15 Exotic Fruits You Probably Didn’t Know

Strawberry, melon, grape and apple are the name of fruit that cross into your mind. All of these fruits are available everywhere. The rapid expansion of global trade in fruits has added a great variety to the existing choices. Although there are many kinds of daily fruits, there are many more fruits that you’ve never heard before.

1. Ackee

Ackee Fruit


Ackee is an example of weird fruits. Ackee is a fruit from a Blighiasapida tree that belongs to the family of lychees and longans. This green fruits turn red as they ripe, and split open. Ackee is consumed widely in Jamaica.

2. Akebia


The shape, color, and size of this fruit may vary with different species. Akebia is a native fruit from Japan and Korea. It produces chocolate-scented flowers. When ripe, the fruit splits open, revealing the translucent pulp. The taste is like a combination of banana, passion fruit and coconut water.

3. Wood Apple

Wood Apple Weird Fruit

Wood apple or bael is a native fruit from India. The shape is like a pomelo with a hard yellowfish-green shell. In order to scoop out the pulp, first you must crack open the shell. Bael can be useful for curing diarrhea, ulcer, constipation and other digestion problems.

4. Cloudberries


Cloudberries or Rubuschamaemorusis a native fruit from Arctic and subarctic regions. It’s closely related to strawberries and raspberries. This golden yellow fruits are soft and juicy. Cloudberries are handpicked from the mountains. Unfortunately the plant is not commercially cultivated. That’s why this fruit is really expensive.

5. Cupuacu

Cupuacu Fruit

Coming from South America, cupuacu is a hard brown-coloured fruit that weighs two or four pounds. It has a fragrant white pulp. Cupuacu has already commercially cultivated and the fruits are are materiap for making food products and body lotion.

6. Feijoa

Feijoa Fruit

It has a combination flavor between pineapple and guava, known as guavasteen. The sweet flesh may have tart flavor. Ripe fruits are delicate and easily get bruised as they fall to the ground.

7. Grumichama


This is a purplish black fruits coming from Brazil. The taste is like cherries. It has a diameter of around an inch. The sweet and juicy pulp is reddish-white with 1-3 seeds in the center. It can be consumed or used for making jellies, pies, and jams.

8. Inga Beans

Inga Beans

Their native habitat is in the Central and South America. Inga bean has vanilla ice cream flavor. It has a white cottony pulp that tastes and edible. The pulp can be consumed after removing the seeds.

9. Jabuticaba

Jabuticaba Fruit

Pliniacaulifora or jabuticaba produces small grape-like fruits on its trunk. It has a diameter in 3-4 centimetres. This fruit is rich with vitamin C and also contains several antioxidants and anti-inflamatory compounds.

10. Miracle Fruit

Miracle Fruit

It’s a red berries that shapes ellipsoid. This fruit has s glycoprotein called miraculin that coats the taste buds once the fruit is consumed. It has 30-60 minutes of sweetness after consumption. They are also available as freeze-dried granules and tablets.

11. Nypa

Nypa Fruit

This fruit grows along the coastlines of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The nypa palm tree produces nypa. It consist of woody nuts in globular shape, contains a sweet jelly inside. The jelly is pale-white, soft and juicy. The whole fruit has the size of a soccer ball, around 6-8 inches diameter.

12. Pepino Dulce

Pepino Dulce

Pepino dulce is closely related to tomatoes and eggplants. It has a similar taste with honeydew melon, cucumber and cantaloupe. Pepino dulce can be consumed fresh.

13. Physalis Fruit

Physalis Fruit

The fruit is golden yellow in color. It has unique feature from its lantern-shaped papery covering. Physalis fruits are eaten fresh, you can eat this as pies and fruit salad. It has resemblance flavor with strawberry and pineapple.

14. Quince

Quince Fruit

This fruit is related to apples and pears. Quince is a fruit produced by a small tree named Cydoniaoblonga. Unfortunately, this fruit can’t be eaten fresh. It has to be cooked first before consumed.

15. Rose Apple

Rose Apple

This fruit are not related to apples nor roses. Rose apple has a thin, waxy skin and a watery flesh. It can be used for salad or pickles. Fresh, crunchy and slightly sweet are the characteristics of rose apple.

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