21 World’s Most Popular Drinks

If we are talking about food, we can’t separate it with drink. Not only delicious, drinks also have an important role to decide the menu quality. A delicious food will be perfect with fresh drink. Drinks can be a good appetizer and fade away your hunger temporary. I will serve the lists of the most popular drink around the world. Some of them are known as the worldwide drink while some of it are the nations signature drink. Let’s see how thirsty you are.

1. Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is a signature drink from Taiwan. It’s a combination between milk and tea served in a glass. The special ingredient is the “black bubbles” made from tapioca flour. You can get this drink in every hawker street in Taiwan. Bubble Tea is now available in many countries.

2. Raki


Raki is the name of Turkish wine made from grape or figs. Raki turned into white colored drink like milk if it’s diluted with water. This drink is popular served with cheese, melon, kebab and seafood.

3. Milk


Healthy, high amount of nutrition and makes you full. That is the definition of milk. Milk can be served into many kinds of variation such as cakes and ice cream. Cow’s milk has been already drinked for centuries ago, but for now, we are introduced with buffalo’s milk, goat’s milk, and the latest is soya bean milk. All of those variations are healthy to be consumed.

4. Eggnog


Eggnog is a sweet drink made from milk and egg shake. This drink is originally from England. The taste of eggnog is like a smooth combination of milk and egg custard. Eggnog is best served hot. Eggnog is identical with Christmas Eve celebration.

5. Fresh Coconut Drink

Coconut Water

Actually we don’t need a special way to drink this. Fresh coconut water is very popular in every tropical country. In Indonesia, fresh coconut water is served with sweet syrup and sliced coconut. This drink is suitable for your post exercises due to its high amount of electrolyte to regain your body fluid and prevent dehydration.

6. Lemonade


This drink is made from water, lemon juice and sugar. Although it doesn’t like a fancy drink, lemonade is one of the most popular commodities during summer. According to the ancient record, the first lemonade is made by Egyptians about 1.500 years ago. This drink is already known by the people around the world.

7. Sake


Sake is an alcoholic drink from Japan. The taste of sake is little a bit stronger than wine but it’s weaker than vodka. Sake usually served hot and it has a dry sensation. Just like wine or other alcoholic drinks, Sake also has many variations of taste quality.

8. Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is known to have the same strength like coffee, chocolate euphoria and the benefit of tea. This drink is made from yerba leaves generally found in South American tropical rainforest. Yerba mate is consumed by the most Paraguayan, Argentinian, Brazilian and Uruguayan citizens.

9. Caipirinha


This cocktail is originated from Brazil. Caipirinha is made from a distilled sugar cane called Cachacaca, sugar, ice cube, and lime. Since caipirinha is already popular, there are many variations invented for this drink. Fruits like coconut, passionfruit and strawberry are the common fruits additions for Caipirinha.

10. Pastis


Pastis is served cold with the difference ratio of five to one. Pastis is a signature drink from France. Although is not so strong like other kinds of wines, many people thought this drink has an elegant and beautiful appearances.

11. Sangria


Sangria is a Spanish carbonated drink mixed with wine. It has sweet and sour taste. Not only that, this drink also served in every formal banquet.

12. Hot chocolate and Marshmallow

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow

This drink is rich in taste. Hot chocolate and marshmallow is probably the best drink ever. You can drink whenever you want. The addition of marshmallow makes this drink looks fancy and appealing for everyone who sees it.

13. Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic

This liquor’s taste is a little bit strong and unique.  Gin and Tonic is pretty popular in the international society especially in Great Britain. Some said that this drink can prevent malaria, what a delicious way to prevent a disease.

14. Sujeonggwa


Sujeonggwa is the Korean traditional drink made from dried persimmons mixed with sugar, honey, cinnamons and ginger. Sujeonggwa usually served at Seollal celebration.

15. Mojito


Mojito is an alcoholic drink from Cuba. The ingredients of mojito consist of mint, soda, lemonade, white rum and sugar. The combination of sweet and fresh taste means to cover the rum. Mojito is a popular drink in the Summer.

16. Red Wine

Red Wine

The taste of this drink is considered as the nectar of Gods. Red wine is required in every fancy dinner especially for European restaurants. This drink has many variation, quality and price.

17. Orange Juice

Orange Juice

In 1915, this healthy, fresh and acidic drink are produced and distributed in the United States for the first time. Orange juice usually served with the additions of apple, pineapple, tomato or watermelon.

18. Air Mata Kucing

Air Mata Kucing

Malaysia has discovered the effective formula to make a tropical fruits delicious drink. Air mata kuciing or Longan drink is made from longan juice, sugar cube, and also dried longans. You can find this drink in every corner of the street with affordable price.

19. Tea


This is the universal drink and it’s already served in many countries with a wide selection of taste and ingredients. There are unique tae flavor that recently found in Tibet, that is butter tea.

20. Coffee


Coffee is not only delicious to drink but also it contains caffeine which can energize your body. There are many variations and taste in many countries. The most popular coffee beans are Robusta and Arabica. While the strongest taste of coffee is Espresso. According to the coffee history, coffee is discovered in Ethiopia for the first time. Coffee has been known as the popular drinks around the world.

21. Mineral water



And the last drink is the most healthy, cheap and you can find it anywhere. Yes, it’s mineral water. Although it doesn’t have certain taste, mineral water is the most popular drink around the world. Mineral water doesn’t have harmless impact for our body.

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