14 Hazardous Effects of Carbonated Drinks You Might Unaware Of


Soda or carbonated drink is the most popular kinds of beverage in the world. But did you know that soda was found in England for the first time?  In 1767, Joseph Priestly injecting carbon dioxide into a bowl of water in a local beer distillery in Leeds.  Carbonated drink was being introduced to the United States of America in 1950. Many varieties of tastes such as lemon, raspberry, cherry, lime were being invented since the first time carbonated drinks were sold. A local pharmacist named Dr. John Stith Pemberton was invented a new taste of carbonated drink called coke. Imagine yourself drinking a coke in the scorching sun, pretty refreshing isn’t it? How about a glass of soda after a hard exercise? Drinking soda is always fun and rejoice your body in instance. But did you know that there are dangerous effects from drinking carbonated soda? A scientific research and experiment has been conducted by the scientist to crack the facts about what is the dangerous substance beneath this fresh beverage? Are you ready for the result? Well, here they are.

1.Draining Your Body Fluid

Body Fluid

Carbonated drink can drain your body fluid just like diarrhea. The sugar amount inside a carbonated drink need to be processed in a high level, therefore it takes a lot of our body fluid. We need to drink 8 to 12 glass of water in order to replace the loss of our body fluid each glass of carbonated drink.

2. Endless Thirst

Endless Thirst

Overconsumption of carbonated drink will lead to a serious health problem. A chronic dehydration is the following stage of the loss of our body fluid. This is a serious stage which can weaken our body. Our immune system will be weakening, and we will easily get ill for that.

3. Destroying Your Mineral Body

Mineral Body

Carbonated drink is made from pure water which can destroy important minerals inside our body. A serious lack of minerals can lead to a heart attack caused by lack of magnesium and calcium. Most of vitamins are didn’t work properly without minerals.

4. Damaging Your Brain


Some of the soft drink, especially coke contains a high amount of caffeine. The stimulant substance inside caffeine and the risk of addictive potential are having a bad effect to your brain’s development.

5. Aluminum Drinking

Aluminum Drinking

Chemical substances such as sodium benzoate, phosphate acid, and sugar can go inside your body along with aluminum. Most of canned sodas are packed with aluminum. Aluminum can usually have an inner protective layer to prevent the acid inside a beverage diluting the aluminum. The canned sodas are possibly contaminated with aluminum if the seals are broken or damaged. In a long period of time, aluminum will form sediment inside your body and lead to brain damage and Alzheimer.

6. High Amount of Sugar


The sugar amount inside a carbonated drink is very high. A continuous consumption of carbonated drink will lead to obesity and diabetes. This is a serious problem for kids especially in their development process. If they keep consuming carbonated drink, it will bring a long term of health problem including Alzheimer.

7. High in Acid


The average of acid rate inside our body is 7,0 while the acid rate from various carbonated drink 2,5. Did you know that a high rate of acidity will make our body is vulnerable? A high rate of acidity will caused severe diseases like cancer and arthritis.

8. Disturbing Your Digestive System

Digestive System

A high amount of sugar and caffeine inside carbonated drinks can disturb your digestion system. It can block your body metabolism. A combination of carbonated drinks and French fries will takes a longer time to digest, that means your digestion system will work harder than before. Intestine cancer is the result of the overworked digestion system.

9. High Amount of Insulin


Drinking soda will caused sugar impact, a condition where the natural and artificial sugar met in your body. Lack or over insulin will cause you diabetes and body balance disease. If this happen to our kids, they will suffer for health problem in a long period of time.

10. Blocking your Body Immune System

Immune System

A carbonated drink is not recommended for those who have influenza or fever. Carbonated drink will blocked your body immune system to prevent the diseases.

11. Not For Pregnant Woman

Pregnant Woman

Carbonated drink is dangerous for us especially for pregnant woman. If a pregnant woman continue to drink a carbonated soda, the baby will born in defect condition, or in the worst case, they will face death before they were born.

12. Destroying Your Bones


Phosphate acid is one of the active ingredients inside a carbonated drink. Phosphate acid can melt/diluted nails in just 4 days. A lot of carbonated drinks are contained with phosphate acid. If your blood is heavily contaminated with phosphate acid, it will push out the calcium from your bones structure. This process will make your bones become fragile, vulnerable and easier to break

13. Destroying your Teeth


Over consuming of carbonated drink can harm your teeth. The high amount of sugar inside a carbonated drink will slowly dilute your email and decomposing your teeth structure. Your teeth will be perforated and it will take a short time to your teeth into completely worst.

14. Clean Up the Rusted Metal

Rusted Metal

Well, although the title is not related with our discussion, but have you ever imagined that if a carbonated drink can clean a rusted metal, what does it feel when the carbonated drink enter our digestion system? This fact is real and it’s already proved in various experiments. Citric acid inside a carbonated drink is having an important role to dilute many kinds of chemical substance. That is why citric acid are always been discovered in wall cleaner fluid, soap and detergent. If you want to prove it by yourself, try to pour a glass of coke to your toilet or ceramics, the stain will gone and your toilet and ceramic will shine once more. Do you want to have a shiny intestine? I don’t think so.

That is the dangerous effect from carbonated soda. It’s already proved by the scientists. But, those dangerous effects will not happen if we have a healthy diet and we didn’t consume it on daily basis.


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