrhea strikes? I believe that no one wants to be in this kind of situation, diarrhea caused by crohn disease, it is a disease where your immune system is too aggressive fighting and destroying the healthy body system (autoimmune disorder). In a severe cases, diarrhea are also followed with blood, nausea, and vomiting.

Best Foods: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast, this is also well known as BRAT diet, oatmeal baked chicken and turkey are also recommended.

Worst Foods: Onion, cabbage, broccoli can producing gas in your stomach, therefore it can trigger diarrhea. Gum and sugarless candy contained sorbitols that are bad for you too.

2. Constipation


This is one of the digestion problem caused by lack of fibre diet, it can be from our busy life styles and far from high fibre consumption. We need 20-30 grams of fibre a day, if less than that, we might get constipated.

Best Foods: whole grain bread, apple, pears, oatmeal are the best diet for avoid constipation, or you can drink 6-8 glass of water per day are also helped the things run smoothly.

Worst Foods: Dairy products, iron supplements, do you like chocolate?well the bad news is, chocolate must not eaten during constipation period. Otherwise it will worsen your disease.

3. Nausea


This disease will make any kinds of food looks unappealing, keep the portion and food odor to minimum is the right method to deal with nausea and it can calm the acid inside your stomach.

Best Foods: pretzel, saltine crackers in a minimum portion can help you, while ginger and freshly cutted lemon and peppermint is the best drink to fight nausea.

Worst Foods: If you have nausea, do not think to have a softdrink, caffeine for a while, spicy and oily foods can bring a lot of problem for your nausea.

4. Sore Throat

Sore Throat


This disease usually followed with cough, it is a condition that will make you hard to swallowing food.

Best Foods: peppermint tea, it is a mixture between tea and peppermint leaves that will coating your throat and soothe the pain inside your throat it is contained analgesic and anesthetic effect for your throat. For the foods itself, you should try creamy soup, poached egg, custard and mashed potatoes are also soothing.

Worst Foods: Avoid nut, potato chips or other scratchy foods, orange juice or grape juice are also prohibited because it can irritate your throat.

5. Body Aches

Body Aches

Have you ever felt your entire body aches with no reason? For most cases, magnesium contained foods are the best method to prevent body aches

Best Foods: Magnesium contained foods like nuts, bananas, and leafy greens and beans. Canned salmon, yoghurt and other high calcium diet are the best foods to relieve your body aches

Worst Foods: Caffeine, alcohol and other things that can dehydrate you are the worst foods for your body aches, even it can worse your disease.

6. Headache


Most of headache caused by dehydration, so before you decide to takes a medicine, lets find the naturalmedication for the headache first.

Best Foods: Mineral water, drink a mineral water and wait for 20 minutes to see whether it can make you feeling better or not, caffeine, in a small doze amazingly can relieve your headache.

Worst Food: Sauce and soy sauce, it contained artificial sweetener and MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) that can make your headache worse than ever

7. Influenza


Influenza is a troublesome disease who can ruin your day. When you get sick caused by influenza, your body needs more calories to regain the healthy condition. To heal the influenza, you need to drink more water and consuming foods to increase the body immune system. Here are the best foods to eat when you get influenza

Best Foods : chicken soup, hot tea, orange, spicy foods

Worst Foods : Foods contained with sugar and fat, milk, sour foods.

8. Cough


Cough is caused by virus so that is why, cough cannot be healed with antibiotic. Consuming antibiotic is much more dangerous so it’s better for you to not to consumed it. Cough is caused because our body immune system is lowered. You need to consume foods to regain your body immune system.

Best Foods: garlic, ginger, chicken soup, fruits with vitamin C, and salt water.

Worst foods: Coffee, milk, fried foods, Spicy and sour foods, meat and fat.

9. Fever


The extreme change of weather or climate can be the cause of fever. When you catch a cold or fever, you need more than a rest and medicines. You need to regain your health by consuming foods as follow.

Best Foods : Chicken soup, warm water, banana, ginger, citrus.

Worst Foods: alcohol, coffee, fried foods, fruit juice.

10. Allergy


Do you have some kind of allergy in your body? If the answer is yes, then you need to consuming the following food to reduce the possibility allergy:

Best Foods : Fish, apple, red grape and warm water.

Worst Foods : celery, spicy foods and alcohol.

All of those foods suggestion is still more to come so do not forget to check our daily posted everyday, keep healthy everyone!

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