14 Secret Usages of Used Newspaper that You Don’t Need To Know

Most of us and probably you might wonder what is the usage of our stacked newspapers? There is no more suitable answer, thrash can is the best place for our used newspaper. You can also sold it to the garbage man nearby. However, used newspaper is not recommended to be thrown away since it’s also categorized as dangerous waste. So, don’t throw it away yet, your used newspaper can be utilized as it has secret usages. Do you want to know the secret usages of your used newspaper? Well, don’t go anywhere because I will give you the information about how we can utilize our used newspaper at home.

1. Window Cleaner


How do you clean your window at home? By using cloth and cleaner liquid? This method can be used but you might want to use your used newspaper to clean up the stains in your window. Many people doubt this suggestion but in fact, your used newspapers work better than your cloth for rubbing your window and remove the stains. You can also try to mix water and vinegar as the substitute of cleaner liquid for this technique. Dip it with your used newspaper and rub the window as usual. Repeat it until you get your desired result.

2. Presents Wrap


The next secret usage of your used newspaper is, it can be your wrapping present. For some people, used newspaper is not the main option as the present wrapper. Alright, I’m not going to force you to agree with my opinion but let me tell you this, you can always find many kind of wrapping paper at the stores but, if you use your newspaper as present wrapping, you will have a chance to make your present is stand out unlike the others. By using this newspaper, you will never find two presents with the exactly the same motives.

3. Food Wrapper


The vegetables are usually easy to be withering especially when you put it on your refrigerator. Using artificial preservatives is not recommended since it will destroy the vegetables and increase the risk of food poisoning. You can use your used newspaper to wrap your vegetables to maintain the freshness of your vegetables and make sure you fold it in layers before putting it on the refrigerator.

4. Maintain Your Shoes

Black shoes

The next secret usage of used newspaper is, it can help you to maintain your shoes. But how? Well, stacked shoes will damage their original shapes especially if you stacked it for a long time. You can keep up the shape of your shoes with your used newspaper. Squeeze the newspaper and insert it into your shoes. Keep your shoes in a cool and dry place. It’s easy right?

5. Fire Material


Alright, this one can be used only when you need it the most. If you are going for a camping or you invite your friend to your lovely barbeque party, then you need a material to light up the fire. Your used newspaper is the perfect material for lighting up the fire. By using your used newspaper, it will not take a long time to make a fire.

6. Book Cover

book cover

Newspaper is also the source of splendid photos with so many kinds of topic, so, it can be used as your book cover.  You can use it to cover your specific books such as biology, math or science. It should not be hard to find the best pictures related with your books isn’t it?

7. Instant Napkin


For some people, eating seafood from the shells is really fun. However, the scattered shells from crab and clams are definitely making you lazy to clean it up. Don’t worry, because now you can use your newspaper as the instant napkin. You can dispose all of the scattered shells when you already finish with your meal in no time.

8. Fasten the Ripe Fruits


The next secret usage of used newspaper on the list is, it can help you to fasten the ripe process of fruits. The instruction is really easy. Wrap your unripe fruits with newspaper and you will see the magic of your used newspaper. Happy trying!

9. Packet Protector


Wrapping a packet especially electronic device could be tricky. It become worst when you don’t have a bubble wraps to protect your packet. Worry not, because you can still protect the packet with your used newspaper. Rip the newspaper with a certain amount of capacity and put it around the packet. Your packet will be well protected with this method.

10. Neutralized the Foul Odor

sport shoes

Sport shoes are most likely to produce foul odor caused by the sweat. You can also remove this problem by using the used newspaper. Squeeze it and insert the used newspaper into the sport shoes. The newspaper will absorb the foul odor that coming from your sport shoes.

11. Clipping Material


If you have a stacked used newspaper at your house, it doesn’t mean that it is no longer useful anymore. You can still re-read it again to get the information that you might be missed earlier. Your used newspaper can also be used as your clipping materials so it’s still can be re-used it again right?

12. Ceramic Protector


This tip is suitable for those who want to move their home to another place. If you have ceramics or fragile furniture at home, you can use the used newspaper to protect your ceramics. The used newspaper can also be the gap filler between the ceramics to another so it will not breaking each other.

13. Supporting Tools


You can keep some of the used newspaper inside your car. It will be useful as the base when you need to see the underside of your car. Using this newspaper will avoid your cloth to get dirty. The used newspaper can also be used during the rainy season. Your shoes will not get dirty from the mud and it will not stick to your carpet inside the car.

14. Newspaper Handicraft

Newspaper Handicraft

Your used newspaper can also be used as handicrafts. Some of these used newspapers can be cutted into a certain size and twisted. And then, the twisted newspaper can be sticked or plaited together. The handicraft from the used newspaper can elevate the value and become your income source also.


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