13 Deadliest Disease and Plague You Better Didn’t Infected By One Of Them

Death is certain for living things. For those who live must going through this stage. Death is a condition where all of our vital organs is not working anymore. The cause of death may vary, it can be from accident, natural disaster and dangerous diseases. The definition of disease itself is an abnormal condition that attacking our physical body and soul. For those who have suffered from this condition experiencing uncomfortable situation. The damaged vital organs can also infected to others remaining organs. Our body consists of complex related system and it’s connected each other. Therefore, a damaged vital organ caused by a severe disease can trigger the damage of other organ. So we need to know the kind of diseases which have deadly potential. And here they are, the lists of the world’s dangerous diseases.

1. Heart Disease

Prevent Heart Attack

This is the most deadly disease. The casualties from this disease are numerous. This disease is recognized as artery coroner and the victim mostly passed away at sudden attack. The current discovery reported that 1 0f 100 person are in the risk of this deadly disease. The heart attack casualties come from males. The heart attack blocks the bloodstream and oxygen to heart. As we already know, our heart is responsible to delivering blood which carrying oxygen to our body especially brain. If this vital organ is attacked, it will bring a dangerous impact for another vital organ which can lead to dead. We can prevent this disease by doing sport regularly, consuming high in fiber foods and reducing fat and meat consumption.

2. Cerebrovascular Disease

cerebroCerebrovascular disease patient were rising each year. This disease is also called as stroke. This brain malfunction disease is caused by the bloodstream to brain doesn’t run smoothly. If our brain didn’t get sufficient amount of oxygen, it will make the brain cell is dead. You can imagine that someday our brain didn’t working anymore. We can fight this disease by regularly check our cholesterol level, reduce our fat and greasy foods consumption and doing sport regularly.


aidsHIV is stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This disease will drastically weaken our immune system until the lowest level. This dangerous virus caused by drugs consumption, overly used syringe and free sex. A simple influenza could kill a person with this virus. HIV reducing CD4 and T cells which can prevent the disease. If both of those cells are weak, your body becomes fragile and you can get infected for any kinds of disease. We can prevent this dangerous virus by using contraception, always used new syringe and be a loyal person for our couple.

4. Diarrhea

diarrheaDiarrhea is probably the simplest disease on the list. You can get the medicines almost everywhere. But, in the developing country, the number of death caused by diarrhea is quite high. The diarrhea infected the toddlers about 2,6 million patients each year. This disease caused by unhealthy food and nvironment condition, lack of immune system and milk allergy. Diarrhea disturbs the victim digestion system and it will weaken the suspect. The diarrhea can destroy your food pattern so you can’t get nutrition needed for your body. We can prevent this disease by checking the healthiness of the environment and eat high nutrition food.

5. Tuberculosis

tbcTuberculosis or TBC is caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. According to WHO, one-third of world population are already infected by this disease. ASEAN nation is the highest patients of TBC with 33% of accidents throughout the world. TBC infecting our lungs and it’s easy to spread by air. This is the reason why this disease are very dangerous. We can prevent this virus by maintaining our body health, and if we are already infected, we need to go to the doctor or medical facility nearby to prevent the virus to spread.

6. Malaria

MosquitoesMalaria is carried by mosquitoes which brought this disease cells on its body. And it’s transferred to human by mosquitoes bite. These parasitic cells will reproduce and destroying our red blood cell. The first stage of this symptom is, the patient is easier to get sick like influenza. Without a proper treatment, it will lead to death. Malaria is killed one child for every 30 seconds each year. We can prevent this virus by clean up our house and environment, closing our water source and you can use mosquitoes repellent if necessary.

7. Leukimia

LeukimiaLeukimia is commonly referred with blood cancer. It’s a strange condition where the number of white blood cell is overly produced and invading the red blood cell. This condition will disturbing the condition of the patients.

8. Swine Flu

PigThis disease is recently discovered and it’s very dangerous as well. Swine flu caused by orthomyxoviridae virud inside the pig’s body. The virus spread from directly touch the pig or between already infected human. The symptom involving high fever, nausea and in the worst case, the suspect will unconscious and died.

9. Diabetes mellitus

Lower the risk of Diabetes

The main reason of this disease is seldom to doing sport and overconsumption of sweet foods. In 2012, there are 1,5 million people died from this disease. The high amount of sugar can destroy our vital organs. This disease caused by glucose transporter deficiency and abnormal insulin hormone secretion.

10. Cholera



This disease is contagious. It will attack your digestion system caused by Vibrio cholera bacteria. Cholera can spread through drink water or infected food. About 5 million of people has been infected by this virus and 100 thousand of the suspects are died each year.

11. Anthrax


This disease were so easy to spread by dirt and air. It’s caused by Bacillus anthracis bacteria. If the bacteria already inside your body within two hours, it will attack your lungs, intestine even your brain as well. Without proper treatment, the suspect will dead the next day.

12. Lupus


Like AIDS, lupus will attack your immune system. The symptom is involving the pain on your chest lead to heavy breathing. This disease mainly attack on your skin but lupus will slowly attack your vital organs.

13. Ebola


Ebola has the highest rate of death from 80% to 100%. Ebola is considered as one of the most deadly diseases throughout the world. The cure for this virus remain undiscovered.

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