17 Amazing Species Of Penguin That You Didn’t Know It Before

I believe that most of us are already familiar with this bird species. Yes, penguin is also one of the most popular bird species in the world. There are 17 to 19 penguin species in the world. Although most of the penguins are located in the extremely cold weather but there are three species of penguins which are living in the tropical areas. Most of the penguin species are hunting for krill, squids and the other sea creatures. Penguins are not affected by saline water of the sea because they can filter it with their supraorbital gland inside their body used to filtering the excessive salt inside their blood stream. The body of penguins is generally big to maintain their body heat in the extreme cold temperature. The penguins that are living in tropical areas are generally smaller than the other species. So, do you want to know all of these cute bird species? Alright, here are the lists of penguin species presented just for you.

1. Adelie Penguin


The first penguin species on the list is Adelie penguin. Adelie penguin or Psygoscelis adeliae can be located in the Arctic, South Shetlands, South Orkneys, Bouvet, Balleny and Peter Island. The height of this penguin is about 70 cm. There are approximately 2,5 million of this species around those previous population at this time.

2. African Penguin


The second species of penguin on the list is the African penguin. African penguin or Spheniscus demersus can be located in Namibia and South Africa. The height of this penguin is measured in 68 cm. There are 70.000 of this penguin in both of the  location.

3. Chinstrap Penguin


The third penguin on the list is the Chinstrap penguin. The height of Chinstrap penguin or Pysgocelis antarctica are measured in 74 cm. The populations of this species are located in the South Sandwich Archipelago, South Orkneys, South Shetlands, South Georgia, Bouvet, Balleny and Peter Island. The number of this species in the wildlife is approximately 7.5 millions penguins.

4. Emperor Penguin


The fourth penguin on the list is the Emperor Penguin. Emperor Penguin or Aptenodytes forsteri has body measured in 120 cm in height. This species can only be located in the Arctic. According from a recent census, the number of this penguin in the wildlife around 220.000 penguins.

5. Erect-crested Penguin


Erect-crested penguin or Eudyptes sclateri can be located in the Antipodes, Bounty, Auckland, and Campbell Archipelago. The body height is around 67 cm. Nowadays, these penguin’s population are approximately 170.000 species.

6. Fiordland Penguin


Fiordland Penguin or Eudyptes pachyrhynchus is the endemic fauna in New Zealand. The physical body of this species is 55 cm in height and 4 kg in weight. The number of this penguin is around 3.000 species in the world.

7. Galapagos Penguin


The sevent penguin on the list is the Galapagos Penguin. The height of this penguin is only 49 cm. They are also the endemic fauna of Galapagos Archipelago. The population if this penguin is around 1.000 species in the wildlife.

8. Gentoo Penguin

Gentoo Penguin

Gentoo Penguin or Pygoscelis papua is the eight species on the list. Their habitat is located in the Arctic Peninsula and Subarctic Archipelago. The height of Gentoo Penguin is around 80 cm and there are 320.000 species in the wildlife.

9. Humboldt Penguin

Humboldt Penguin

Humboldt Penguin or Spheniscus humboldti can be located in the north part of Chile and Peru. The height of this penguin is around 70 cm and Humboldt penguin are approximately 12.000 species in the wildlife.

10. King Penguin

King Penguin

The next penguin species on the list is the King penguin. Unlike the Emperor Penguin on the previous discussion, this species is not related although they are shared the similar name meaning. With their body height around 90 cm, this cute bird is quite big. The natural habitat of the King penguin can be located in Marion Archipelago, Prince Edward, Crozet, Kerguelen, Heard, Macquerie, South Georgia and Falkland.

11. Little Blue Penguin

little blue

The eleventh penguin on the list is little blue penguin. Their body measure is about 43 cm and their natural habitat is located in the Australia and New Zealand. The population of Little Blue Penguin or Eudyptula minor is around 500. 000 species in the wildlife.

12. Macaroni Penguin

Macaroni Penguin

No no no, this is not a name of food. It’s the real name of the next species on the list. Macaroni penguin or Eudyptes chrysolophus can be located in the South Georgia, South Sandwichm South Orkneys, Shetlands, Bouvet, Prince Edward, Marion, Kerguelen, Heard, Argentine, Chile and the Arctic Peninsula. This cute little bird’s population is around 9 millions species.

13. Magellanic Penguin


The next amazing species is Magellanic penguin. Magellanic penguin or Spheniscus magellanicus can be located in Chile, Argentine and Falkland Archipelago. Their body measure is about 70 cm. The current population about this cute fish eater is about 1.8 million species in the wildlife.

14. Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhopper Penguin

The Rockhopper Penguin species are divided into three subspecies based on their natural habitat such as Southern, Eastern and Northern Rockhopper. Their body height is around 52 cm and their population are dispersed in the Falkland Archipelago, Chile, Argentine, Marion, Prince Edward, Tristan de Cunha, Gough and Amsterdam Archipelago. Their number of population is around 800.000 species in the wildlife.

15. Royal Penguin


The Royal Penguin or Eudyptes schlegeli is the next amazing species. Their body height is measured around 70cm. Their natural habitat is dispersed among Australia and Arctic area. This species are known to migrating during the mating season. Their population is around 850.000 species in the wildlife.

16. Snares Penguin


The snares penguin or Eudyptes robustus is the next penguin species on the list. The height of this amazing bird is around 50 cm and their weight is around 3 kg. The natural habitat of snares penguin can be located in the Snares Archipelago and New Zealand. Their population is around 30. 000 species in the world. The natural predators of this birds are sharks, seahawk and the other predators.

17. Yellow Eyed Penguin


The last remarkable species of penguin on the list is yellow eyed penguin. Yellow eyed penguin or Megadyptes antipodes. The height of this unique penguin is around 55 cm. They can be located in New Zealand with the total population around 1.500 species. So,do you want to seem them running on the sea? Go ahead.


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