12 Things You Need to Bring On Your Travelling that You Shouldn’t Forget

Travelling is one of the most popular activities in the world. This is the best way to spend your holiday. You will discover the amazing sceneries along with their local wisdom during your journey. Travelling could be done in your own country or you can go to the other beautiful places around the world. However, if you decide to travel outside the country, a good preparation is needed to help you during the journey. Unprepared things for your traveling will surely ruins your plan and put you in a trouble that you don’t want to be happened. Packing for travelling doesn’t mean that you have to bring all of your belonging since you are only stay for a while unless you want to permanently stay in there. At least you must bring important things before you go travelling like the following lists under this writing.

1. Copy of Important Documents

documentsYou will never know what could be happen during your travelling. So, don’t forget to bring the copy from your important documents such as personal identity, passport and driving license (if available) especially when you travelling abroad. The copy of your important documents could be printed, scan or you may keep it as digital files. You need to separate the copy with the original documents in a separated place in your bag or luggage. The copy from your important documents could be your savior and it can be used as a valid proof of identity.

2. Carrier Bag

carrier bagThe second thing for your travelling preparation is carrier. Carrier is a huge bag and it’s commonly used for travelling especially for backpackers. Due to its huge size, carrier bag will provide you with complete facilities such as wider spaces and pouches which are useful to keep your valuable things and foods. You can choose a comfortable carrier and make sure to check the condition of your chosen carrier bag before you decide to take it.

3. Daypack Bag

daypackThe third thing on the list is the daypack bag. This thing is similar with carrier bag but it’s smaller. Daypack is usually used for keeping your valuable things such as laptop, money, important documents and snacks. You can use this bag after you arrived in the travelling destination to make your journey more comfortable. How about the carrier bag? Well, you can keep it in your hotel unless you want to get tired so easily because of this huge bag. I believe that you know the answer right?

4. Travel Lock

travel lockMost of our belonging and valuable things are putted inside the carrier, daypack or luggage. You can use a travel lock to ensure the safety of your belonging. You can choose a travel lock with a combination number which can only be opened by you. However, we are likely to forget simple things such as the combination number itself. So, you need to remember the combination number or at least you keep it in your book or cell phone.

5. Camera

cameraThe next thing is a camera. This is another important thing to cherish your travelling. Some said that a picture can speak thousands word. A camera can capture the precious moments during your journey. So, it would be nice if you bring this thing along with your journey. Your pictures can be used as your travelling record and it can also be used as travelling references for your friends and relatives.

6. Toiletries

toiletriesSome hotels or home stay could not provide with toiletries facility especially when you decide to be a backpacker traveler. Therefore this is a thing that you shouldn’t forget to bring in your bag. You can bring simple toiletries such as tooth paste, soap, shampoo and tooth brush. Make sure to put all of them inside a zip lock bag so it will not spoil inside your bag.

7. Personal Medicines

medicinesThis thing is as important as its name. You should not forget to bring personal medicines inside your bag especially if you have health problem record history. You need to bring light medicines such as bandage, ointment, adhesive plaster and also antiseptic. These personal medicines are useful especially when you travelling outdoor.

8. Universal Adapter

universalSometimes the electronic socket in the designated countries is not similar with your country. Therefore you need to bring a universal adapter inside your bag. With this universal adapter, you don’t have to worry to plug your electric cable with any types of electric sockets.

9. Laptop

laptopA compact and durable laptop is a precious thing if you decide to travel for a long time. This thing allowing you to stay connected with your family and job. You can write your story and uploading the pictures inside your camera. If you like to keep many pictures inside your camera, you can transfer it in your laptop so you can use the camera on the next day.

10. Multifunction Tools

multifunction toolsThe next thing on the list is the multifunction tools. This thing is also important to bring in your bag. A multifunction tool is a vital thing especially when you go to an outdoor travelling. This thing can peeling fruits, open your food can, cutting and open up the bottle. This thing can be your life saver in your critical condition which is I hope it’s not truly happen to all of us.

11. Dry Bag

dry bagDry Bag is also important to keep your electronic devices or tools. By putting all of your electronic devices or tools inside this bag, you don’t have to worry if there is a heavy rain or when you visiting outdoor areas such as beaches, forest or mountain. You can also keep your wet clothes inside this bag if it’s necessary, of course in a separated dry bag.

12. Travelling Shoes

shoesThe next thing on the list is travelling shoes. You will walk a lot during your journey to explore the amazing sceneries from your desired destination. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will surely make you tired. Therefore, wearing comfortable shoes is a must. You can choose a water resistant type or you can also choose to wear all terrain shoes to allowing you to explore the entire area.


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