30 Kinds of High Fibers Foods You Can Try

Fibers are really important to get an optimum health. The benefit of fibers for our health are preventing constipation, colon cancer, stabilize the glucose and keeping the cholesterol rate. Fibers are abundant in health benefits for us. Therefore, it’s really important to have sufficient of fibers in our daily routine. Fibers that we are going to discuss through this article are food fibers. Food fibers is the part of consumed plants consist of carbohydrates which have anti resistant properties with digestion process and absorption inside human intestines. The main responsibility of fibers is to help the digestion system to be smoother. Consuming less fiber will affect the flow of our digestion system. Although fibers don’t have the amount of nutrition, but it’s still give you the health benefits. Fibers can be divided into two kinds. The first is insoluble fibers. This kind of fibers can cleanse up the gastro duodenal so it will smothering the digestion system. Insoluble fibers can be obtained from many kinds of foods such as whole grain, green vegetables, and fruits like kiwi, tomato, and avocado. The next fiber is soluble fibers. Consuming soluble fibers will form gel in reaction of blending combination of water and soluble fibers. Soluble fibers can be obtained from green vegetables, almond, oat, broccoli, carrot, berries, banana, apple, and pear. Alright, in this article, I will give you the list of high fiber foods and here they are.

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal High Fiber Food

Oatmeal contains beta glucan, a special type of fiber which can help you to reduce the effect of cholesterol. This type of fiber can also increase the immune system. Oatmeal is a good combination of both fibers. Soluble fibers can reduce the cholesterol inside your blood while the insoluble fibers can help you to keep a smooth digestion system.

2. Papaya

Papaya - High Fibers Food

Consuming papaya can smothering the process of metabolism secretion and avoids you from constipation. The papain enzyme can dissolve the protein inside foods so it will form amino acid properties to removing the digestion system secretion.

3. Berries

Berries - High Fibers Food

Fruits are the best source of fibers. According to the nutritionist, raspberry, blackberry and elderberry is the best sources of food fiber with their 8 to 10 gram of fibers in a cup of fibers.

4. Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables - Rich Fiber Foods

Green vegetables contain a lot of irons, beta carotene and fibers. According to the nutritionist, green vegetables like spinach, green turnip and green bit are the best source of fibers. You can get 4 to 5 gram of fibers in a cup of green vegetables.

5. Corn

Corn - Rich Fiber Food

Corn contains a lot of antioxidants. A half cup of corn contain 2 gram of fibers. Popcorn (without salt or seasonings) is also the source of food fibers with 3, 5 gram of fiber per three cups of serving.

6. Avocado

Avocado - High Fibers Food

Green avocado is useful for prevent anemia, beauty therapy and helps the process of hemoglobin regenerations. You can get 2,2 gram of fibers in 100 gram of avocado so it can help you to get a smooth digestion system and prevent constipation.

7. Edamame

Edamame - High in Fiber Food

Edamame is a green and big bean. A half cup of edamame contains 11 gram of protein and 9 gram of fibers. It depends on the kind of edamame product that you get from the store.

8. Red Rice

Red Rice - High Fiber Food

This rice is enriched with vitamins especially for vitamin B and E. Red rice is good for maintain the health and curing many kinds of diseases. Red rice also enriched with mineral contains. Red rice also contains useful substances like fenolat which is the strongest antioxidant. Red rice contains high fibers so it can prevent constipations.

9. Pear

Pear - High Fiber Food

Just like the most fruits, pear is the most nutritious and rich in fibers. You will get 5, 5 gram of fibers inside a whole pear. So, to get the full benefits of pear, you need to eat it as a whole fruit.

10. Broccoli

Broccoli - High Fiber Food

We already know that broccoli is very good for our health. Broccoli can prevent the growth of cancer and contains a lot of fibers. You will get 5,1 gram of fibers in a cup of boiled broccoli.

11. Apple

Apple - High Fiber Food

Just like a pear, an apple must be consumed along with the skin. For your information, apple’s skin has the highest nutrients. An average apple contains about 4,4 gram of fibers.

12. Guava

Guava - High Fiber Food

Guava is a suitable fruit for healing therapy of diabetes mellitus because it’s low in glucose and calories. Guava can also be used to cure infection, reduce the cholesterol, antioxidant and anti cancer, healing ulcer, prevent constipation, cleanse up the bloodstream and smothering digestion system. Red Guava has the highest of fibers with 7,3 gram of fibers in 100 gram of it.

13. Tomato

Tomatoes - Rich Fiber Food

Tomato is categorized as the high fiber fruits with their 4,2 gram of fiber in 100 gram of tomato. This fruit is known to have lycopen which can prevent the prostate cancer. Therefore, tomato is recommended to consumed on their daily basis especially for males in order to avoid from the risk of getting prostate cancer.

