15 Fashion Hacks To Make You Looks Taller Than It Should Be

Always looks stunning and gorgeous in front of the people is one of the women’s dreams. With these looks, the women will be more confidence to interact with the others. The definition of a beauty for some women is a perfect body posture like a world class supermodel. Well, you may agree with them or you may not because the definition of beauty itself is depend in how you want to be looked as a woman. You don’t have to trying so hard to get the body of supermodel because they are not perfect too. Having a tall and slim body is definitely a clear purpose for some women. So, what if the women are born with average height and above the weight? Don’t worry because you can still looks so gorgeous by choosing the right clothes and accessories to enhance your beauty and expose your charming side. Here are the tricks in how you can looks taller by the suitable fashion and clothes. So, are you ready to read it?

1. The Right Clothes


The first trick that you can do is, try to wear the right clothes to enhance your looks. You can wear a straight model clothes like cut bray pants, one colored long dress, match shirt and pants. These straight looking clothes will give you a long feet impression. You can also wear high waist clothe to enhance your “tall-looking”.

2. Motives Clothes


The second trick on the list is, you can choose to wear clothes with a vertical motive. It will help you to cover up your actual height and make you looks taller. If you like to wear plain colored clothes, you can wear unbuttoned cardigan. The unbuttoned cardigan will make an illusion so your body will looks taller. Hmm, I think it’s worth to try isn’t it?

3. Simple Accessories


Wearing simple accessories is the third simple tricks to make you looks taller. You can use simple accessories but avoid being over wearing it. Using wide strap watch will definitely make you look short and shrunk your hands.

4. Neutral Colored Shoes


The fourth simple trick on the list is, you can wear a neutral colored shoe. You can choose neutral color like brown or beige. These neutral colored shoes will make you looks taller. It doesn’t matter if you wear flat shoes, high heels or wedges as long as the color is still neutral. Avoid to wear a warrior shoes (the one with the laces around your feet) since it will make your feet is smaller.

5. Hair Style

hair style

Having a long and straight hair is definitely one of the women dreams. However, if you have an average height, you better forget it. Having a long hair will make you look even shorter. Try to have a short hair style so your neck will look longer.

6. Mini Skirt

mini skirt

If you want to looks a little bit sexier, you can try to wear mini skirt. By wearing the mini skirt, your legs will looks taller. You can also wear an up skirt with any kind of models. For the final touch, combine it with a high heel shoe.

7. Big Belt


Wearing big belt is big common mistake for an average woman. Wearing big belt and jacket with incorrect proportion will “cut” your waist. So, from now on, never wear a big belt above your skirt since it will cut your body into two pieces and make you looks shorter.

8. Waist Area


The next simple trick to looks taller is, avoid wearing a skirt with a lot of details around your waist. Although it seems pretty and unique but wearing this skirt will give you a short impression toward your body. Wearing a plain colored skirt will save you from a short looks.

9. Monochromatic Clothes


Wearing monochromatic clothes will also make you looks taller and slimmer. The most important thing is, don’t be afraid to have a little experiment in mix matching the color of your clothes. Happy trying girls!

10. Suitable Size


The next simple trick that you can do is, try to find the suitable size of your clothes. If you have an extra weight, the best way to hide it is to wear suitable size in your cloth. Please be remember that larger cloth will not hiding your actual size. A larger cloth will cover your body shape. You can also avoid wearing a tight cloth since it will make you hard to breath and also uncomfortable to see.

11. High Heels


Wearing high heels is the next simple trick to make you looks taller. Wearing these shoes will give an instant taller looks. You can combine the stiletto with a straight long pant. This is the ultimate combination of fashion that is definitely worth to try and it will give you a taller looks.

12. V-Neck

v neck

Wearing v-neck clothes will also give you a taller looks. I believe that there are many kind of v-neck clothes available to choose at the department stores or boutiques nearby in your town. Don’t forget to choose the right size with your body, not too big and not too small.

13. High Waist Clothes

waist area

For the next simple tip, you can try to wear a high waist pant or skirt. You can also insert your cloth into your pant so your legs will looks longer. You can also try to wear crop jacket or bolero since it will give you a good example of a taller body impression.

14. Same Color

same color

Wearing a matching color clothes will also make you looks taller. The other person will find a difficult time to know your actual height and legs. Try to combine a brown clothes with a brown skirt or you can also try the other matching colors such as black.

15. Tight and Loose


If you want to looks taller, you need to know the right time to wear tight or loose clothes. If you want to wear a dress, you can choose wearing an A model with a loose material to distract your body shape. If you want to wear a tight clothe, you can wear a long sleeve clothes. For short pants, combine it with a loose skirt or long sleeve.

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