16 Secret Facts About Owl That You Wish To Know

Most of the Harry Potter fans are recognized this bird as the symbol of wisdom and intelligence. Owl is one of the most fearsome and efficient predator birds in the world. They are known as nocturnal creatures and their voice can be heard behind the dense forest. Some of the people are thought that this bird is the manifestation of ghosts. Unfortunately, only a few of us who want to study the uniqueness of this elegant predator. Some of the facts are already known but there are more amazing facts about owl that need to be revealed even for the owl lovers itself. The presence of owl is no longer considered as a creepy myth. Nowadays, this bird has been raised and collected by their fans. Calm in nature and chubby face are the reason why raising owl is popular around the world. Before you start choosing the suitable owl for you, you need to know the amazing facts about this bird. So here are the hidden facts about owl that you might didn’t know it before.

1. Lot of Species

Lot of Species

There are more than 150 species of owl in the world. Some of the calculation are showing that there are more than 220 species of owl depends on where are the owls are classified. However, there are only 19 species of them are located in the North America. So, do you want to raise them all?

2. All Terrain Bird

All Terrain Bird

The second interesting fact about owl is, they can be located in every kind of different habitat in the world. Owls are also known as the adaptable bird since they are also located in all continents except the Arctic. I bet that their fur is not thick enough to survive in the Arctic.

3. Good Physical Body

Good Physical Body

The third amazing fact about owl is coming from their physical appearance. All of these birds have upright body posture and their eyes are facing in front. Their eyes are allowing them to have a binocular vision to look out their prey.

4. Stunning Hearing Sense

Stunning Hearing Sense

The fourth amazing fact about owl is, they have extraordinary sense of hearing. Most of the owl species are equipped with asymmetrical ears which are different from the aspect of size and height toward their head. This unique configuration is allowing them to have a super hearing sense and they are also having the ability to locating their prey’s position. This unique feature is also effective even the owls can’t see their prey.

5. Shape of Face

Shape of Face

The shape of owl’s face is flat and round. This unique shape is allowing them to transmitting any kind of sounds into their ears and increases it for ten times. This unique feature is also allowing them to hear undetected sounds even by the human being. Amazing isn’t it?

6. Extraordinary Eyes

Extraordinary Eyes

The owl’s eyes are supported with spiny eye socket and they can’t blink their eyes. However, they can also rotating their head until 270 degree. So, although they can blink their but they can still in full awareness to detecting their prey and danger.

7. Pest Controller

Pest Controller

Owl is also popular as a natural pest controller in the world. A barn owl is the perfect example of a natural pest exterminator. They can eat 1.000 of mouse every year. With their amazing appetite, many farmers are trying to raise this species to help them controlling the mouse population on the field. I hope that the owls want to cooperate and they are not boring with the same diet.

8. Efficient Carnivore

Efficient Carnivore

Owl is one of the carnivore birds. They will hunt for mouse, small birds, nocturnal insect, fish and the other tiny mammals. After digesting their food, they will vomit a hard pellet that consisting of bones, fur, teeth and the other undigested materials. The ornithologists are using this hard pellet to further study about the food of owls.

9. Unique Legs

Unique Legs

Owl has zygodactyls legs with two front claws and back claws. This unique configuration is allowing them to have a strong grip so they can be an extraordinary hunter in the air.

10. Special Feather

Special Feather

This bird also has special feathers used to suppress the sounds when they are flying. Wide wings and lightweight body are also makes them as a silent assassin so they can catch their prey more efficient and easily.

11. The Female Nature

The Female Nature

In most of the owl species, the female are most likely larger than the males. The females are also known as heavier and more aggressive. The color of the female is also brighter and richer than the males.

12. Unique Sound

Unique Sound

Not all of the owls are having the same voice. They are capable in making many kind of voices such as squealing, barking, hissing and shrilling. They will produce more voices during the mating season and their voice can be heard until few kilometers.

13. Not So Nocturnal

Not So Nocturnal

Most of the owl species are nocturnal. This fact is undeniable. However, not all of the owl species are nocturnal. Depending on the light intensity, food availability, and natural habitat, owls are also visible during the day looking for their prey.

14. Anti Migration

Anti Migration

Unlike the other bird, owls are not migrating and they are known to live nomadic especially in term of looking for the best source of food. Some of the owl species like snow owl have a periodic feeding time.

15. Ancient Bird

Ancient Bird

The oldest fossil of owl is aged around 58 million years ago and the biggest owl, Orinmegalonyx oteroi has measured in three meter in height.   Well, this bird is surely older than us right?

16. Symbol of Ancient Cultures

Symbol of Ancient Cultures

This bird has been used as the symbol of ancient cultures since the long time ago. The ancient historical related with owl are found in the cave drawing in France, in the hieroglyph of Egypt and also the ancient Mayan tribes. Most of these ancient cultures are putting these birds on the highest place above the human and consider them as the manifestation of God. However, there are also believes that owl is related with misfortune, death and bad luck in many cultures.


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