14. Pineapple

Pineapple - High Fiber Food

The amound of phyto chemical substances inside a pineapple are vitamin A, C, mangan, calcium, magnesium, and pectin. A pineapple is also contained with 1 gram of fiber in 100 gram of pineapple. Pectin inside a pineapple used to smothering the feces secretion from our intestine, relieving the heat inside our lungs and cough reliever. Pineapple can also prevent you from the danger of anemia.

15. Mango

Mango - High Fiber Food

You can get 1,6 gram of fiber in 100 gram of mango. Mango are also contains with vitamin A, pectin and fructose. The amount of nutrition inside a mango can also strengthen your body structure, boosting your immune system, prevent dehydration and prevent constipation. Mango can also used as beauty therapy and rich in anti cancer substances.

16. Beans

Beans - High Fiber Food

Beans can be cooked in any kinds of your dishes. Beans are the delicious, multifunction and cheap source of fibers. You can get 16,3 gram of fibers in a cup of beans while the frozen ones can give you 8,8 gram of fibers when it’s already cooked.

17. Almond

Almond - High Fibers Food

Almond and almost every kind of nuts are the best source of fibers. They are also packed in unsaturated fat and protein. The amount of calories inside almonds is quite high so you need to control its consumption.

18. White Nut

White Nut

White nut is enriched with protein and iron. White nut is also the source of fiber. White nut is also abundant with calium. A cup of white nut will help you to fulfill the 25% of your daily needs of nutrition. White nut is also known as the best food to prevent hypertension.

19. Black Bean

Black Bean

Black bean contain 15 gram of fiber and 15 gram of protein on each cup. Black beans are also high in flavonoid. Flavonoid is one of the strongest antioxidant. Be sure to add more mineral water when adding black beans into your daily food because the fiber inside black beans is categorized as the insoluble water.

20. Wheat Bread and Pasta

Wheat Bread and Pasta

We already heard that wheat is also the abundant source of fiber. Wheat can be processed into delicious bread and putting it in your daily basis can be the best solution to fulfill the daily needs of fiber. If you are bored with wheat bread, you can change it into pasta, easy isn’t it?

21. Pumpkin


Pumpkin is a giant fruit with their orange skin. Pumpkin is usually used for the decoration of Halloween but let me tell you this, pumpkin can be your alternative to get the amount of fiber needed for your body. The taste of pumpkin is creamy and delicious. Pumpkin is suitable to be served along with protein and vegetable. You can get 7 gram of fiber on each cup of pumpkin.

22. Potato


This round and brown vegetable is known as the alternative source of carbohydrate. But, most of people haven’t realized that potato is also abundant in fiber. Potato can be grilled or baked to get the maximum amount of fiber. You can get 4 gram of fiber on each potato.

23. Mushroom


Mushroom is also one of the food ingredient rich in fiber. Mushroom is also easy to cook. You can add mushroom in any kind of your dish and before you cook it, make sure that the mushroom is edible and it’s not categorized as poisonous mushroom.

24. Artichoke


Among the other vegetables, artichoke has the highest amount of fiber. Although the artichoke is a little bit creepy in visual but this vegetable is easy to cooked. You can get around 10, 3 gram of fiber on each serving.

25. Celery


Celery is useful to slowing the aging process, reducing the blood pressure, neutralize the body acid, stabilize the glucose rate and anti-cancer. Celery is also contained with vitamin and mineral such as provitamin A, vitamin C and calium. Celery also has the amount of fiber around 1,5 gram per 100 gram of serving.

26. Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper

The amount of fiber inside bell pepper is also high. Bell pepper is not only contained with fiber but also vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium. All of this healthy content can help you to repair the damages inside your body system, strengthening the immune system and relieving the infection inside your digestion system. You can get around 1,3 gram of fiber per 100 gram of serving.

27. Lettuce


Lettuce can be useful for repairing the damages inside your inner organs, smoothing the metabolism system, protecting the nutrition inside your hair and curing insomnia. This vegetable is containing with carotenoid, calium and calcium. Lettuce is also the source of fiber. You can get around 0,6 gram of fiber per 100 gram of serving.

28. Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon contains the amount of keratin, amino acid, vitamin c and calcium. This bitter fruit can be used to relieving stroke, diabetes mellitus, lever, ulcer pulp and prevent the constipation. Bitter Melon is also the source of fiber. You can get 0,8 gram of fiber per 100 gram per serving.

29. Cabbage


The next high fiber food is cabbage. This vegetable is contained with vitamin C, E, B1, B2, calcium, yodium and phosphor.  Cabbage is also the source of fiber. You can get around 0,9 gram of fiber per 100 gram per serving.

30. Carrot


This vegetable is the favorite snack of Bugs Bunny. Carrot is contained with vitamin A,B and C. The useful content inside carrot can help you to lower the risk of cancer, maintain the eye healthiness, smoothing your digestion system, prevent constipation and protecting your lever. The amount of fiber inside carrots is also high. You can get around 4 gram of fiber per 100 gram of serving.








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