14 Food Ingredients With The Lowest Amount of Calorie Ever

When we are on a diet, it’s really important to keep up our healthy diet pattern and doing a regular exercise. This combination is needed to get the desired result as we managed to loose our weight and we can get a healthy and slim body. There are many ways to loose our weight and get an ideal body besides keeping up the healthy diet pattern and doing regular exercise that is consuming low calorie foods which are good to be consumed for those who are on a diet. The benefit of consuming low calorie foods are, it’s not contained with much of calorie and fat so it will not gaining our weight. Consuming low calorie foods is also can help you to avoid several serious diseases such as hypertension, heart attack and diabetes. So, without further ado, here are the list of foods ingredients with lowest calorie presented just for you.

1. Lemon


The first low calorie food on the list is lemon. You can get around 20 milligram of calorie inside it. This fruit is also contained with the abundant source of vitamin C and fiber. The amount of vitamin C inside a lemon can also help you to burn the fat inside your body. Lemon is also one of the low calorie foods which is able to increase the body immune system. So, finally we know the real benefit of lemon isn it?

2. Spinach


The second entry on the list is spinach. Spinach is contained with vitamin K, folic acid, and zinc. Green vegetables like spinach can help you to fight the serious disease and viruses from its content of antioxidant. Spinach is also contained with beta carotene, vitamin C and also photochemical lutein that is capable to protect our eyes from the macular degeneration  related with the aging process.

3. Watercress


The third entry on the list is the watercress. The amount of sulforaphane inside watercress can reduce the risk of getting various diseases. Watercress is also effective to fight the cancer rather than cabbage and broccoli. Therefore, you may start to add watercress inside your daily diet and taste the benefit from it.

4. Turnip


The fourth example of low calorie food is turnip. A turnip is also contained with low amount of glicemic and vitamin C. Turnip is definitely good to be added in your diet plan. Half cooked turnip is also good to be consumed.

5. Coffee


Coffee is the next entry of low calorie food on the list. Yes it is, coffee is the most popular drink ever. People are drinking this beverage to ward off the sleepiness. Coffee is believed as a beverage with 0% of calorie so it can be an alternative to loose your weight. Consuming a cup of coffee every day is also believed can avoid you from the serious disease such as intestine cancer, Parkinson, and diabetes mellitus.

6. Tomato


This glowing red fruit named tomato is the next food ingredient with the lowest amount of calorie. Tomato is a suitable ingredient for any kind of your dishes and drinks. Tomato is really good to be consumed on your daily basis especially when you are on a diet program. This fruit is also capable to smoothening your skin and protect it from the UV light. Another benefit inside a tomato is, you can get the high amount of vitamin C, fiber and kalium which are really useful to support your diet plan.

7. Cauliflower


Cauliflower is the next low calorie food on the list. This vegetable is usually used as a healthy dish contained with so many beneficial nutrients such as folic and vitamin C. Cauliflower is also effective to fight the cancer if this vegetable is consumed on daily basis.

8. Lettuce


The next food ingredient on the list is lettuce. The amount of calorie inside a lettuce is only 5 milligram on each cup. Therefore, this vegetable is suitable to be added in your diet plan. Lettuce is also contained with folic acid, vitamin B and mangan which are really good to support your body immune system and controlling the amount of sugar inside your bloodstream.

9. Broccoli


The ninth low calorie food on the list is broccoli. This green tree-like vegetable will give you around 31 milligram of calorie per cup. Of course this low amount of calorie is really good to support your diet plan. Broccoli is also contained with vitamin, mineral and rich in fiber. Broccoli is also effective to repel yourself from dangerous cancer.

10. Asparagus


The next food ingredient is the asparagus. This vegetable is really good as the detoxification food because it’s really high in amino acid. You can add this vegetable in your steak, salad and your favorite dishes.

11. Cabbage


The next low calorie food is the cabbage. This vegetable is really easy to get and it’s also nutritious. You can get the benefit of photo nutrient which is capable to prevent the growth of cancer and it will also give you the benefit of mineral. The amount of calorie inside cabbage is around 22 milligram per cup and of course it’s low and safe to be consumed.

12. Kale


Kale is one of the food ingredients which are low in calories. Kale is a suitable vegetable to be added in your diet plan. This vegetable is also contained with vitamin, zinc, iron and folic acid. So, adding kale in your favorite salad is truly useful to support your diet plan.

13. Garlic

Garlic & Onion

Garlic is categorized as spices. This spice is also low in calorie. There is only 4 milligram of calorie in a cup of it. Garlic is not only low in calorie but also contained with antioxidant and preventing the infection. Try to add garlic in every kind of your dishes and taste the lowest amount of calorie inside this vegetable.

14. Radish


The next low calorie food ingredient is radish. Radish is not only having the lowest calorie but also mineral, vitamin, fiber and the other useful nutrient. The amount of antioxidant inside this fruit can also prevent and fighting the growth of cancer. This fruit is really recommended for those who are on diet plan.

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