14 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

This fruit’s skin is spiky like a dragon scales and the color is reddish pink. The difference is visible only if you open it. There are four kinds of this fruit ever known by us. Ever wondering what kind of fruit is this? Can you find the answer? Yes, your answer is correct, it’s a dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is the kind of fruit from hylocereus and selenicereus cactuses. Dragon fruit considered as recent cultivated fruits. As I already mentioned before, dragon fruit has 4 varieties of dragon fruit based on the color of the flesh. There are black, red, white and yellow dragon fruit. Special for yellow dragon fruit, the flesh is colored in white. In a 100 gram of dragon fruit, lies a lot of nutritious contents which is useful for our health. Start from 60 kkal of calories, 0,71 gram of fibers, 11,5 gram of carbohydrate, 0,65 mg of iron 9,4 mg of vitamin C and the 90% of it contains water which is really good for our health. Dragon fruit is recently considered as one of the fruits with many benefits for our health. It will also help to prevent our body to get infected by various kinds of dangerous diseases. And here are the healthy benefits of dragon fruit that you need to know.

1. Prevent Cancer

Cancer is noted as one of the most deadly diseases in the world. The treatment of cancer is generally unaffordable. We can prevent this by consuming dragon fruit in daily routine. The amount of antioxidants inside it is clinically proven to reduce the risk of cancer effectively.

2. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Dragon fruit is abundant in B3 which can help you to reduce the glucose rate inside your body. A controlled glucose rate means the risk of diabetes can be minimized.

3. Reduce the risk of Heart Attack

Heart attack is another deadly diseases ever found. There are two main factors of heart attack, stress and blockage arteries. Consuming dragon fruit in your daily basis can help you to cleanse up the bloodstream. A healthy lifestyle is also suggested to avoid you from stress.

4. Antioxidant Source

Dragon fruit is also rich in antioxidant. The benefit of antioxidant is to reducing the free radicals inside our body. Consuming dragon fruit regularly will help you to get the sufficient amount of antioxidant needed for our body.

5. Boosting Your Immune System

The most important benefits of dragon fruit are to boost our body immune system. The huge amount of antioxidant inside a dragon fruit is absolutely increases your body immune system.

6. Boosting Your Appetite

Dragon fruit are contained with vitamins B1 and B2 which is believed to increase your appetite, so if your kids have low appetite, you can give them this fruit.

7. Anti-aging

I think that we already know the amount of air pollution grows higher each year. Premature aging is one of the dangerous effects from heavily polluted air. Consuming dragon fruit on daily basis will help you to get the amount of antioxidant required to prevent the premature aging process.

8. Rich in Calcium

With the huge amount of iron and calcium, dragon fruit is the alternative source for you to get the benefit of calcium. FAO has been recorded that dragon fruit is high in calcium on each fruit. A single dragon fruit can fulfill about 8% from the total daily needs of calcium is also needed for a strong bone structures. Calcium is also needed for supporting our muscles and neural transmission. While the iron content inside dragon fruit is used to supplying oxygen in our body. A sufficient amount of vitamin C is required to increase our body ability to absorb more iron. And you can get it from this dragon fruit.

9. Energy Source

Dragon fruit are abundant with thiamine or vitamin B1. If you like to use wheat bread for your breakfast, try to combine it with a glass of dragon fruit juice. The vitamin B1 inside a glass of dragon fruit can turn the carbohydrate inside wheat bread into energy which is ready to face your activities.

10. Rich in Fibers

According to the recent experiments, a daily routine of dragon fruit juice will supply the required amount of fibers which is needed for our body. For your information,  sufficient amount of fibers will increase your lifespan until 9 years rather than insufficient ones.

11. Safe Digestion System

A daily routine of dragon fruit consumption will keep your digestion system in a good shape. A healthy digestion system will avoid you from the danger of intestine cancer.

12. Controlling Your Weight

Obesity is one of the serious issues in many countries. It will bring a lot of problem to your health. You can try to add dragon fruit in your diet menu list. The rich content of fibers will makes you full and it will last longer, balanced body weight means a healthy life isn’t it?

13. Rich in Mineral

There are lot of useful mineral such as calcium and phosphor inside a single dragon fruit. Although they have different role but they are complete each other. Both of those useful minerals can support you in various way, such as strengthening your bones structure, neuron transmission, reactivated your metabolism inside your body. They are also can be the catalisator inside your blood in order to form protombin and thrombin.

14. High Protein

Protein is another important nutrition which is required for your body to build and supporting the metabolism process inside your body. Our body is amazingly build protein by themselves but it will much more better if we support it outside by consuming nutritious foods and fruits like dragon fruit. Protein can help you to forming muscle; this one must be the favorite aspect especially for males who likes to practicing body building and weight lifting. Protein can be the alternative energy especially for those who on low sugar diet. Protein can also help the development process of our kids and teenagers. The last thing, protein can help us to detoxified and neutralized hazardous compound and exterminating poison from our lever.



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