13 Hidden Facts of Smile that You Need To Know

Smile is one of our ways to expressing happiness and joy. Smiles can also removing the anxiety and hesitation. Smile can also relieving many kind of psychic pressure. Did you know that there are 12 of face muscles are moving when you smile? According from a research which is conducted by the Columbia University Medical Center, United States of America shows that frown people are getting more chances to get heart attack. As we can see it together, heart attack is number one killer disease in the world. However, there are already medicines and treatment for curing heart attack. And smile is one of them. How come a smile could avoid us from the danger of heart attack? Well, I believe that you are curious right? So, here they are, the hidden benefits from smile that you might didn’t know it before.

1. More Attractive

More AttractiveThe first hidden benefit of smile on the list is, it can make us more attractive. Alright I believe this is obvious for all of us. People will generally feel to be more attracted for those people who always smile. People who always smile will have their special appeal and we are always looks to have positive minds.

2. Mood Booster

Mood BoosterI believe that sometimes, everything is happen beyond our will. We felt that our life seems to be so hard than before. When we are sad or angry, try to smile a little bit and feel the magical difference inside you. A smile can slowly lift up your burden and don’t forget to always close to God.

3. Reduce Stress

Reduce StressYou might want to believe it or not but a smile can reduce your stress level. We are seems to be forced to enter the state of stress from our work, life and other problems in our life. Try to smile for a little bit, your stress level will reduce and you will feel better and it will not take a long time for you to be feeling recharged and ready to face your life with a positive mind.

4. Smiling is Contagious

Smiling is Contagious

Do you know that a smile could trigger the other people to do the same thing? When someone is smiling, it will make the atmosphere to be more cheerful. A smiling people can bring the happiness for everyone and you don’t have to do anything to attract the people attention, you just need to give them a little smile and feel the amazing result.

5. Lowering Blood Pressure

Lowering Blood PressureOur blood level will automatically rise when we are angry. Increasing blood pressure will lead to many kind of serious diseases such as hypertension and heart attack. The easiest way to lower your blood pressure is smile. Well, it doesn’t mean that you can directly smile after you angry because it’s a little bit hard to do. Take a deep breath, calm down and try to smile. Your mind will relaxed and your anger will slowly faded away.

6. Improved Body Immune System

Improved Body Immune SystemThe next hidden benefit from smile on the list is, it can make your body immune system to be stronger. Our body immune system is working more effectively when we are smile. Effective work of body immune system means that we are avoided from various seasonal diseases such as influenza and coughing.

7. Happiness Hormones

Happiness HormonesAccording from the recent study, it shows that a smile could release the endorphin hormone. Endorphin hormone is a compound which can ease the pain. This hormone is known to be the natural medicine for human. So, if your feeling is hurt, try to smile sometimes. It will ease the pain and it will also makes you feel better.

8. Forever Young

Forever YoungAnother benefit from smile is, it can make you looks younger and healthier. The muscles on your face will lift up and it’s contributing to circulate the blood stream around your face. A smoother blood stream means that your face will look younger. So, what if you try to smile after reading this?

9. As Sweet As Chocolate

As Sweet As ChocolateEating sweet foods like chocolate can boost up your mood. However, there is another solution to boost up your mood. A smile can trigger the brain stimulation system to work more effective than eating sweet foods.  According from the research from England, it shows that one smile could produce the same level of brain stimulation like 2.000 bars of chocolate. Well, that is why you need to keep on smiling right?

10. Live Longer

Live LongerAccording from the recent research, it shows that people with real smile could live longer for 80 years. A smile is not considered as the indicator of someone’s live but it will shows how they are life their live. So, smile everyone, spread the joy and happiness and live longer.

11. Fly Your Imagination

Fly Your ImaginationAnother hidden benefit of smile is, it can fly your imagination. According from the research from Pedeatrics towards 28.000 mom who saw their babies photo start from the age of 5-10 month, it shows that their reaction of seeing the smiling babies could activate their brain activities. However, their reaction will changed when they say the photo of crying babies.

12. Man and Woman

Man and Woman

There is a question in which one who smile a lot, is it man? Or woman? This is an interesting question need to be answered. So, according from several researches which are published inside the Psycological Bulletin from 186 studies about it showing that the smile from male is as same as the female when they have the same occupation and social role.

13. Smile from the Children

childrenThe next hidden fact from smile is, children are smiling a lot than the adult. Children are smiling 400 times a day. It’s different with the adult, they are only smiling for 20 times a day. Children were originally born with smile as the 3D USG result showing that the fetus is smiling inside the womb. A baby will smile when they are six weeks. The babies will directly smile when they saw their parents. However, children can also faking their smile toward something that they don’t like or feeling in the age of six.


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