22 Easy to Digest Foods

When the body loses its ability to digest food, people often looks for foods that don’t burden the stomach. For instance, a medical condition like gastroenteritis, demands the patient to be extremely selective on choosing foods. This following list of easy digestible foods can be the solution for your digestion problem.

1. Rice



The contents of rice often help to stimulate the digestion process. Doctor often recommends to add more rice in the menu for easier absorption. Brown rice is harder to absorbed than white rice . The current carbohydrates in white rice are turned to sugar at a rapid amount.

2. Well-Cooked Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy Vegetables


These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals. These vegetables also increase the production of enzymes that help to detoxify the digestive system. Green leafy vegetables are high in insoluble fiber, therefore easier to digest. Sprouts, Squash, Spinach, Zucchini, and Alfalfa  are the recommended vegetables for you.

3. Boiled Chicken

Boiled Chicken


A dish included of prepared rice and low fat chicken definitely won’t hurt your intestinal tract and burden your digestive system, as these are extremely easy to digest. If you are believing what exactly to provide a person with an stomach problem, skinless boiled chicken can be a excellent option.

4. Fruits



Watermelon, papaya, oranges, cantaloupe and strawberry are the examples of easy digested fruits due to their high fibre content. Watermelon is considered to be the quickest digestible fruit with digestion time around 20 minutes.

 5. Oats



Whole-grain oat delicacies that consist of oat bran and oatmeal are really smooth to digest, as they are very high in dietary fiber. It’s contained both solved and dissolved fibers that boost belly function and support your healthy digestive system.

6.   Yogurt



It’s a beverage full of friendly tiny living organism that assisting to cure inflating abd abdominal discomfort. The billions amount of good bacteria in a glass of it aid in digestion. They restrain the growth of hazardous bacterium in the digestion system leading to a lively digestion system.

7. Plain Crackers

Plain Crackers


These are the other easy to digest food stuff. A whole-wheat flour was the main ingredients of these crackers and oatmeal are also easy to process and best for absorption. Plain crackers also have a pleasing taste, and hence people to not think twice to include it in their diet.

8. Toasts and Scrambled Egg

Toasts and Scrambled Egg


White toasts are generally dull carbs that can be quickly absorbed and perfect for an indigestion. It is observed that the body takes less time to absorb toasts than fresh breads. A light breakfast of clambered eggs and toast is easy to absorb. So having toast for breakfast is absolutely a better alternative.

9. Sauerkraut



It’s fermented cabbages that’s not only easy to digest, but can also improve your body’s ability to digest the other foods eaten in the same meal. Your digestive system relies on a healthy supply of good bacterium, and sauerkraut helps adding those digestive bacterium.

10. Kimchi



This is the most popular food in Korea. As a fermented cabbage, kimchi helps to improve your digestive system. It is most often served as an accompaniment to the main meal, almost serving as a palate cleanser.

11. Salmon

Grilled Salmon



Salmon often gets credit for the high amounts of omega-3s it contains, and that makes it one of the most important foods that are easy to digest. Baked salmons are easy to digest, and when paired with baked sweet potatoes and steamed vegetables, you are looking at a wholesome and easy-to-digest food.

12. Crab Meat



It is used in many cuisines across the world, prized for its soft and delicate taste. Crabs must be cooked moments after it’s captured, to ensure its freshness. Crab meat is one of the easiest foods to digest.

13. Soup



Soup with low-sodium and low-fat cream can be soothing as well. Soup or broth can also help prevent dehydration. Clear liquids that is easier to digest might also settle your stomach.

14. Oyster


Oyster is one of the delicious seafood who has the amount of easy digested protein. Oyster also high in natrium, therefore, oyster is not recommended to be consumed especially for those who have hypertension.

15. Nuts


Nuts contain vegetable protein and healthy fat for our body. Unsaturated fat is needed for supporting our body metabolism. Consuming nuts on your daily basis will absolutely prevent you from the risk of heart attack.

16. Soya Bean

Soya Bean

Soya bean is the favorite food especially for the vegetarians. Soya bean contain vegetable fat which is very useful to support our body metabolism. Soya bean is also available to drink.

17. Ginger


Ginger is also easy to be digested inside our body. Ginger can relieve your digestive system. You can add ginger in your dish or you can also make it as a hot and tasty drink.

18. Melon


Melon is a round and fresh fruit. Melon is also abundant in water. There are many varieties of melons are available on your market. Melon can be your great replacement for mineral water.

19. Fish


The amount of protein inside a fish is also easy to be digested inside our body. If the salmon on the previous discussion is not available in your market, you can also find another protein from the other fish such as tuna, mackerel, and sardines.

20. Banana


Banana is the real example of easy digested fruits. A recent study shows that certain enzyme inside banana have an important role to speed up the digestion process. Banana is always given to the babies. If you don’t like it directly eaten, you can also make it as a healthy juice.

21. Jelly



In my opinion, jelly is the favorite snack for children. Jelly is not only delicious but also healthy as well. Jelly can also soothe your digestive tract. People with digestive problem is recommended to add jelly in their daily meal.

22. Toast bread

Toast bread

Toast bread need less time to be digested inside your body rather than the original bread. A toast bread with scramble egg is the ultimate combo for your breakfast.

Well, I think that is for the list of easy to be digested foods, I hope that this article will help you a lot. Thank you for reading this article.

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