15 Unusual Benefits of Eggs That You Didn’t Know it Before

There are quite a few unusual uses for eggs that you might not be aware of. Different parts of the popular breakfast food can be used in a wide variety of ways. In other words, the incredible, edible egg isn’t just edible! When it comes to these unusual uses for eggs, I recommend purchasing pastured-raised eggs—the hens that produce them are treated more humanely than those that produce standard supermarket eggs.

1. Face Mask

face maskWhen it comes to unusual uses for eggs, this is probably one of the best ways to use the nutrient-packed kitchen staples. The old “egg on your face” idiom might have a negative connotation, but smearing egg on your skin can actually be a good thing! Just separate the egg white from the egg yolk over a small bowl and beat the egg whites with a fork until they start to get frothy. You can then use your fingers to apply the egg whites all over your face. Be very careful to avoid your eyes and mouth. Leave the mask on for 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing it off. This is the perfect skin treatment for those suffering from oily or acne-prone skin, and it will leave your face feeling firm and smooth.

2. Glue


Egg whites are a great substitute to glue. If you run out of regular glue, whisk egg whites and brush a thin layer between paper or light cardboard. Egg whites are pretty sticky as they dry, and can easily double as an elmers-subsitute when gluing paper or light cardboard. You can also use egg white instead of glue in your papier-mâché project by mixing with flour, water, sugar, and some alum.

3. Clean Leather

leather bag

Egg white is viscous and sticky and is thus able to get rid of dirt from leather. After application and a light scrub, the egg white will leave leather looking shiny and clean with the added benefit of environmental protection.

4. Repel Pest


Scatter crushed eggshells on the leaves and surrounding areas of plants and small pests will avoid the area. Both snails and slugs, which are known to eat leaves, are harmed by crushed shells and will avoid your garden as soon as they realize they will be hurt.

5. Bring Out Jewellery Design


The sulfur in eggs oxidizes commercially sold silver jewelry with sterling .925 or lower. Boil one or two eggs. Hard boil one or two eggs and crumble the egg yolk at the bottom of a plastic container. Place a few paper towels over the egg yolk and then place the jewelry on top of the paper towels. Seal the container and store for a few days. When finished, sure the jewelry will smell, but it’s nothing soap and water can’t fix.

6. Improve the Taste of Coffe


Egg shells can cut the bitter taste of coffee. Simply add crushed egg shells to ground coffee before brewing.

7. Make Sidewalk Chalk


Crush four to five eggshells until they’re powdery. Mix one teaspoon of the powder with one teaspoon of flour and one teaspoon of hot water. Mix until evenly combined and then shape into a piece of chalk, rolling wax paper around the finished shape. Allow to dry for about five days before using.

8. Art and Craft


Prick a hole with a pin in one end of the egg and let the egg white and yolk slowly drain out. You are essentially left with an empty egg. Decorate the eggshell to your liking and admire your creative ornament! This is also a creative arts and crafts experience for kids, as it is both challenging to keep the eggshell in one piece and fun to do.

9. Cat Deterrent


Wherever you want to prevent your cat from going, spread crushed eggshells around that area. After a few tries, the cat will stay away from the area, as the shells will bother its feet.

10. Plant Fertilizer


Eggshells contain a high amount of calcium, which plants love. Let your hard-boiled-egg water cool, and use it to water your plants. They’ll thank you for it – especially your solanaceous garden plants (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, etc.).

11. Edible Food Paint

food paint

Paint food with the help of egg yolks. Mix each egg yolk with about one tablespoon of water and add food coloring of your choice. Paint cakes, cookies, or whatever food you’d like to add color and a touch of decadence.

12. Hangover Cure


Eggs can apparently cure a hangover. Just mix up a raw egg in a blender and drink it. The egg can settle your stomach and have you feeling better in no time. Make sure you use a fresh egg, as old eggs might make you feel unwell.

13. Shampoo


Eggs are packed with protein and thus a welcome treatment for hair. Whisk an egg and then run it through your hair with your fingers and massage it into your scalp. One egg yolk probably won’t be enough to coat all of your hair, so try mixing it with another all-natural ingredient. You can throw it in your blender with half an avocado, or you can whisk it with two tablespoons of olive oil diluted with a half a cup of water. Leave your egg yolk hair treatment on for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing and shampooing as usual. If you suffer from dandruff, be sure to apply the mixture to your scalp—the sulfur in the egg yolk fights dandruff symptoms.

14. First Aid


If you get a small cut and don’t have a band-aid you can use a bit of egg white. Apply egg white to the cut and as it dries it will create a thin film that will protect the cut and help it to heal.

15. Remove Tea Stain

tea stain

If you have a teapot, cup or thermos that is stained with tea, put crushed eggshell into and let it sit overnight. Then add a little water to it and swish it around before pouring the mixture out. Rinse the teapot, cup or thermos well and you will notice that the tea stains have gone. Now you know about the other usage of egg right?

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