13 Simple Ways To Kill Your Boredom Feeling

Have you ever feel so bored in doing your daily activities? Or you might felt that your life is so flat because you are doing the repeated daily activities everyday in a week. Same things, same persons and same problems will make us bored. This condition will even worse when we couldn’t find the best solution to kill our boredom. Bored is something that you didn’t want to feel it every day right? Boredom can be fun only if you know how to handle it. The most important thing is, you need to find the perfect ways to fill up your day so you will not feeling bored again. So, what is the best ways to remove our boredom? Here are the lists, enjoy it everyone!

1. Watching TV

Watching TV

The first thing that you can do to remove your bored feeling is, you can watch the TV shows. Watching TV is the easiest way to ward off your boredom. You can watch any kind of interesting programs such as comedy, quiz and documentary film. Oh well, if you don’t like to watch TV, you can still watch various films available at your city cinemas. However, too much watching TV is not good for our health especially for our social aspect.

2. Clean Up Your House

Clean Up Your House

The second way to kill boredom on the list is, you can try to fix the mess in your home. You can clean up your house or any kind of the rooms. Messy room is definitely not the best scenery to watch isn’t it? Unless you are comfortable enough with such a messy looks at your home then you can try to do this tip.

3. Reading Books

Reading Books

The third way to kill your boredom is, you can read any kind of your favorite books. You can read comics, novels, or anything that can entertain you. For example, you can read thriller novels and you can imagine being in the situation. You can also get the excitement of reading comics. If both of these books can’t satisfy you, well, what if you try something else? Writing your own novel perhaps?

4. Cooking


Do you like to eat snacks? If the answer is yes, then you can try the new recipes at home. You can try to cook potato chips, grilled sausages, or burger. After your favorite snacks are ready, then you can eat them while watching TV, relaxing at your porch or any other places at your home.

5. Help Your Parents

Help Your Parents

The next tip to kill your boredom is, you can help your parents. Help your father with his garden or you can also help your mother while she was cooking. Well, by doing this activity, you can get double advantage. You can ward off your boredom and you can also help your parents at the same time.

6. Develop Your Hobby

Develop Your Hobby

Related with your abundant spare time, there is nothing wrong to develop your favorite hobby. You can try to doing your hobby such as sports, dancing, drawing, cooking, and so on. For example, you can draw anything that you want. Fly your imagination and see what the result.

7. Make a Short Film


The next tip to kill your boredom is, you can make a short film. Try to filming a totally random story or you can impersonate your favorite character in film such as horror and comedy. Ask your friend or relatives to filming yourself. After that, you can edit it and you have your own film. Sometimes, it’s really funny to watch your effort to be an actor/actress. If you are had already satisfied with your homemade film, well you can upload it and get ready to be real actor/actress on the internet.

8. Re-Decorate Your Interior


When you have a huge amount of spare time now that is the best time to doing one of the postponed daily activities. Start your day with redecorating your interior, move your furniture or re-paint your wall. You can also fix your home appliances. Use your time to fix anything that you can. Your boredom will gone and you will feel rejoiced after seeing the result.

9. Sports


The next solution to kill your boredom is, you can do your favorite sport. As we already know that doing sport is essential to support our body metabolism and maintain our healthiness. So, you can ward off your boredom and also get a healthy body at the same time. So, you might want to do exercise right now to get the double advantages.

10. Learning


This tip is generally suggested for everyone and specifically for those who are diligent. A book is your window to the world. You can learn anything that triggering your curiosity. Your brain will be entertained by the books. Reading lines of words inside a guide book might be confusing at the first time, but let’s train our brain sometimes, shall we?

11. Playing Games


Playing games is the next way to kill your boredom on the list. You can get your favorite games at the game store, internet, or you can also borrow it from your friends. A virtual or non virtual, playing game is really fun way to ward of your boredom. However, one thing to remember is, you need to control your times for playing virtual games.

12. Travelling


Travelling is the next solution to kill your boredom on the list. You can ride your car, buses or your bike and get out from the city. Go to the some places that come in your mind randomly. You can also walk to the parks nearby in your city and you might be amazed with the scenery and find new people out there.

13. Share Your Help


After you clean up your house, don’t forget to dispose all of the unused materials. If they are still good, you can give your used clothes, or your food stock to the bank food. You can also help your local communities. This activity will not only help yourself but also your local communities nearby. Isn’t it beautiful to see the smiling faces that you already help? Now that’s what I call a small movement with a big impact.

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