13 Hazardous Effects From Alcohol that You Have to Know

The existence of alcoholic beverages among us is still triggering pros and cons. There are the supporters of this drink while the other is so vocal rejecting the existence of alcohol. Alcohol has been known as one of the beverages who have good effect for our body. However, the bad effects from alcohol are much more hazardous for our body. In a suitable dose, alcohol can solve several health problems such as prostate cancer, prevent cholesterol and reduce the risk of getting diabetes mellitus. Consuming too much alcohol will bring so many health problems such as nausea, vomiting and headache. A periodic consumption of alcohol will bring bad news for your vital organs. Therefore, I present you with the negative effects of consuming too much alcohol inside this article.

1. Organic Mental Disturbance


The first negative effect of too much alcohol on the list is it can bring the Organic Mental Disturbance. This health problem will change your natural behaviors such as high temperament and this bad habit will bring a problem for the social environment. Consuming too much alcohol will also bring many kinds of physiological changes such as red face, squint eye, and unable to walk normally as usual due to the severe headache. Too much alcohol will also bring psychological changes such as hard to concentrate, mumbling, and easy to fed up.

2. Damaged Nerve System


The second bad effect from too much alcohol is, it can bring damages inside your nerve system. Periodic consumption of alcohol can slowly destroy your brain system. In a worst case, too much alcohol will cause an overdose and lead to death if it’s consumed beyond your body capacity.

3. Heart Problem

Prevent Heart Attack

The third bad effect of too much alcohol is, it will bring a health problem for your health. There are many kind of dangerous substances inside alcoholic beverages which can damage your internal organs especially your heart. Drinking alcohol periodically will increase the heart beat lead to pain on the chest, asthma and the worst of them all, heart attack.

4. Disrupt the Body Metabolism


The fourth bad effect from alcohol on the list is, it will disrupt your body metabolism. Our body metabolism is responsible to produce the energy which is needed for our daily activities. This is the reason why people who like to drink alcohol looks so pale and not so energetic during their activities. People who like to drink alcohol also can’t control their body because of the disruption inside the body metabolism.

5. Disrupt the Reproduction System


Too much alcohol also brings a dangerous effect to our reproduction system. Drinking a large amount of alcohol will reduce your sexual desire, causing infertility, impotence and premature ejaculation. Well, I believe that no one wants to suffer from all of the previous health problem isn’t it?

6. Reducing Your Intelligence


Reducing the intelligence is the next bad effect from too much alcohol. The hazardous effect from alcohol can slowly bring damages into your brain function. People who like to drink alcohol will suffer by reduced concentration, intelligence and the ability to memorize.

7. Obesity


Excessive drink of alcohol everyday will increase your body weight. The high calorie and sugar content inside alcohol is one of the trigger in increased body weight of someone during their time drinking alcohol every day.

8. Disrupt the Liver


The next dangerous effect of too much alcohol on the list is, it will bring disruption for your liver. Drinking alcohol beyond your capacity can bring damages into your liver. The dangerous content inside alcohol could disrupt the work of your liver. As we can see, our liver is responsible to filter and neutralize the toxin inside our body, so when we are drinking too much alcohol, our liver will losing their ability to do it.

9. Hypertension


Drinking too much alcohol will activate the adrenaline hormone inside your body. Adrenaline is a hormone which is responsible to increase our body awareness, increase the heart rate and blood pressure. Excessive amount of alcohol will also increasing the risk of getting high blood pressure or hypertension.

10. Drunk


The next dangerous side effect from too much alcohol is probably the most visible for us. It will make you drunk. Beside this bad effect, drinking too much alcohol will not only make you drunk but also the other effects such as severe headache, nausea, and anxiety which are contributing to make your body engulfed with uncomfortable feeling. This uncomfortable feeling is also known as hangover.

11. Shorten Your Age


The next bad effect from too much alcohol is, it can shorten your age. Too much alcohol will bring hazardous effects to your vital organs. By consuming too much alcohol, it will double the risk of getting many serious diseases and lead to sudden death. Overconsumption of alcohol will also reduce the life expectation and shorten your age.

12. Disrupt Your Pregnancy


Too much alcohol will also bring bad effect if it’s consumed by a pregnant woman. Alcohol can block the growth of your baby inside your womb and increased the risk of the baby will be born as a disable. Therefore, if you are a woman and pregnant by the time you read this article, you should stay away from alcohol.

13. Gastrinitis


The next hazardous effect from too much alcohol is, it can damage your hull. Drunken person will keep vomiting and the hull will be forced to secreting the hazardous addictive substances inside your body. Therefore you will see that the drunken person usually is weak and unable to move when they are already vomiting.

That is the bad effects from drinking too much alcohol. In order to avoided from these bad effects, you need to stay away from alcohol or at least start to minimize the intensity. I know it’s really hard to do at the beginning but please consider it for your own healthiness. If minimizing your drinking habit seems to be so hard, you can still find the other ways such as joining a health therapy in your nearby hospitals or rehabilitation center.  Well, that’s it for today, I hope that you will find the inspiration after reading this. Remember, it’s up to you whether you want to be healthy or you want to continue your habit because you already know the consequences. See you on the next article everyone!

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